Comic Essentials

“When fans choose to become true fans.”

JOIN US! on the adventure of a life time as we read through the most important comics for every popular hero. We’re starting with Batman and then move on to Superman, Spider-Man, X-Men and so many more! It will work like a Book Club, but for comics. Every week we read a new comic (single issue or a tradepaperback collection) and at the end of every post I say what we read next. When we will have to read a story arc that spans more than one issue I inform you 2 weeks in advance. Follow along to become a fan who actually cares to uncover the best of your favorite character’s history.

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Batman Essentials

  1. Detective Comics #27 (1939)
  2. Detective Comics #38 (1940)
  3. Batman #1 (1940)
  4. Batman #217 (1969)
  5.  Batman #232
  6. Batman #251– NEW!