What Bendis Writing Superman Means to the Wolrd

Wow! Doesn’t this headline make me excited to read the upcoming Superman series? I mean what can go wrong? What else does this report say that can make me any more excited?

“And yes, we can confirm, it reveals something that changes the very origin of Superman. You know, the one that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster originated in their first page in Action Comics #1.”

So as you probably heard Brian Michael Bendis is leaving Marvel comics. He got bored of them. In place of the Big M, he wanted to go to DC. And poof! Just like that, it’s over. But why you ask?

“I was in town for my brother’s wedding and I went to the library, which was so important to me growing up, and I saw the Superman display. It was a flood of impressions and Cleveland connections. While looking at the Superman artifacts, I realized that I had not climbed the DC mountain and I needed to.”

A library inspired him too! Isn’t that an amazing inspiration to write one of the greatest pop culture icons on the planet? Now apparently he isn’t taking over just the one Superman book. Nah. He will get Superman proper and Action Comics. This got me to ask many other questions which I hadn’t had answers to. That’s when I decided to message him on Twitter.

After that, the conversation trailed off. He did tell me the opening of Action Comics #1001 could try to recreate the origin story from Action Comics #1. Well, he didn’t tell me but that’s the feeling I got from it. Plus he kind of seemed to suggest it in his first quote which I brought up. Anyway, BMB also released a couple of pages of Action Comics #1000 online that let us see a taste of what he has to bring.

Obviously, I am going to take a look at them.

What do you do when a super powerful hero crashes into your building looking in a terrible state? Ah, you know nothing, but talk casually with your friend and take pics. #AboutToDie

“Eh excuse me Mister Superman” “Yeah” These lines of dialogue are very realistic and get you in the mood of the story. Not sure why she didn’t mind asking Mr. Superman if he doesn’t have super-skinny powers that make him lighter. Would go very much in line with the tone of the scene and the complexional thematic acne which now befits the precocious nature of the page.

The bantering is amazing. Maybe ask each “Is he with you?” And have the other reply with an “I thought he was with you”. And add a laughing track. Also glad someone decides to point out the wardrobe change at a time like this. I mean they do stick out.

Liked that? Ha! Great! Well, that was just couple preview pages of Action Comics #1000. Now you can get twice the Bendis a month on both, Superman proper and Action Comics. Wait. Aren’t both of those titles bi-weekly? If so then we might even get Bendis’ Superman 4 times a month! Wow! Now I even outhyped myself. Now It’s time we delve deep into the panels themselves. The waitress in the book is no other than:

WAITRESS BETH from the Avengers!

Now they thought they could fool us with the hair change, but we spotted her. Glad to see the character live on. I really needed that extra dosage of the Waitress Adventures During City Cataclysms. A new #1 for her I presume? What about the villain though?

A truly innovative design. Kind of looks similar to Sunder from Ben 1O, but who cares. If we can learn anything from the movies is that we need bigger grey villains who will be easy on the CGI when we wanna adopt them into a movie. Say what you want but Bendis was smart to ensure his characters get the Big Screen treatment and get that movie credit cha-ching. And you thought he didn’t know what he’s doing.

Now if you wanna stay spoiler free I suggest you do it now because what I am about to show you will shock you. I asked Bendis what the big final page that’s meant to keep the reader asking questions for 5 years until they finally answer it. The image below is highly classified. A SUPER-EXCLUSIVE! You’re reading this at your own risk!

:warning: SPOILER! :warning: SPOILER! :warning: SPOILER! :warning:

Wowie! Time to speculate. My guess is that it’s Superman’s evil personality making a major return. Yes, the same doppelganger as seen in Superman III. Is that supposed to be the major twist? If so I am sort of not impressed. Oh well, at least the rest of the issue is going to be amazing! I can feel it. But what else can we say about the given panels from the ones I showered you above? Now we didn’t see any scene taking place in the library just yet, but I ensure you it’s coming.

Now we wait for the day to come.

The day where everything we know about our favorite heroes, every history, relationship, origin, and past will seize to matter.

This will be a moment in history when-



  1. Oh wow. That looks SO interesting. I really want to read his Superman story now that I know he’ll definitely waste pages to say nothing.
    Seriously, it’s time he stopped. It’s even way past that time. Does he actually still sells? Everytime I hear about him it’s a complaint about his work. And now he’s writing Superman … Guess I’ll wait for the next writer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The good he has created in the past is overshadowing the bad of the present. I’m afraid we will never get back the good Bendis if these pages are anything to go by.


  3. Yeah, that’s the argument that comes up most in his defence, he wrote good stuff back in the day. Ah well, he’s not the only writer around, it’s just sad he can’t write like before.

    Liked by 1 person


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