How to Fix Iceman

Hey guys… I know I probably lost you by the title alone so kudos to those who stayed. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Iceman, lately. Majority of it has been warranted so why is he the character that I’ve decided to defend for the Watchmen’s #WhyTheHate March initiative? Well, for one we had to pick a hero or villain we despise and try to convince others why they’re actually well written. Now you see how it’s a perfect choice?

What’s Good?

Almost everything about Sina Grace’s standalone Iceman series is unbearable to read, but the opening does an accurate job letting the reader know what swamp they’re about to get trapped in. Bobby Drake being on a dating website is honestly the answer to the question: “How as far away from the truth can we escape with this one?”, but there is some stuff to admire like Bobby’s parents which are the highlight of the series.

It’s just a shame the writer decided to make them ultimate villains. Grace really made them likable and the more fleshed out. There is something interesting about humanity and its imperfections. Having someone represent that in a form of fiction was really cool. Yes, even people we like might show some form of prejudice, it doesn’t make them evil, just morally wrong. Throughout the series, they’re shown as people who despite having problems with their son still try to make him a part of their lives. That’s why it is so painful when…

….we go from something truly complex, worth some reflection…

… this garbage…..

…..and then to this cringe!

When his parents find out a younger version of their son exists in the present they wanna replace their modern day one with him. What the-?! Suddenly a very complicated relationship build with layers upon layers turns into simple lazy writing. They were just made into a bunch of evil people when before you see the constant inner battle of the father and mother being waged whether to let go of Iceman or not. But screw all the pay-off because two issues later they wanna forget all of that. I truly don’t understand. This is why I made my own version.


Below you’ll see the tweaked version of the beginning of Iceman #1.

1) Stop with the gay stuff. Just stop. This is why this scene is my opening and not Bobby on some dating website. Iceman was never about his sexual orientation. Even when he was straight it wasn’t about being straight. He was actually about lacking the ability to keep a steady relationship despite being so good socially. A womanizer who can keep the same girl for his eternity is hard to come by. Why is it so hard to work off of that? If it were up to me I would’ve dropped the LGBT out and rather focus on…

2) X-Men. Iceman was never interesting alone. Few X-Men have been. Why? Because each member is so tied to the core group identity that without one it begins to lose its meaning. Doesn’t mean we can’t have a standalone solo comic following Bobby Drake’s life. In objectivity, to stay true to the characters (plural) the theme would be about Iceman trying to figure out why the team isn’t like it once used to. Recognise the divisions the team had gone through, recognize the good old days, recognize the meaning of X-Men.

3) Try to make Bobby his own person with personal life struggles yet always tie it back to the team. Grace has sort of tried doing this minus the ‘tying back to the team’ part.


Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick up on these 3 main goals within the pages I have re-edited. To compare the writing quality I put the original first and then mine. You can start in the opposite order if you want. Keep in mind I am an amateur and I did this in the simplest editing so possible. If some speech/text bubbles are harder to make our I suggest pressing on the image itself and zoom in.



So here is what I would’ve like to have envisioned Iceman’s proper solo series to be. Just shows how much cringey dialogue you can cut out and replace with something natural or better suiting. The title kind of wasn’t lying after all.



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