Biggest WTF Batman Moments | GOLDEN AGE

Who doesn’t adore our friendly neighborhood Batman? I had this idea to share with you the weirdest Golden Age Batman moments I ran into, the thing is college got in the way and that prolonged my service. Since I’m on a short break I am here to provide. My goal is to get you guys to start reading classic comics. Too many find them unneeded but they’re far better than most of what we have today. Sure, the writing aged but it’s charming, funny and provides for many laughs. Some of it may come off as incoherent, but it’s not trying to be anything but.


Detective Comics #29

Batman holds a gun and threatens a life


Detective Comics #29

Batman the Savage; he says as he witnesses a man burn alive.


Detective Comics #30

Batman beat Spidey to the snap


Detective Comics #30

Characters throwing around old school memes


Detective Comics #34



Detective Comics #37

The villain takes people’s faces and attaches them to flowers who can now talk….K.


Detective Comics #39



Batman #1

I’ll just leave this here.


Batman #2



Batman #2



Batman #2

Batman lets a villain get away cuz he has a crush, he hates to admit it but he’s got a hot rush and it ain’t slowing down


Batman #65

Well this was random


Batman #84

Sleeping with Dick

Oh wait, that’s been a lie you’ve been told and in reality, they’re two separate beds drawn in a confusing perspective

See! Now that’s right!

This although early Silver Age…I have no words for it. Quick someone calls Batgirl before it gets worse!


Batman #86



That’s enough of that. Bat-Mite called and told me to stop before I spoil everything. This is why I love classic comics, this is the best way to read and enjoy them. Sometimes it’s all it takes. Choose a random number and read the one issue of a comic. You will not be disappointed I tell ya. Which one was your favorite? Do you want more parts? Different characters? Tell me in the comments below.



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