Plot Twist! DC Rebirth Is Not That Good!

I have been very VERY vocal of what Marvel has been doing to their universe. Most of it is not good and I believe a lot of that is due to their overproduction of events, poor business decisions and here it goes….SJW pandering. I, along with many people have always been using DC Rebirth as to what Marvel should be trying to match in quality. Then, I thought about it for a bit and it hit me. DC Rebirth is actually overrated. Some people will probably read this blog up to this part or haven’t even read it because of the title. Koodos to the ones who actually want me to justify my “crazy claim”.

Another crazy claim of mine is that I ADORE the New 52. I disliked it’s lack of respect for the characters, but I still loved it because it had one thing going for it! Good writing. To run down the list let’s compare and contrast. Let’s start with one of my favorite teams of all time the Justice League.

Justice League DC Rebirth is garbage! I have zero problems admitting this. If you wanted to waste your cash and read something generic this is it. Forgettable villains, incohesive plot and laughable writing. So much stuff happened that is just plain dumb I can’t even begin to explain. It is safe to say Bryan Hitch writing Justice League is just a mistake that the devils have given us. In the New 52 we had Justice League written by Geoff Johns!!! The title was a masterpiece with action, stakes, fun, adventure, plot twists and epic reveals. New 52 Justice League is easily my favorite comic book of all time. I read Volume 1 over 10 times already and whenever someone wants an entry into comic books I recommend them this comic.

Justice League was the title to read. Anything that happened within it created repercussions to the entire DC Universe! If you wanted to keep up with the state of the DC Universe, chances are you had to follow this comic and all would be understood. I can name you the volumes of according stories. The run had successes such as: Origin, Villain’s Journey, Throne of Atlantis, Trinity War, Forever Evil (great tie-ins), Amazo Virus and Darkseid War. “How do you go from all this to Bryan Hitch’s terrible run”, I hear you say? Newsflash, anything that happens in DC Rebirth’s Justice League will never matter to the grander scope of the universe. DC just doesn’t trust Hitch.

Justice League has been good since almost forever with many writers picking up the mantle to helm the team and to see Bryan Hitch be the next successor is embarrassing. Yes, I am flaming the current writer, but I do feel bad for him. It’s not even about the bar for the Justice League being too high. It’s just that he is making it very low. I also need to add how the inclusion of this Superman into the team was unimaginably bad and rushed! New 52 is definetly gaining more points in this. New 52: 1, Rebirth: 0.

Let’s move onto everyone’s favorite Batman. Even though Vision by Tom King has been my favorite title of the year for both 2015 & 2016 the writer’s Batman run is just so dissapointing. At times it becomes less than that, it dips into bad territory. This was one of my most anticipated comics back when it was announced, but “I Am Gotham” was very uneventful despite stuff kept happening. It also falls under the syndrome that a group of non-Batman superheroes have to make an appearence to showcase the stakes of the threat in the first story arc. In this case it was the entire Justice League showing up to fight some newbie!!! They were getting their ass kicked!!!

“I Am Suicide” was also loosing me quickly despite improving from the last arc. The Catwoman two issue story after that was just horrible. Whoever thought this dialogue is acceptable needs to be taken off this title, QUICK & NOW!

On the other side, in the New 52 we have Scott Snyder who is writing Court of the Owls, Night of the Owls, Death of the Family, Zero Year and Endgame. Even though I disliked Zero Year that thing had so much more going for itself than DC Rebirth’s Batman ever did (although I rather read Tom King’s run than Super Heavy storyline). Scott Snyder’s Batman is now considered one of the best runs which so many of you know that is a tall order. Tom King is a bit too indie in my opinion to wirte Batman. He keeps writng poetic stuff that just doesn’t work for the Dark Knight at all. Even DC knows Scott Snyder is the Dark Knight people want by giving them All-Star Batman. New 52: 2, Rebirth: 0.

Turn on your basses because Wonder Woman is up next. When it was announced Greg Rucka would return for Wonder Woman I was very much confused because I wasn’t sure who he was. Apparently he was an expert in all things Wonder Woman, his Rebirth came and it was very dull. Even though it had a huge promise of clearing up Diana’s past and have it all make sense, the story clearly fell off. I quickly lost interest in whatever was happening mixed with dour coloring and just confusing choices.

And what’s up with these awkward ass scenes….

Next we had the Year One story which was a much bigger improvement, but it was predictable. Was anyone surprised or freaking out at how amazing Year One was? I didn’t think so. Then what came after was some boring story about 2 women who are trying to screw over Diana at the zoo. If this was something people got excited for they must have been a bit let down. Greg Rucka seems rusty if you ask me because this feels like a story that would have been published in mid-2000s. It gets worse. He is stepping down for the writer of the FCBD issue of DC Super Hero Girls to take on the Amazon Princess. It’s safe to say if Wonder Woman didn’t have a movie out this year, she would be in a very bad spot.

Let’s look on the New 52 side of things by Brian Azzerello!!! Amazing! It tempered with Wonder Woman in a brilliant way by changing up her mythos. Not only hers, but the entire Greek God pantheon including Ares who is my highlight of the series. The comic kept on reinventing who Wonder Woman can be, it also brings in Orion as one of the supporting roles later on and it never underdelivers. It delves deep into Diana’s heart. It was for the very first time I saw the Amazon Princess for who she was. To top it all off we have the art, coloring and the continuing amount of iconic characters. Obviously this series also had its fall by having Meredith Finch take over, but the legacy of Brian Azerello remained. It became my favorite of the New 52. New 52: 3, Rebirth: 0.

Okay, I am giving this one to you. If you expect me to defend New 52 Superman you must be crazy. That entire thing was a mistake, even Geoff John’s run was terrible. It never became good until the end with The Final Days of Superman which was basically a lead up to DC Rebirth. DC Rebirth’s Superman was a return to the true core of Kal-El. It has a clear direction, unlike the New 52 and it keeps on giving. We just had the Superman Reborn crossover that basically redefined who Superman is yet again not to mention the highlight of characters such as Jonathan Kent as Superboy. This definitely adds a point to the current comic line. New 52: 3, Rebirth: 1.

Now, let’s go over the other main titles in a quicker pace. Green Lantern vs. Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps? Sorry, but you cannot defeat the iconic end to Geoff Johns run on the Green Lantern in New 52. Robert Venditti happened to write in both comic lines, one just happens to have had Geoff Johns on it and that gives it the win. Sadly, I don’t think the combination of Hal & the Green Lantern Corps and Green Lanterns by Sam Humphries could have defeated New 52 Green Lantern.

Next we have Flash. This one definetly goes to DC Rebirth, but I wanna point out the begginings of the Flash in the New 52 were pretty good until Robert Venditti ruined the quality of that with his later run just like he did in Green Lantern. If we move on to Aquaman though you can’t beat New 52 with he Trench, (which is supposed to be the inspiration for the Aquaman movie) The Others, Throne of Atlantis, and the introduction of the Dead King, Atlas. It had so much emotion compared to the Rebirth Aquaman. Johns did so much to make the character badass and Dan Abnett’s Rebirth takes us back to some silly team of fish people. Embarrassing. Not to mention Dan Abnett can work with the marriage of Arthur and Mera, but clearly DC won’t let him touch too much of it. We’re all awaiting for Geoff Johns’ return to Aquaman in the Rise of the Seven Seas story he teased 2 years ago!

Our results from the main comic lines are: New 52: 5, Rebirth: 2. Now, if we look at the entirety of New 52 we also had Forever Evil, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Omega Men, Justice League Dark, Batgirl by Gail Simone and much more. DC Rebirth is doing very well with the younger heroes like Titans, but even that should be better than it is. Detective Comics is also good, but I struggle to find that many comics which compare to New 52.

So according to me, if DC Rebirth isn’t that good why do I praise it? Because it has something Marvel doesn’t and that is universe direction. Even though the Button wasn’t as good as I hoped, it had directions and homages to fans which would get them hyped. Watchmen in the DC Universe is exciting and the way they have been introducing these characters is really is smart. Button and the great Superman Reborn will definetly play a role in the Doomsday Clock. Despite DC Rebirth being overhyped and so far New 52 is still better, I do think the comparisons to Marvel are fair.

Lost interest after 2 issues

Marvel has crossovers such as Grounded, Weapons of Mutant Destruction, ‘Till Death Do Us, Monsters Unleashed, Secret Empire, and Marvel Legacy/Generations. That’s 67% of crossovers that DON’T matter in greater sense of things for the universe while the opposite is true for DC Rebirth. So yes, DC Rebirth is not that amazing just yet, but it definitely has a lot more going on for itself than Marvel. Not to mention this is only the begging of the DC Rebirth. Geoff Johns said DC Rebirth is not just an event, but a mission and future of the comic brand going forward. The most amazing part about it is that we’re waiting for a big pay off, but it doesn’t feel like waiting. My point, if this is just the first wave that DC has to offer for us then I honestly cannot wait what’s for the main course.



  1. Olaf I agree with you thus far DC Rebirth has been disappointing when I think about it and of course you have read more than I have so it confirmed a lot of what was my opinion. I thought the New 52 was really good though. Man the Court of Owls really got me hooked.

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