Comic-Con & I – Friends or Foes? #WarsawComicCon

Bodies, Batman, Superman, Switch……

I finally went to my first ever Comic-Con! Well unless you count the ComicExpo I once went to in New Jersey, either way this was my first convention with a brand name “Comic-Con”. But the firsts don’t end there as this convention took place in Warsaw, Poland so this was the first Comic-Con in Poland. At first I didn’t wanna go because I thought it would be wack since this the first in the country, but I ended up going either way. They even had a free bus that would take you there for FREE! And apparently the saying is as true as it comes: You get what you pay for, because once I entered the bus was packed!!!

We were all crammed into one another and….there were just too many bodies at once. I should’ve been smarter and knew that things are too good to be true, but then I expected the people of Comic-Con to be smarter and not give us one small bus. Most people ended up not even hopping in, but I had to since there was no other option for me other than not to go there at all. We were all so squished that I literally felt violated. The girl in front and some guy behind me were literally contacting my PRIVATE PARTS!!!

The worst part was that this was only the 2/3 stop before the bus would take us to the expo itself. On the 3rd bus stop more people were trying to get in even though it was almost impossible to. The ones who were already inside were telling them to not get in because they clearly would overfill the bus, but I can’t blame anyone (other than the organizers themselves). If I were on the 3rd bus stop I would’ve probably tried getting in, too. These people had their entire days planned and not getting in on the bus was going to mess or even destroy that. The doors didn’t close after the first attempt so we had to squish in even more. It was a 20 minute drive mind yourself not to mention I was getting phone calls from multiple people during the ride! When we finally got there we walked off as fast as possible.

When I applied as part of the media they accepted. This gave me a free entry for 4 days sadly, I only could’ve been on that one particular day. So I entered and had starting taking pictures and stuff. It was all pretty impressive. There was bunch of video game stuff, I played Mortal Kombat 9, Tekken 6, talked to a number of people. There were a bunch of people playing video games, competing against each other in DOTA 2, League of Legends, etc. It was all great to see. The first thing I did was try VR for the first time. Even though it wasn’t a game it was fun trying it out. I was sitting in a rollercoaster riding through some beautiful land. There were a bunch of awesome video game statues and displays. Even some stuff from Mass Effect: Andromeda (sorry, my face it tired).

Telling you all I saw is kind of pointless right? I have an idea! How about I just show you what happens and we see ourselves at the buttom? Cool? Alright!

What game is this from?

My face is tired

Get a life dweebs


Prettier! (but still PS4>XBONE)

Iron Throne

Holy old consoles, Batman!

This game sucked

Shitty Pac-Man on Atari 2600

This was really cool


Pedo stare


This was hot

But which one will shoot first?

Pretty awesome stuff right? It was all video games, TV shows, shirts, but there is one thing missing here. Er-COMICS! Now to credit the Con there was a store that sold comic books, but it was only five maximum. It’s sad whenever I see comics be so overshadowed on something that was intended to be theirs. But there is good to come out of it right? It has potential of bringing in more new fans. Or does it?

Well as I moved along there an archery area just outside. Archery on Comic-Con? Why!?!?! I didn’t care. I wanted to feel like Hawkeye so I paid my well share. We were split into 2 teams and had to shoot each other (sadly the arrows tips had foam-ball). You know how you know you’ll loose when you look at the who is on your team? Well this was the case. I was paired up with some guy and 2 goths (1 guy & 1 girl) while the other team had a 2 guys, 1 girl. 4 vs. 3? How did we not win? Well because of the team imbalance they got a guy who worked there. Oh boy! We lost, but at least I shot 3 people. The goth guy was horrible and literally didn’t come closer to shoot them when their side had no arrows. Facepalm. Also the guy didn’t explain how to shoot from the bow properly so, every time I shot my bow the rope would hit my arm resulting in my scar getting scratched. Ew.

Next I went to a panel called, get this, “Batman & Superman- Friends or Foe?”. At that moment I laughed my ass off. Obviously they are friends and this panel was a waste, but I ended up going either way to watch the car crash happen before my eyes. The main speaker was Rafał “Kujaw” Olejko and I gotta say I was impressed. It turns out the title was misleading on purpose. The guy actually did acknowledge the fact that they haven’t fought much in the comics. I also learned some crazy awesome new facts, that I will keep to myself. It also changed the way I look at both Batman and Superman. This panel definetly inspired me to write a very awesome blog in the future. During the panel there were these nerds who kept interrupting the guy to show off their knowledge. It was cute and funny.

I was ready to go home. But one more sec! I preach what I teach which means I had to buy at least one comic book and I wanted to make it a big one. I was searching for older comics from Golden/Silver Age that might be worth something one day. Sadly my battery was dying so I had little time to research. Luckily I picked up these 2 beauties.

Apparently the Aquaman comic was worth up to $800 US dollars!!! This one was only 240zł which translates to only 64 US dollars! HYPE! After this I had to use the Ultra Power Saving Mode which restricts you to up to 8 apps and the screen is black and white. I needed to contact my family since I wasn’t familiar with the city. As it was time to go to the bus stop there I see it….Nintendo Switch!!! How did I miss this!!?? I still had some time left but I had to start playing now or never so my bus wouldn’t drive off! Luckily there was a switch open. I saw a guy playing Arms, which I have been hating on so I wanted to play it to give a chance to surprise me. I walked up and the lady (supervisor) by the console had a mini-game on in 1-2 Switch. I asked if if she had another game to play and she said, “Yeah sure.” And she turned on a different mini-game in 1-2 Switch. I facepalmed on the inside and asked her if she had Arms. She told me to go to another station that had the game. I was sad because the other station was taken so I never go to play on the Switch nor Arms.

Anyway, I was waiting on the free bus with a bunch of other people waiting. First, some other non-Comic-Con bus came to the stop and right behind him was the actual Comic-Con bus which meant the one almost everyone wanted to go to stopped at the spot it wasn’t expected to. This was great news for me, I got in and made it while some others were cramming in giving us this result.

The bus driver didn’t move anywhere because people kept trying on to get in while the door couldn’t close. Thank goodness a second one came right behind. Sadly and funny enough it didn’t fit all the people as well. Why also funny? Because it was a bit hilarious seeing all these frustrated people with “WTF” faces. I know it wasn’t nice to laugh, but c’mon, were their faces specific. I stopped smiling because I didn’t wanna jinx it. The bus was shifting left and right and I felt like it would fall over on a turn. This was only Thursday! Imagine the buses on the big days like Saturday or Sunday with guests from fan favorite shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings, Vampire Diraries and Teen Wolf. Huh! No thank you! Although who knows? Maybe they got their service better on those days. We finally got to our destination, and went into my next bus which I had to pay for with much less people.

Overall, a fun day with a lot…..interesting surprises. This was the very first Con in Poland and for a first time this was great. If you haven’t been to any Con before I would have recommended it although with your own transportation. Maybe there were some negatives, but by at the end of the day I got myself a great deal with the Aquaman comic that costed me 64 dollars when in reality it’s $800.

Should’ve checked eBay first

Oh come on!



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