Batman Essentials – Detective Comics #38

The iconic debut of Boy Wonder. Join me on this #ComicEssentials installment. Make sure to read the end of the blog to find out what we’ll cover next Bat-Time so you can follow along on OUR journey of the #1 Batman stories. Let’s talk in the comments below after we’re done.

Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder (1940)

:books: Issue(s): Detective Comics #38

🖊Writer(s): Bill Finger

:pencil2: Penciler(s): Bob Kane

:file_folder: Series: #BatmanEssentials/#RobinEssentials


We open with the origin of Robin which we all probably know by memory. Dick is a circus boy, his parents die in a tragic “accident” during a performance, we find out some gangsters placed acid on the ropes used by the Flying Graysons. This all happened because the owner of the circus didn’t pay the gangster leader money, Zucco.

Bruce Wayne watched the show so he takes in Dick as his pupil to train him. After being confident in the boy Batman lets him go onto the field. Dick dresses up as a newsboy, couple bullies walk up to him and demand money. Bruce tells Dick to follow them the next day. He does so and the boys lead to the base of operations of Boss Zucco. Dick evesdrops the locations the mob boss wants to steal from. Batman goes to those locations, even goes to the Gambling House owned by Boss Zucco, crashes the party and delivers some badass lines.

Okay, this line may have been a bit cheesy, but Batman said it! Therefore it’s badass.

Zucco hears of this and wants to finish the Batman off with the help of his men. Robin finally gets an official debut and flies into the fight like a boss (no pun intented). He even uses his very queer-looking sling shot. That’s actualy a line from the comic.

Miley would be proud!
Robin’s sling shot is gay. CONFIRMED! Take that Iceman! DC’s Sling Shot beat you to it by 70 years!

Robin then casually kills a guy, it was a cool scene so can’t hate on it. Keep in mind these were times when the Bat Family didn’t have a moral code just yet which is why I am not finding a problem with our heroes murdering criminals. Gotta be fair. Batman comes in to finish off the job off, Zucco is captured and sent to jail. Bara-bing bara-boom! Job done. Dick says he wants to join Bruce Wayne in his fight against crime. And before you know it the greatest duo of all time is born.


STORY: It was pretty decent with a very iconic showcase of an origin. The one issue I had was the fact the heroes somehow knew the street bullies would lead to the hideout of Zucco. I am willing to wink at that since it’s a Golden Age story. Everything else was very relaxing to read through.


ART: Neat art that provides for some surprisingly well shown off moments. Bob Kane continues to show potential and keeps improving at the action scenes making them more memorable.


ACTION: Robin gets the stand out moments hands down. He gets a memorable introduction into his life of beating up cowards and there is a call-back to an earlier move he learned. Batman also has a scene in the Gambling House that is second best to Dick’s.


CHARACTERS: A lot of focus on Dick which pays off despite the stereotypical villain. Now we got two promising and likable heroes in their starting out stages.



Detective Comics #38 is an essential because it’s the first appearance of Robin that mind yourself is done very well. The connection between Bruce and Dick makes sense as to why the heroes would join forces. A lot of stand out moments drawn by Bob Kane. If you are a Robin fan and like a decent origin story you should probably read this. It’s another quick and relaxing read.

•29/40 = 73% = Good

•Favorite Quote: Man says, “But what’ll I tell Zucco’s men?”

Batman responds, “Just say….the Batman!”

•Next Bat-Time: Batman #1

The next comic will be interesting to venture through. Definitely tell me what you thought about this one in the comments. See you next week!



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