Dark Nights Metal #1 & DC Rebirth – DC Is Changing the Industry as We Know It

This just HAPPENED!!!! HUGE Spoiler for Dark Nights: Metal #1 incoming!

Recently DC Comics has exploded with critic and fan reception! It wasn’t until last year that DC Universe Rebirth came out and brought back our favorite heroes into shape. They have continued that success with crossovers such as Superman: Reborn, the Button and Lazarus Contract. They have shook the world with the preludes to their first main event for Dark Nights: Metal and today issue #1 hit!!!! We are gonna talk about all that, explain any confusion you have & what DC is cooking up for us in the future of the DC Universe. Let’s start with Dark Nights: Metal #1.

Credit – Greg Capullo

Wow! Let’s talk about everything that happened! Firstly, Dark Nights: Metal opens with the Justice League in a gladiator-like battle arena on one of Mongul’s battle moons with the alien race of Braalians watching who are known for their magnetic powers to control metal. Kind of meta if you think about it. The armor you see each wearing was designed to depower each hero. I will leave a great article down below to show how much detail and research went into depowering the Justice League for just a couple pages. We have no clue how they got there, how Mongul escaped and what Toyman was really doing there. Thanks to Toyman the heroes were able to escape in a bit too extreme way if you ask me. I did not expect that Power Rangers move, but whatever.

We find out that Hawkman has been searching for the origin of the Nth Metal since he first encountered it so, since early ages. Throughout the history he had the help of Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders), Red Tornado and the Challengers of the Unknown! Let that sink in! Not just that, but we see references to the map Grant Morrison created with his Multiveristy series which just shows the amount of pay-off DC can provide.

Then we find there is a mirroring multiverse to ours and it’s made up of purely darkness (dark matter). It’s brilliant how Scott Snyder uses science of our world to try and create mythos which enhance the DCU. So far so good, but what truly lost me was the creature named Barbatos in the parallel Dark Multiverse that can travel to our multiverse through a wagon called Wayne!!!!! This means that Bruce comes from a long line of an ancient tribe (there are 3 tribes) who once summoned this creature here decades ago. I don’t know if I am a fan of Batman being tied back this much to DC Universe’s history.

Good news, my boy Hawkman will probably return from the Dark Multiverse and have a solo series (which begs the question who was this lame New 52 one). Also it looks that Doctor Fate, Steel and Plastic Man may be tied to the Nth Metal, too! But now let’s talk about the main twist!!!!!

Sandman part of DC REBIRTH?!?!! What??? I am super confused. I am currently on volume 2 of Sandman by Neil Gaiman and the character is part of the DC Universe, but I never thought he would ever make an appearance like this. This goes back to me saying DC Comics are masters at pay-off. This is amazing and makes that much more excited to finish Sandman. And why does he look like that (no spoilers from his series please)!? Multiversity, Watchmen, and now Sandman. We don’t have enough info to explain much, all we can do is wait, but along Dark Nights: Metal, DC has prepared an even better future!!!!! We are seeing a load of content this fall alone. We need to start with:

Starting Action Comics #987 we’ll finally know the identity of Mr. Oz in Action Comics: The Oz Effect! All the fan theories will be put to rest as this ever long mystery will be tied in a bow. It will get a lenticular lens, which you know will be big. It will be a 5-parter so whatever happens this issue will kick off the entire story arc! It’s going to be written by Dan Jurgens who along with Peter Tomasi handled the reveal of the fake Clark Kent as Mr. Mxyptlk so well that we hope our expectations won’t be shattered.

I hope this is Ozymandias who once worked with Dr. Manhattan to create a better world, but then the two had a falling out so the reason why Mr. Oz (Ozymandias) is stealing heroes is because he wants to create a group of strongest, most powerful (Mr. Mxyptlk) and even smartest (Tim Drake) to defeat Manhattan. This is my prediction, but I am willing for it to be anything since I know Jurgens and DC have a plan. Next….

Detective Comics: A Lonely Place of Living marks an escape of Tim Drake from Mr. Oz’s prison. This has to explain to us what Tim saw there as we know he attempted a failed escape, to later see something shocking within the prison. James Tynion IV is another master working for DC right now. He’s co-wrote Dark Days: The Forge and The Casting so just like Jurgens we know he can deliver on the reveals and thrill. Funny enough, both stories have Mr. Oz as an important character.

A Lonely Place of Living will start 2 weeks after The Oz Effect, with issue #965 on September 27th. This story will only be 4 issues long which means both the Oz Effect and A Lonely Place of Living will end on the same day in the second week on November 8th, 2017. Will these titles both reveal something in their last issues tied to Mr. Oz? I think so! And finally last, but not least!

Since both The Oz Effect and A Lonely Place of Living are ending on the month that Doomsday Clock will begin on, there is no doubt Doomsday Clock will come out November 15th or November 22nd. That means anything that happens in the Action/Detective Comics fall 2017 story arcs will be very important in Doomsday Clock. This will be one of the biggest stops since DC Universe Rebirth #1 for that story arc. Sadly, Doomsday Clock will be a bit too dragged out since it will run for an entire year with 12 issues and then it will take hiatuses in March and August. That’s my only worry, but it’s written by Geoff Johns so should I really be? This is gonna be the face off between Superman and Dr. Manhattan. Kind of a suicide, but let’s see what happens.

The long year duration of the Doomsday Clock may be a worry to some, but I for one am confident DC Comics will give us plenty to look forward to as they are masters at filling in the gaps betweem their major events. Since May 2016 (premiere of DC Universe Rebirth #1) ’till now, DC has done a masterful job at making fans feel like we’re not waiting for anything, rather awaiting! Let’s recap:

•Detective Comics: A Lonely Place of Living – Info of Mr. Oz’s prison

•Action Comics: The Oz Effect – Identity of Mr. Oz

•Dark Nights: Metal – Secret History of DCU

•Doomsday Clock – Dr. Manhattan face-off

We’re gonna get answer after answer. This is how our Fall looks! Let’s hope Marvel can at least reach the half of this anticipation. To keep us further invested Dark Nights: Metal is ending in February 2018 and after that we can expect a ton of new riches from DC. I mean have you seen Dark Matter? Even then nothing compares to what DC Comics have let out a bit on San Diego Comic-Con 2017 that may truly change the way we think of comics.

Let’s face it for some reason comics aren’t selling well. We can argue about why this is happening in another post, but the truth is they are selling less than what they used to and that shouldn’t be happening in a world when superheroes are all the rage and popularity! I always disliked how comics failed to adapt as a medium when required to. Books used to looks like scrolls, movies can now be watched at home just like in theatre, TV shows don’t require to be on TV, etc. Although comics did make minor adjustments they never get out of a certain rhymn. Digital is nice, but that isn’t changing up the game like comics need it to. So then I ran into this article DC Has an Epic Plan To Save Itself From the Comics Apocalypse It Helped Create and I thought to myself, “Sheesh. That’s a bit too much.” Although I don’t think comics will ever die, I do think they need to be in a healthier position and then the legend, Jim Lee at SDCC said this:

“DC approached me and said, how would you like to take some of the stuff that you are working on with Sean [Murphy] and do it a new, prestige format? Instead of doing it monthly, why not do it in this format that would allow for it to be a bigger stage, both for Sean artistically, and to package the story in a new way and then allow every subsequent story that I was going to do with Paul Pope, with Afua [Richardson], with Lee Bermejo, be done in this format that really foregrounds the art – different paper size, different cut, the whole thing?”

“In that way, it seemed obvious and a perfect solution instead of having them work month-to-month on a normal-sized, conventional comic, we could be some of the first people to try driving in this new lane for DC. I’m really, really thrilled about it.”

DC Comics is taking a new direction with their comics! While they will keep the monthly issues they will start to introduce a new form of telling stories through comics that will be in a much bigger scale for the artists. I have no clue what this could be, but it sounds big. If this will turn out successful and Marvel hops in on the fun, we can see a huge transition in the comic industry that may make it a truly WORTHY competitor to movies, video games, TV shows, toys, etc.

Mark a new age of comics that will make them more mainstream along with providing hardcore fans options like DC Rebirth and Dark Matter. Did I mention Young Animal, Vertigo, Wildstorm and who the hell knows what yet? And this is why DC Comics is changing the industry as we know it.

Link to how the armors could stop Justice League of using their powers!



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