Black Panther (2018) Review

Where the critics mistaken? Launched a new website focusing on my love for movies! I really hope you check it out and what better way to start off than to talk about the Black Panther movie? Check the original review HERE!

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Black Panther is yet another successful product in the line of films of the so called Marvel Cinematic Universe, but how does it measure critically? Well, according to the Rotten Tomatoes it is doing more than well. As a person who has taken a back seat when it comes to watching trailers it was interesting to see so many people excited for this film including my family members, casuals, etc. As a comic book fan who was never particularly ecstatic over Black Panther I can easily say the film does the character justice.

It’s a simple story structure, nothing never done before, however where the film truly shines is in its world building. The fictional nation of Wakanda holds one of the most interesting cities set in modern day. The mythology, traditions, history mixed with African culture are all so very well represented. You blend this with a city of…

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