Avengers: No Surrender, a Legacy in Vain

Arguably the biggest product Marvel wants you to pay attention to as of now with already four parts out in January. The publisher’s focus with this one is to introduce a new heroine, Voyager. It does this in a way it would leave many fans mixed nonetheless there are bigger things to worry about. I’ve only managed to get through the first three parts (of four) and they guaranteed my notion, it’s an event you may wanna skip.

Don’t get anyone wrong, this isn’t bad because it’s an event. DC Comics last year released Dark Nights: Metal and Doomsday Clock which are simultaneously still in their ongoing stages not to mention the crossovers like Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, the Button, Superman Reborn, the Lazarus Contract and now Super Sons of Tomorrow. The problem isn’t even the “World Shattering” pitch, rather its execution. It’s always about what the author does with the idea and how exactly does he turn the archetypes on their heads to make them ingenious.

Early on it has been established, the catastrophe this time around is the disappearance of Earth from its position. This in no way causes any long-term harm to the Solar System nor holds much effect on the planet itself. Sure, natural disasters appear however if you remove the Sun or the moon those things should be the least of anyone’s worries, if they could even be able to worry given a second without the two major life providers would seize its existence. And it’s not like the story gives me a reason not to mind such flaws because, and this applies to all entertainment medium, if certain plot holes are present the reader can easily forget about them. That all depends on the quality or the tone of the story. But that’s not the case here. Instead the writers make such a flaw the central battery for everything else. No wonder the rest is equally as bad. The Avengers choose to come together which feels unimpressive because of the senesless and unstable foundation.

With that nice transition I gotta give the credit for throwing all the unpopular Avengers members into the spotlight sadly, on a stage that’s about to fall apart. At least they tried handing the keys to the lesser known characters even though it would’ve been nice to see one popular Avenger. None of these characters hold any relevence, history, except for Voyager who I will get to, to add to the weight of what it means to be an Avenger which to some no longer means anything. Can you blame them? The team has reached an oversaturation to the point of losing its symbolism. The team is divided into 3 groups: regulars, Unity Squad and U.S. Avengers.

The idea of giving lesser known heroes a chance is nice however you can’t make them likable by thrusting them into something about to become forgettable by the end of the year. Writing seems to portray the characters as children unable to speak with each other, all they do for the first 3 issues is wonder, argue concerning the plan and then comes Voyager.

The two leader bicker like babies meanwhile the third one (Falcon) is monologing in his head about losing control over the group.

“Superman is a superhero with no flaws which makes him one of the most uninteresting heroes of all time”. Any fan who reads his stories knows that to be false, but it’s a concept that has stuck in people’s minds because of the Silver Age (aka Pre-Crisis era) when he could travel in time, fly times infinity, pull planatery systems with no sweat, basically nothing held him back. He was just boring! A hero who can’t be challanged is doomed to dwell in monotony. Lack of flaws claim one as indestructible, unbeatable and lacking in identifiable limitations. This is Voyager, the Mrs. Perfect that every other character senselessly gushes about as if she is secretly holding a gun to their heads.

Every line which overpraises her and other bad dialogue

The callback to the heroine’s history on the team is cute, charming, yet still, only an idea of who Voyager really is. How much of it actually works? Nobody has mentioned the character’s existence despite being so popular, famous and beloved. And was anything she did really worthy of such admiration? Why has she only been now established provided the gargantuan threats the Earth has faced. It is merely the couple first issues, but I won’t be holding out hope specifically how as of lately Marvel has been really into pushing new characters that have no flaws to them and are celebrated for being so deviant. One thing I like about Voyager is the classic nod to the alliteration of her secret identity and the character design. I wouldn’t be in awe if she turns into a villain and the writing team thinks they’d be super clever.

Some lies are standing right in front of the truth

So far, the event is nothing but leaders arguing like children, a debut of a hero with bare minimum stability, villains who no one reading really knows anything about, and an idea that never developed. Who would’ve thought Mard Waid on Avengers would be cooking up to be the worst thing for the team since a very long time? Receiving a helping hand from Al Ewing and Jim Zub only added to the disarray. It seems he too has forgotten the meaning his name once carried. Ironically the most poetic thing about No Surrender.



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