Mr. Oz Identity Revealed – Comic Theory

This has been the biggest mystery to date! I have heard everything! Ozymandias, Pre-New 52 Lex Luthor, Cosmic Boy, Jor-El, original Superman (before Clark). All were very possible until a new issue of Action Comics came out and basically revealed who this character is. Incoming spoilers for Action Comics #986. Yes, you are reading this part to fill out the space so the people who haven’t read the fantastic issue have a chance to leave, read it, come back and read the blog. We good? They gone? Good!


Holy crap! We now know who Mr. Oz is! I bet all my money on this because I am this confident in my choice. Let’s analyze the scene a bit better. We open with Luthor back from an interesting day, one of his cameras picked up something, he scans for it. Whatever it was it made Mr. Oz mad! He didn’t want Lex to see it at all. It leads to something true yet shocking. So Mr. Oz comes in and tells the computer to delete all versions of the image by voice command. He was able to do this because….

Pay attention to this speech. He says something very scary and that is “I am smarter than you.” He said that to Lex. Lex asks how he knows this, while it’s unknown Mr Oz continues,

(Part 1)You want to know the truth, Lex? I’m afraid you won’t like it very much. You are not him. You will never be Superman. (Bridge)Even when you try to do good, you cannot escape the base inquiry of your race. (Part 2)This is just who you are. No matter how hard you try. Crawling amidst the detritus. All of you. You are only human. You will only ever be human. And soon you will be gone.”

There are two parts to this ‘talk down’. Part 1, notice how Mr. Oz is speaking down to Lex Luthor in a way you would have to really know him. Oz knows what Lex is all about, he knows Lex’s deepest thoughts that are so well hides in public, he knows Luthor is trying to outdo Clark and replace him. Given how easily he got into Lex’s secret system it tells us how aware of every little detail he knows about Luthor. He not only knows his actions, but his thoughts. In part 2 of the quick monologue he begins to use the word ‘you’ no longer as a direct reference to the individual, but the human race. We know that because of what I call the ‘bridge’ of the speech, which excellently points out the restrictions of Luthor’s abilities to that of his race. This line is so well written because it plays on the belief that humans are the only ones who should protect Earth, a worldview Luthor operates by. Mister Oz is stomping on Luthor’s core value in life, the thing that makes him wanna be better than Clark. This is a threat to everything Superman’s archenemy stands for.

The amount of distinction and detail he goes into really makes you wonder. It made me wonder. This isn’t only a guy who knows Superman, but also knows Lex and the struggle of being human. Crazy enough in the scene we just witnessed Mr. Oz revealed to be everything, but a human. Everyone who read this part probably thought, “Aha! Kryptionian!”. Well holy mother of Zod if we only knew anyone in the DC Universe who is a Kryptionian, but also a human……<cough><cough> Ladies and gentlemen! Mr. Oz of the DC Universe is…..!



Conner Kent! That’s right, the character that has been missing in New 52 and in Rebirth is Mr. Oz. The only character in the DC Universe with the capability to truly know what it’s like to be part human and part Krpytonian. Where do I begin? First of all the possibility that Conner appearing out of nowhere is not crazy! We will not be talking about the New 52 version as that wasn’t even Connor, just such cheap version with a cool ass costume. Let’s remember DC gave us 2 Wallies to backtrack on their mistakes. Enough with explaining the editorial and behind-the-scenes. Let’s track the story.


Doctor Manhattan has been trying to get rid of our past heroes for an unknown reason. Whatever he is doing is definitely working against all Superboy’s favors. Let’s look at the fallout of Superman: Reborn. Pre-New 52 Superman merges with his New 52 counterpart. This creates a time ripple effect that fixes Clark’s past. Everything Pre-New 52, post-Crisis is brought back into Superman’s continuity. Take a look.

Look at that! It has everything! Classic designs to certain villains, we got Silver Banshee, Darkseid (who Supes butted heads without JL), freaking Imperiux and the ELITE!!! You see that?! A reference to the ELITE! No one cares about the Elite (*gets shot by an Elite fan…..comes back from a coma*) “Over my dead body!” Then we see the alternative suits that Superman has worn. This brought back everything before the New 52. Everything, but one tiny detail. Dr. Manhattan is doing a great job not even allowing a time paradox to let Connor in. Still don’t believe me?

Death of Superman! The aftermath in Pre-New 52 had 4 heroes replace Clark Kent: Steel, Eradicator, Cyborg Superman and Superboy! We look at the DC Rebirth occurring of events and who do we see missing out of those 4? None, but Superboy! Either Didio hates Conner as much as Dick or…..he is Mr. Oz! Now how did he find himself in a situation like this? It seems like Kon-El (Conner) is letting himself serve Manhattan so that he can have at least some influence on allowing his friends to live. Sadly to save the ones he cares for, he must sacrifice his histories with them.


Superboy is a name that means so much to so many. He is a friend that has been a member of Young Justice, Teen Titans and the Legion of Super-Heroes (get to that later). Why am I pointing this out? Well, once I show you the upcoming panels you will quickly realize what I am about to tell you. It goes back to a later issue of Detective Comics when Tim Drake tries to escape Mr. Oz’s prison. While he is running away he sees something or someone that leaves him in shock. Tim Drake is teleported back into his cell and ponders as to what he just witnessed.

What if the thing that left Tim so clueless was something that reminded him of something he feels familiar with yet still unsure of what/who it was. What if he saw something related to Conner? What if he saw Conner’s face? Remember, it was very difficult for Barry Allen to remember Wally West so Tim suddenly remembering everything about Superboy’s identity would be inconsistent. But imagine if something reminded you of some amazing experience, some greatness, something that you remember, but then you don’t. Tim can’t place his finger at what or who it exactly is, but he knows it matters. He’s confused and shocked. This would be a perfect thing to make Tim be unable to express what he just saw. An unknown feeling of betrayal.


This page out of DC Universe Rebirth #1 alone states that this has to be someone who knows Clark well. He may be a friend, but also an enemy. He doesn’t threaten or attack Superman, he warns him. Mr. Oz admits he may be an enemy who by the end of the day might just be working with Dr. Manhttan at least spare his family and friends. Mr. Oz also seems to speak to Clark as if he is proud of him and how much he accomplished with his family. Speaking of which it seems Mr. Oz really cares about this new Superboy, Jonathan Kent. This interest in him was also present in the recent battle in Action Comics between the Super-Fam and the Superman Rogues Gallery where Jonathan is in danger and some random voice helps him fight a villain through a mecha suit.

If Superboy hacked into Lex Luthor’s tech I am sure he can do the same with the one in the Fortress of Sollitude. In fact, Superboy pretty much became an official member of the Super-Family and obviously has been inside of the Fortress in the past. This place wouldn’t be a problem to wire into when it’s very familiar.

To top it all off we got the aftermath of the storyline and it looks to be destroying Clark’s wolrd:

Crippled by the events of “The Oz Effect,” Superman struggles to regain a sense of hope for humanity. As a strange new threat brews in the background, a faithless Son of both Krypton and Earth must make a choice: stay and fight for his adoptive homeworld, or answer a call from the stars.

It’s really difficult to think of a list of characters that can make Superman question his life to this capacity. Conner has been an integral part of Superman’s history. Clark was the one to give him a name, Kon-El and officially make him part of the family. The weight is there.


Kon-El sure looks older than his usual self, but did we forget that our favorite leather jacket fan is not new to time travel. In fact he teamed up and worked closely with the Legion of Super-Heroes who are currently missing in DC Rebirth! The guy isn’t new to far future time-travel with advanced technology and improved education which very much could support Superboy becoming smarter than Lex. Maybe he hasn’t aged that much and I only perceive him as older because of his cloak, but there are many coincidences worth mentioning here. Superboy shares connections to Legion of Super-Heroes, young heroes and most importantly the Super-Family. This would make him a dangerous foe in this game. To conclude this theory I wanna end where we started, the final scene of Action Comics #986.

The fear on the face of Lex Luthor. LEX LUTHOR! SCARED! Let that sink in. This instant is the moment when he realizes who Mr. Oz is. He recognizes the face of the one who has been secretly watching the entire Super-Family and the DC Universe. He looks at ‘S symbol’ and realizes who this is. Maybe it isn’t Kon-El himself who makes Luthor fall to his knees, but the sheer idea of what this could mean. At this moment it hits Lex Luthor that the thing about to become the biggest threat to the planet he so loves is his greatest creation. Superboy.

The Son of Krypton & Earth

Well wasn’t that a poetic irony there at the end?So this is where my theory ends! Honestly? I hope it’s wrong. I am a HUGE fan of Conner Kent and this would be a weird turn in which to take the character. Geoff Johns has written the hero before, he likes him so it makes sense he would have a big plan. By the end of the day I hope that Superboy along with the real Bart Allen are being trapped within the prison along with Tim. Young Justice are hidden away from us! I also hope the true identity belongs to Pre-Crisis Jor-El because then this would be cannon within the DC Universe.

Just as I finished writing I was searching for a cover image I ran into a cover of the upcoming Oz Effect story line and it has Oz with in front of an exploded Krypton and the ‘S symbol’ so happens to align on his chest! Coincidence? Check out my 2 other popular comic theories, one of them literally came true! Guessed it 3 months in advance and it was the exact same thing. That theory was Why Thor Became Unworthy REVEALED – Comic Theory and the other is a bit more out there, but still really cool and interesting and that is, Wonder Woman’s Twin Brother REVEALED!!! – Comic Theory. Happy reading!




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