X-Men #0 (Earth-44)

The children of the atom, mutants, just like humans in most every way except for the power they gain around the time of puberty. While the change is usually just with power, for some their appearance is affected, separating them from the people they hope to live in peace with. One of these mutants is man named Charles Xavier, a man whom has been an advocate for the peace between the mutants and humans. With telepathic abilities, Charles has one of the most powerful brains on the planet. Unfortunately, his crusade has cost him the use of his legs, retiring him to a wheelchair. Despite this he has continued to help relations between the humans and mutants, with his greatest sense of responsibility coming from helping young mutants control their abilities.

Living in Westchester, New York in his old family home, Charles created a place to train and house these young mutants. The first of the students was Scott Summers, a mutant with the ability to shoot concussive beams from his eyes. Today the elder mutant trains his protégé in a simulated battle in the Danger Room.

Professor X: Duck, Scott! You need to watch your flank you were almost hit there.

Scott: Sorry Professor, the bots have gotten so much quicker since you raised the Danger Room level.

Professor X: In the real world, your enemies won’t hold back, so you need to be ready.

Scott; I don’t even know why we are training? I thought you wanted to coexist peacefully with the humans, not fight them?

Professor X: Indeed, that is what I intend, but you need to be prepared to defend yourself because the humans may not always see things that way and they are not the only threats out there. Also, you need to learn how to control your powers and while you have greatly improved you still have a lot of work left to do.

Scott: Whatever you say Professor. Now, what about this team you have been telling me about, because last I checked I was your only student?

Professor X: I am glad you brought that up, because we have a plane to catch. Cerebro has picked up some new possible students and I would like you to accompany me to help recruit them.

Scott: Sure thing professor, just let me grab my things.

Scott and the Professor then proceeded to his private jet waiting out back and the two headed to their first destination, the African nation of Wakanda.

Wakanda is a small country that is quite mysterious and not found of outsiders. They are known for vibrainium, a rare metal that is one of the strongest know alloys known to man. Although that is not what brings them here today.

Scott: So, this Wakanda doesn’t seem like they are too fond of visitors. Do you think they will let us land?

Professor X: While they do not usually take kind to outsiders, our presence today is expected. I contacted their king T’Challa and he has agreed to see us.

Scott: Their king is a mutant?

Professor X: No, while he has some impressive talents, T’Challa, is not a mutant. We are actually here to see his sister Ororo.

As the plane landed on the air strip Professor X and Scott were greeted by the royal guard and the king himself with his sister by his side.

T’Challa: Greetings Professor Xavier, welcome to Wakanda.

Professor X: Thank you for letting us come your majesty. This is my student Scott Summers.

T’Challa: Greetings young Mr. Summers. Glad you could accompany the Professor.

Professor X: This must be the young Ororo Munroe I have heard so much about.

Ororo: Yes, I am Ororo, sister to king T’Challa.

T’Challa: Please, let us go inside and talk.

The four then headed into the palace throne room along with the royal guard. T’Challa sat down on his throne with his sister seated next to him. Charles and Scott stood before them in the large hall.

T’Challa: When I received your message, I was surprised. While I knew of my sister’s powers I had no idea she was a mutant.

Professor X: Yes, my machine, Cerebro, amplifies my powers and can locate mutants all over the world. Your sister has the potential to be very powerful and I feel that she would benefit from the training she would receive at my school.

T’Challa: I have heard about your school and it has peeked my interest, but I am not sure if it is right for my sister. Perhaps we can hear from Mr. Summers as to the benefits of this school seeing as he is its only student.

Scott. Well…being an orphan I never really had any family to help me out with my powers and Professor X has been there for me and gave me a place to stay. I know that Ororo has more support from her family than I did, but there are just somethings that you just might not be able to help with. If she comes with us she would get support and learning that can only come from people with the same circumstances.

Ororo: May I say something my king?

T’Challa: Of course, my sister, speak your mind.

Ororo: I appreciate that you would like to help me, but I feel that I should stay with my family in Wakanda. I will consider your offer this night and tell you my decision in the morning.

Then Ororo leaves with her guard to retire to her quarters. King T’Challa then rises to address his guests.

T’Challa: My sister has spoken. I will respect whatever decision she makes and give her my blessing. You are welcome to stay the night and await her verdict. Please feel at home and explore as you would like.

Professor X: Thank you king T’Challa, we will take you up on your gracious offer.

T’Challa then exits the throne room and leaves Professor Xavier and Scott alone.

Scott: Sorry Professor, I guess I wasn’t convincing enough.

Professor X: It is quite alright Scott, you did your best. We will get some rest and hear from Ms. Munroe in the morning.

Late that evening Scott struggled to sleep and got up to look around. When he walked out on the terrace he noticed Ororo sitting out by the fountain in the courtyard. Then he decided to go down and talk to her. When he got downstairs and approached her, he was stopped by the royal guard that accompanied her.

Guard: Halt right there outsider. You may come no further.

Scott: Hey, I was just going to talk to her!

Ororo: Stand down, he may pass.

Scott: That guy sure has his underwear in a knot, doesn’t he?

Ororo: He is only doing his job. I suppose you are here to try and convince me to come with you back to America.

Scott: I couldn’t sleep and I saw you out here so I thought I would come and chat with you. If you want I can leave.

Ororo: No, you can stay.

Scott: I know you are a mutant, but what are your powers?

The night sky then darkens and a fine rain begins to come down on them. Scott is somewhat startled when the rain starts before realizing it was Ororo.

Ororo: I can manipulate the weather causing it to rain, snow, increase the wind, or pretty much anything else along those lines. Despite being royalty, people have always looked at me differently thinking me a witch. Although no one would dare say that to the sister of the king.

Scott: I know how you feel, when my powers manifested I blew a hole into the roof of the orphanage that I was staying at. After that no one would even get near me until Professor Xavier found me and gave me a home. He is the only family that I have left. The only reason he wants you to come is to help you. He is good at understanding what you are going through and how to help. As much as your brother cares about you, there are just somethings that he can’t help you with.

Ororo: Perhaps you are right. To be honest I have never left Wakanda in fear that they would reject me for being different. Maybe coming to your school would be a good thing for me.

Scott: It would be nice to have someone else at the mansion. It can get lonely sometimes and you’re the first person I have talked to that understands what it is like to go through the things that we do.

Ororo: Well, I will give our talk some thought and let you know in the morning. Good night Scott Summers.

Scott: Yeah, goodnight Ororo. Talk with you in the morning.

The next morning came and Professor X and Scott gathered in the throne room to await the answer from Ororo. T’Challa and his sister entered the room and took their seats.

T’Challa: After much discussion with my sister she has come to a decision.

Ororo: Yes, my brother, I have. I will accompany the Professor and Scott back to their school to train and learn to use my gifts to benefit all of mankind.

Professor X: I am glad to hear it Ororo. I feel this will be a good thing for all of us. Thank you T’Challa for letting her come with us. I will do my best to see her reach her full potential.

T’Challa: No thanks necessary Charles, this was all my sister’s decision. I trust her enough to make them for herself. I have begun to realize that outsiders may be able to offer things that we cannot always do ourselves. I trust she will be in capable hands. You have my blessing Ororo.

Ororo: Thank you my king, I will not disappoint you. Professor, I will gather my things and be out to the airfield.

The trio boarded the plane and began their assent as they headed to their next destination. All while Scott and Ororo passed the time.

Scott: I am glad you decided to come with us, I think it will be great for all of us.

Ororo: Me too. Honestly if it wasn’t for you I might not have come. It is nice to have someone else like me to talk to.

Scott: I agree. Where are we headed next Professor?

Professor X: Next we are going to Germany. We have a circus to catch.

Scott and Ororo looked at each other puzzled. They flight lasted a couple of hours but they were finally at their stop.

The group was in a rundown part of the country and not too many people were out and about as they walked the town. The few people that were on the street look at them with a suspicious glare. They knew they were not from around here.

Scott: Are you sure this is the place? It doesn’t really seem like a place for a circus.

Professor X: Yes, Scott we are in the right place. The circus is just a few blocks away.

As they arrived at the circus the crowd began to grow and they found were most of the town had been. As they took their seats the show was underway.

Ororo: Who are we here to see Professor?

Professor X: A performer Ororo.

Scott: How are we going to know which one is a mutant when they all are well…circus freaks?

Professor X: Trust me Scott, I don’t think he will be hard to spot.

Ringmaster: (In German) Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we bring you one of our greatest attractions, The Disappearing Blue Devil!

Out of nowhere a blue man with a pointy tail appeared on the stage as the crowd cheered.

Scott: Yep, I think that’s our man.

Ororo: What do we now Professor?

Professor X: We wait for the show to end and then we get some backstage passes.

After the show had ended, the Professor, Scott, and Ororo went down to the performers to look for their blue friend. When they got down they were met by the Ringmaster and some of his performers.

Ringmaster: (In German) Ah, what can I do for you my friends?

Using his powers, Professor Xavier, made it so they could all understand each other.

Professor X: Well, we have come to meet one of your performers. We would like to speak to him.

Ringmaster: We don’t usually let just anyone back here. Who are you looking for?

Professor X: The Disappearing Blue Devil.

The Ringmaster then gave a look over to his Strong Man before replying to the Professor.

Ringmaster: Why do you want to talk to him?

Professor X: We believe your performer is a mutant and we would like to offer him a place at my school, where we can help train him to use his powers.

During the conversation the Blue Devil overheard what was going on and comes over towards the Professor.

Ringmaster: I am sorry, but you will not be taking my performer anywhere. He will stay right here.

Blue Devil: I would like to hear them out.

Ringmaster: Get back to your quarters boy! I will let you know when I want your input! Now I am going to ask you to leave my circus before I am forced to remove you.

Blue Devil: No! I will not be your prisoner anymore! I want to go with them.

The Strong Man grabbed the Blue Devil, but he teleported away before he could be restrained.

Ringmaster: Get back here! Attack these intruders and get my star attraction back!

Then the Strong Man charged at Scott, but he hit him with his concussive blast sending him backwards. Next a swordsman came at Ororo, when she sent a lightning bolt at her assailant. In a fit of rage the Ringmaster attacked Professor X and right before striking him the Blue Devil stopped him by knocking him out.

Professor X: Thank you my friend. That is quite an impressive ability you have there.

Blue Devil: I should be thanking you for freeing me from this prison they called a circus. I would like to come with you if that is alright. I have been abused for far too long here and I wish to find a place I can call home.

Professor X: Of course, we would love to have you. What is your name?

Blue Devil: Kurt Wagner, but you can also call me Nightcrawler.

The next and final stop would be in Russia at the farm of the Rasputin family. The plane landed and the mutants headed out to speak to their last recruit. Once there, they were greeted by a tall, well-built man and a small girl.

Professor: Greetings Piotr, I am Charles Xavier, and these are my students.

Piotr: Thank you for coming Professor, but I am afraid that I will not be able to accompany you back to America. You see I must take care of my little sister Illyana and my sick mother. My father is dead, and I must work the farm.

Professor X: I see, and I understand your need to be here for your family, but from what you told me about your powers, you seem like you could use some guidance.

Illyana: Please brother, you must listen to him. Ever since you gained these powers, you have been destroying things and they also have been causing you pain. I can take care of mother and we have plenty of help for the farm.

Piotr: No, I can not ask that of you Illyana. I must stay.

Just then, they heard screams coming from the field. A bull had gotten loose and was charging at one of the farm helpers.

Scott: Don’t worry, I can hit it in time.

Piotr: No, I will handle this without hurting him.

Then Piotr began to transform the skin on his body into a strong metal like substance that greatly increased his size and strength. He went over and grabbed the bull before he could hit the man and gently tried to restrain and calm the animal down. After the bull was back behind the fence, Piotr changed back to his original form and as he did, winced in pain as the transformation happened. Illyana then ran over to him.

Illyana: Brother are you alright?

Piotr: I am fine litter sister, just a little discomfort.

Professor X: Sometimes when your mutant powers emerge, it can be painful at first till you learn how to properly control your gifts.

Piotr: Perhaps you are right Professor, maybe I could use your help. Are you sure that you can handle things while I am gone sister?

Illyana: Please brother go, we will be fine. If I ever need you, I will call.

After that Piotr joined the other students aboard the jet as they headed back to America.

Later on that next week, the group went in for their first training session together. Scott Summers, Cyclops. Ororo Munroe, Storm. Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler. Piotr Rasputin, Colossus. Together they would form the first incarnation of the X-Men, who are sworn to protect a world that both hates and fears them. It would not be easy, the X-Men were up to the task.



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