Top 10 Worst Comics of 2017

:rotating_light: :rotating_light: WARNING! BECAUSE 2017 HAS BEEN SO HORRIBLE TO US, THIS POST CONTAINS SOME CONTENT TOO GRAPHIC FOR SOME READERS!:rotating_light: :rotating_light:

Wow, it’s difficult to pinpoint whether this has been a bad year for comics or not. You’ll see why I say that. Before we start keep in mind the blog only contains my opinion and this fact alone should come with an understanding that I do not posses infinite amount of time or knowledge to be able to read every bad comic in 2017. Now that the obvious was said, it is time to go onto my list!

10. INHUMANS VS. X-MEN (2016 – 2017)

I know what you’re probably thinking, “But Dark! IvX was awesome”. Sure, the first couple of issues provided for a great way to pit these two groups against each other. Heroes had solid motivations, we got amazing action scenes, battles, convos and then they decided to screw all of that in 2017 to give us one of the laziest and worst endings of the year. They turned Emma Frost into a villain last second, somehow her love for Cyclops radically changed her to crazy. One of the coolest X-Men, a mutant with one of the coolest redemption stories gets treated like a piece of turd. Simply disgusting. You not only ruin an (Marvel 1Kth) event but a history of a character as well.

With one of the worst suits in a history of modern suits.

Then she also mind-controlled Magneto for about 30 seconds because we needed that to fill out the pages with something. And then it all ends with Medusa saying, “You wanted to save your race? You should’ve just said so!”……. <sigh> A war broke out because not ONE person could have said the Terrigen Mist is turning mutants into an endangered species for some plot devicey reason? Especially after all the fighting Medusa just lets go of the Mist as if nothing important has occurred. The war had no impact on anyone’s decisions. You seriously couldn’t have asked ONE mutant why someone is attacking your home who you thought to be an ally? I keep emphasizing on the word ‘one’ because that’s all you had to do. Figures when no one cared enough. Who would’ve thought that the collaboration between Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire would have been such a disaster?


Derpy, derpy, derp, derp!

Another Marvel event? Who would’ve thought. I hate this comic so much that anyone who finds this to be amazing or worth to place within a Top 10 Comics of the Year list deserves to sit next to the person who finds Batman v Superman to be the greatest film of all time. I wish I would have the time to point out everything wrong with this piece of garbage, but I realized life is worth so much more. Where do I begin? I was ready to give this a chance, I hailed issue #1 as a great start, and really enjoyed the PymTron installment which is the only thing keeping it away from being any higher on the list.

Then it turns out the writer decides to make us focus on everything except for the things we really care for. SOOOO many plot holes! Why did the Champions join Black Widow’s side when they had a problem with her killing and they could’ve picked Hawkeye as an alternative? Thor would never join the bad side just because someone lifted his hammer! This behavior is beyond Thor’s days. Vanishing Point is a mess, a plot hole within itself that becomes the Speed Force of Marvel. It becomes anything the story needs it to be. Also 2 Captain Americas? What is the logic behind that? Almost getting yourself killed while saving Mosaic to then have him be pointless. You just could’ve had the guy posses Steve forever or until a better plan is created.

What’s up, Doge?

Next, the death of Black Widow was handled as if she was a dog. The moment was so discouraging it made me loose hope for the event as a whole. Spencer didn’t know how to make the story matter so he just killed a fan favorite. Sounds exactly like the death of Bruce Banner in Civil War II (who is somehow alive in this and can transform into the Hulk). Punisher becoming a Hydra/Nazi is unforgivable. The action scene with him is unreadable. I tried to make out the order of that fight for 5 minutes and gave up. We also know everything Miles Morales did set-up the character to kill Steve, which plot-wise defied ALL odds in the universe. And how does it end? He doesn’t kill him! I like to call Miles the embodiment of the Vanishing Point of Secret Empire. Miles broke Cap’s shield (such a gimmick which no longer means anything) was the closes thing we got. He beat Cap in less than 10 seconds, Steve went out like a wuss so what gave Miles the right to defy all odds if he the prophecy wasn’t even true? Sam Wilson suits up as Cap and that somehow inspires everyone to then ultimately fail, you have to read his standalone series to actually not miss an important part so there’s that cash grab.

Eh? How exactly did you survive this, Quasar?

Carol Danvers had the CW shows style “It’s all my fault” phase, new Quasar who we know nothing about magically wakes up from a coma and breaks a planetary level wall ALONE despite being designed in mind of heroes like her. The Quasar force field scene was being told as if it was inspirational, but again “Who are you?”. That ends ups not mattering because they end up getting what they want from a random guy they walked into who has a power to store stuff through devouring it. Then we have 2 Steves, good beats the bad one, Vanishing Point randomly picks up the Diveristy Crew, brings them back and it ends with all staring at the reader and things end awkward. Yay! Oh, and the narration is actually pretentious and trying too hard to be poetic.

Yay! We are happy and staring at the camera because we need to show how…er….we don’t really know…we gotta end this somehow, dammit!


If I had to tell someone what is everything wrong with comics this would be it and I’m not using hyperbole. Justice League vs. Suicide Squad? Are you kidding me? One of the dumbest CROSSOVERS of all time. Another “team vs. team” event only completely useless. It’s what happens when comics try to be relevant without being innovative. To see DC do this, the company responsible for the greatest stories in comics like Watchmen, makes me even madder.

The concept of this is laughable and terrible. The execution is even worse because the groups only fight in the first issue, not even fight, but run after the other like a Road Runner cartoon. And guess who won? Suicide Squad. This event felt like a Looney Tunes special and when it tries being self-aware about the idiocracy it becomes twice as bad because you do not get away from being dumb for admitting you’re dumb. Especially that a second later you act like Suicide Squad has “an advantage”.

They ruined Maxwell Lord, got him super wrong. The event felt very by the numbers, cash grab, crap pile. They re-introduced Eclipso and made him into one of the most generically pathetic villains of all time. Deserves a seat next to the film versions of Malekith and Steppenwolf. I almost forgot Eclipso was the final antagonist because he was this forgettable. To end on the ridiculous rubbish this thing is we find out it was all within Amanda Waller’s plan to almost create the end of the world for the heroes to then barely save everyone. Thankfully, this ended at the begging of the year making me forget all the plot holes.

The art is also very inconsistent from issue to issue. DC didn’t even try to make the art styles similar unless they purposefully wanted to make all issues terribly drawn. Even the Jason Fabok issues, with one of the most talented modern artists, look rushed and uninspiring. JLvSS makes me even angrier since people are way too easy going on this event because it was published by DC Comics who were coming off of Rebirth.

7. ICEMAN (2017 – present)

None of these villains are actually in it.

So Iceman is now gay. Did I also mention Iceman is gay?


That’s right, a tie. Both of these comics suck an equal amount. Let’s start with A&A. I have been a big Valiant fan, but they aren’t free of criticism. Going from one of the most dissapoiting comics of 2016 to one of the worst in 2017. Despite only having around less than 2 issues out this year (as it was thankfully ending) the comic was this bad to garner a spot.

A&A turns the villains into something of a joke. It threw everything at the panel hoping it sticks. It did one of those “swap the minds of characters for a day” story plot, does nothing new with it and deserves to be in a list of Worst MOVIES of the Year where you see a lot of comedies and one of them would be A&A. Yes, this is so bad it should be considered at the Razzie’s. The comedy can be summed up as primitive.

Speaking of primitive, Jimmy’s Bastards is right up that alley. It’s a James-Bond-ey story, but more R-rated written by Garth Ennis. Was never a fan of the guy exception being, the Punisher. The rest was one giant eye roll (the Preacher too). This comic is just trying to be anti-political correctness and it looks so pathetic while doing it. The opening scene is him killing a Muslim terrorist with some robot monkey toy-thing. The rest of the issue drags on and the later ones don’t improve. It tries to be funny and rebellious in modern day and it comes off as the most irrelevant tale. Another comic using political tensions to prove its something bigger and better.

5. CHAMPIONS (2016 – present)

I didn’t know the heroes were disfigured as well.

Last year this was my #1 pick for the Worst Comic of the Year. Hands down. My promise for 2017 was to read a higher variety of comics, now I begin to question that New Year’s Resolution as it led to me experiencing such horrors. Luckily for Mark Waid he dropped from No. 1, but sadly still stuck in the Top 5. I expected improvement, there was a lot of room for that, but the stubborn ass this guy is we know that wasn’t the case. He actually doubled down on the cringey “teenager dialogue”, pretentiousness, weak character developments and an annoying diversity checklist. He gave Viv (a synthazoid) a minority ethnicity by get this, evolving into a human. K. The crossover with Avengers didn’t help and the Secret Empire tie-in resulted in pushing this as being even worse than last year.


Something I was prepared to name the Worst half a year ago gets outclassed by 3 more horrible comics. The art is some issues redeems it. Reading Sam Wilson’s take on the boy scout turned me into an angrier human being. I couldn’t believe the things I was reading. Look, I’ve made a blog about this already called The Sam Wilson Dilemma back in April. Of course some of my statements do change, but all the story execution issues I stand by. I honestly think Nick Spencer cared very little only interested in virtue signalling to gain some recognition. So focused on starting another controversy he forgot to write a coherent plot. I am sick of writers mainly using stories to show how much of allies they are to the minority groups who don’t even like him to begin with. There is no story arc nor at least an overall payoff to any of this. Almost each issue tries to tackle something in the most chaotic manner possible. Thankfully this is behind us, Sam is Falcon yet again, a series much better even though the bar isn’t placed very high.

3. AMERICA (2017 – sadly present)

Starting off our Satanic Trinity is America by Gabby Rivera. There are plenty of blogs out here ripping this title a new one. Seriously read THIS BLOG. America Chavez is not a fun character, rude actually. You could say it’s the writer speaking more than the character. Marvel decided to hire a LGBTQ+ Hispanic female writer so it matches the character. Everything here is a complete nonesense with inconsistent art. By far the worst single issue of the year was the guest starring of Kate Bishop. This is a real panel.

So put me out of my misery, hurry up come and save me! Enough enough of this suffering.

Well I feel bad for all the women dating women who might’ve read this comic because there ain’t that many of them out there to begin with and now there might be even less, how about that? The entire series is supposed to be about America chilling out, living her college life because superheroing has gotten too boring for her and fight with her ‘brown fists’, yet this is the exact opposite of fun. She punched Hitler, but there’s no meaning to it other than for that microscopic crowd going, “You go girl!”. Punching Hitler is the most interesting thing she has ever done and that’s just issue #1.

What are these expressions and how does Kate know America is about to get stabbed without Maggs Visaggio even reaching for her syringe? There is nothing enjoyable about this and the critics are giving this very positive reviews. Enough. No more forced politics! Also did I mention Iceman’s gay?

2. SAVAGE DRAGON (1992 – present)

Creators must be proud! I mean look at them take pride by putting their names on the front cover!

I always wanted to read Savage Dragon, the covers with him made the guy look badass so I read an issue in 2016 and it was pretty bad. It gave me impression it only existed to have a supply of Trump undertones. They were worse than in any other comic I’ve seen and then I saw the cover for issue #226 in 2017 and I knew we were in for HELL! So I read it and it was a COMPLETE DISASTER! Everything in this is just so offensive to EVERYONE. If you’ve made it this far into the post you’ll figure out I hate bias and stories that beat you over the head with political messages. This is the Lucifer among the devils. It portrays America as a bunch of racists, bigots, nazis and homophobes. Nothing more, nothing else.

Checking all the boxes!

Savage Dragon is dead, he sacrificed himself, yet Trump is making everyone hate aliens so everyone starts discriminating. I wonder where the people went who don’t stand against such violence, values and acts but they’re nowhere to be seen. Guess Svage Dragon is what happens when Erik Larsen (writer) can’t generate sales by simple good storytelling. A Hitler look-alike harasses the little kids, the children begin to attack and later on one of them pull out a gun on KIDS!

Erik Larsen is not interested in telling something compelling, portray something worth every reader’s time instead it comes off as his little bitching book. The Malcolm Dragon and Maxine are forced to move to Canada. The writing here is laughably bad and makes me wonder if Savage Dragon was always like this. I believe Larsen just got crazy and this is what was conceived. Maxine (his wife) in public jumps on her husband and asks when they will finally have sex together.

The ultimate Edgelord cancer isn’t finished. Erik actually includes PORNOGRAPHY! He includes very purile depiction of genitelia (women usually are found without a top on). But this is a theme for Larsen. Must I mention one villain who was a fat lady with powers to shoot period named Heavy Flo?

Each page is not from just one issue. I had to cover the images in Santa babies to keep it PG-13

I am very very angry. This is legitimately a problem. Erik may have mental disorder. I obviously support the ability to express one self in any way one wants, but the artists deserve all the criticisms they get (not death threats of course). If this is what the heroes side is supposed to look like then I will just have to disagree. Cancel this now! I kept switching between this and the other choice for the number #1 spot.


  • Calexit
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Wonder Woman by Shae Fontana
  • Savage
  • Totally-Awesome Hulk/Incredible Hulk
  • Punisher
  • Elektra
  • Avengers
  • Unstoppable Wasp
  • Clone Conspiracy


When I saw this cover I just knew this was going to be the worst liberal comic I have read in 2017. Then I read it and turns out it was something unexpected. I know what you’re thinking, what could top a radical liberal title like Savage Dragon filled with pornography? Well how about a radical right wing title filled with pornography. Who would’ve thought the 2 worsts would go to Image? This deserves to be a #1 Worst Comic of the Year because it’s terrible on EVERY level. Howard Chaykin is the writer who looses you on the first page you read. This entire mess is just an impact of a right wing butthurt trying to stay relevant.

In issue #1 you quickly loose perception of who the main character is (later issues slightly clear it up). Plot points are incoherent and executed with no purpose. I can’t even say there was a clear end goal. We see a transgender woman get raped and then killed, USA seems to be in a mess where blacks are fighting whites and none of it makes sense, none of it is coherent. The writer actually had to apologize for the transgender thing. Like a wuss he couldn’t even stand up for his own work. The art is at least consistent….at sucking. It didn’t help Chaykin was also doing the pencils. Look at it! It looks terrible.

Next, the lettering! You see those annoying letters/codes in the panel below appearing in the background? They’re there for half the issue. It is obnoxious, distracting and just looks terrible. Ken Bruzenak was responsible for this disaster and that’s not even mentioning the ugly speech boxes, speech letters, etc.

Jesus Aburtov on colors brings one of the most uninspired looks to date. The cover colorist is Wil Quitana which actually looks good and unique while colors even pop out. If you search the covers of the series each issue has very nice ones so I don’t understand why Aburtov was doing the interior. It’s like they wanted this to fail. I dare anyone to read issue #1 and continue into #2. I DARE YOU! Today we see both radical left and right as seeds of something terrible. Both can be as equally patronising. This isn’t about “Hide them politics I disagree with!”. No, this is about wanting the best content out there and we fans should be able to voice opinions with examples and reasoning. The industry bias to me obviously leans left, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t always point out the good, pin-point the bad and call out the ugly on each side.

Basically not a fan of forced political agendas. Comics are a platform that allow creators freedom more than any other one out there, yet a lot of times like seen on this list, we see scenarios where writers and other artists use this gift and turn it into a curse. STOP WITH THE AGENDAS! Oh and ‘critics’, stop encouraging the cringe. Ugh. Hopefully 2018 is a much better year.

I’M DONE!!!!

Oh and did I mention Iceman is gay?


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