Batman: Legacy #1

Batman walked across the rooftop and crouched down on the edge as he pulled out a pair of binoculars from his utility belt. He was near the docks and there was a lot of activity for three in the morning. A shipment had just come in for the Falcones. He counted ten armed guards and a handful of other henchmen who were probably armed as well. Batman darted into the darkness as the men continued to carry on their task.

Henchman: Come on get a move on guys. I don’t want to be out here all night.

The henchman walked over to the side and pulled out a cigarette and began to light it, when suddenly he was swept away into the shadows.

Henchman: Hey, what was that? You alright over there?

Then out of nowhere a batarang flew towards the henchman knocking him to the ground. Batman emerged from the shadows as the others took notice.

Henchman: Oh no, its Batman! Kill ‘em!

The men began to fire their weapons as Batman ran around dodging the bullets. He jumped up and threw two henchmen’s heads together, knocking them out. He then took a batarang with a rope attached to it and spun up another’s legs and pulled him down and slung him taking out two more with it. Finally, the last man dropped his gun after he ran out of ammo and came at Batman with a punch. He dodged the blow and spun around and kicked him in the face, leaving him on the ground with the rest. After the fight was over he grappled up to the building he had been originally standing on.

Batman: Alfred, contact GCPD and tell them they have a pickup at the docks.

Alfred: Very well sir.

Batman: The criminals have been getting bolder.

Alfred: Well, ever since the incident, they don’t have the same fear of Batman as they once did.

Batman: It’s time I put that fear back in them.


Later on in the morning, Batman finally returned to the cave and went over to sit down at the computer. He then turned on the news.

TV: In other news, the Batman was seen in several parts of town tonight taking on various gangs that had been causing trouble over the last few days. After a six month absence, it appears that the caped crusader has made a return to Gotham. In the past few weeks crime activity has gone down ten percent since the reappearance of the Dark Knight. We were able to catch up with Police Commissioner, James Gordon for a statement.

Commissioner Gordon: Various gang leaders were apprehended last night, as well as associates of the Falcone crime organization and we believe that Batman was the one to put a stop to their activities.

Batman turned off the screen as Alfred walked into the room.

Alfred: It was a successful night I see.

Batman: It was a start, but there is still a lot to clean up in Gotham.

Alfred: You have been at this for weeks, perhaps it is time you take a rest.

Batman: You know I can’t Alfred. After everything that has happened, the city needs me more than ever.

Alfred: Sir…

An alert came onto the screen.

Batman: Hold that thought. It is Mr. Freeze. I have to go.

He ran over the Batmobile and jumped in, heading back towards the city.


Guard: Hurry, he is coming in!

Instantly, the guard was frozen solid as Mr. Freeze kept walking inside.

Mr. Freeze: This is but just a taste of the pain I feel.

He kept freezing the guards till all of them were on ice. Batman dropped down behind him.

Batman: Freeze, this has to stop.

Mr. Freeze: It is too late for that Batman, but now that you are here, I can finally have my revenge on the one that took Nora from me.

Mr. Freeze fired his freeze gun at Batman as he ran to keep out of its path. He slid behind some furniture as it was frozen by the blast.

Batman: Nora’s death was tragic, but you shouldn’t take it out on these people. You were doing so well Victor. Would Nora had wanted this for you?

Mr. Freeze: Nora is not here to tell me what she would have wanted thanks to you. And Victor is gone now, it is only Freeze!

Mr. Freeze continued to shoot at Batman as it took everything he had to avoid the blasts. This just made Freeze angrier and he stopped and grabbed a woman who was huddled with the others that were trapped inside. He stuck his gun next to her head.

Mr. Freeze: You want to know why I came here to Wayne Enterprises Batman? Nora got me a job here after I reformed. We worked here together after so many years of me trying to cure her and now I was living the perfect life. Bruce Wayne was more than happy to let me on board and I even made a special suit that let me be able to live life as normally as I could, given my condition. But all of that was taken away from me during the incident. The blast hit part of the building. I was saved by my suit, Nora, well she was not so lucky. And who do I find at the center of the whole thing, Batman. The person who is constantly interfering in my life. All those years trying to stop me from saving my wife and just when I get her back kills her.

Batman: You were hurting people Freeze and you know that I did not kill Nora.

Mr. Freeze: You might not have created the blast, but her death is still on you. Now I am going to kill this woman, freeze her to her bones, and while she may not be your wife, I know how you care for people and this might give you just the tiniest bit of the pain you caused me.

Batman: Freeze, no!

Batman grabbed a batarang and flung it at Mr. Freeze. It lodged itself in his helmet and a blinking red light went off with a small explosion, cracking his helmet open. Freeze dropped to his knees and let the woman go as he grasped for air.

Mr. Freeze: Help…need cold…

Batman looked down at him with a stern frown on his face.

Batman: I am sorry things ended up this way Victor.

A little while later the police arrived, and Commissioner Gordon walked out onto the balcony of the building. He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Batman emerged from the shadows.

Batman: Long night Commissioner?

Gordon: Batman? I figured you would be long gone by now.

Batman: I stayed to make sure Freeze was taken care of.

Gordon: After the incident, I wasn’t sure if you were gone for good. We still don’t know everything that happened that night.

Batman: It is probably for the best.

Gordon: Where were you? Things went downhill fast without you here.

Batman: I…needed some time. What is important is that I am here now, and I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Gordon: Well, thank you for your help tonight Bat…

Batman was gone.

Gordan: Some things never change.


Back at the cave, Batman got out of the Batmobile and Alfred greeted him.

Alfred: I saw that Freeze was taken care of.

Batman: I was able to stop him, but there were too many causalities today.

Alfred: Even Batman can’t save everyone.

Batman walked over to the computer, sat down, and pulled off his mask. He looked down at the mask in his hands.

Batman: I lied to Freeze today. I told him that I didn’t kill his wife, which in part is true, but what happened that night…was Batman’s fault

Alfred went over to him and put his hand out to touch his shoulder, but then pulled it back as a fit of anger came over him.

Batman did not kill anyone, and you know it! The Bruce I know would never let that happen.

Batman: Bruce Wayne is dead!

Batman turned around in his chair revealing a different face behind the mask.

Batman: I’m sorry Alfred. I didn’t mean to shout.

A tear ran down the side of Alfred’s face

Alfred: I know you didn’t, but Bruce was not responsible for the explosion.

Batman: We don’t know what happened that night, but we do know who Bruce was after.

Alfred: The Joker.

Batman: Who hasn’t been seen since that night and his body was never found in the wreckage. I owe it to Bruce to find out what happened that night and the only way to find out is to find the Joker. I may not be the person he chose to dawn the cowl, but I’m what we’ve got. My name is Don Porter and I am Batman.



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