The Downfall of Carol Danvers

Where do I start? I wanted to start a challenge called #NoBadCharacters where we drive the point that bad characters do not exist, rather bad writers. If you want to take part in it then make sure to make your own blog on it. I decided to challenge myself with the currently challenged character Carol … Continue reading The Downfall of Carol Danvers


Top 5 Comics of Week 5, August 2017

It was the 30th of August (08.30.2017) and I will be honest, it was disappointing. Okay, whenever we have five weeks within a month we end up getting less amazing comics within that last week so, I should've expected less, but still.... Thankfully there were 5 comics that were worth your time. Sadly, no honorable … Continue reading Top 5 Comics of Week 5, August 2017