#SJWCramSpam: Thordis & Mrs Marvel – Shallowness Over Meaning?

Welcome! This Isaiah Zorro writing to you from the internet group known as Watchmen who are participating in an event called #SJWCramSpam that addresses the faults in characters claiming to be diverse and empowering, and it’s now my time to put forward my post on this topic on two well known characters in the Marvel universe:

Thordis & Mrs Marvel


Course language will be used because in posts like these I can’t hold back my terminology due to my strong personal feelings on the subject. Apologies but they are just words after all used to describe in obvious detail my thoughts and so without further ado, let’s jump into this!


Thor/Lady Thor/Thordis (Thor’s Goddess)


Alright, to start us off I want to jump immediately into the thought process of Jane Foster’s Thor before those around her, sound good?

So what do you expect from this Thor? Do you expect one who’s cautious and thoughtful whilst on the job? Perhaps one that’s learnt from the mistakes she may of saw the former hammer wielder fall to? Well… Jane’s much more used as a action packed, no s**t taking and most importantly mindless hammer throwing mortal. Don’t believe me?

Please take a look at her entrance to Asgard before immediately throwing down with ODIN! The nine realms are in danger and Asgard itself is facing the real possibility of Civil War and without thinking of taking matters cautiously she instead says something along the lines of her hammer meeting the all father’s face!

Before you give me a short essay detailing her actions were the result of Odin’s treatment towards his wife in almost fully finishing his announcement in which he would sentence her to death, let me inform you that it was with the greatest of conviction that she stood there in the face of her husband, the all father and desired negotiations and peace over violence and injury in place of her own safety but Jane throws that all away as she quite literally crashes into the thrown room and threatens Odin. In place of a greatly impactful moment for Freja, Marvel gave us a thoughtless idiot of a warrior charging in and waving her hammer around as if it means all and ends all. It’s this type of attitude that carries throughout her entire run that genuinely becomes a great annoyance as I’m expecting a Thor worthy of the name, who can make the decisions to be a hero and keep peace in the realms that this mythical identity originated from but to my dismay this isn’t the case as she takes a much more Wolverine approach rather than that of say Professor X.

Next is the view and response on Jane Foster as Thor… MY HEAVENLY THUNDER GOD IS THIS ANNOYING! When facing two criminals in the streets, the “All New-All Different Thor” watches as one of the two criminals she’s encountered takes takes out the other on the principal that she doesn’t want to fight any “woman Thor” and neither will he! SHE GIVES THE HELL UP! IT’S NOT THAT SHE FELT OUT DONE BY HER POWER OR SCARED! Ask yourself exactly what excuse could this villain to give up in face of the new Thor? Probably something legitimate right? Pee in her pants (if she had any)? Intimidated? Fearful? Maybe to hungry to fight? NOPE! FREAKING GIRL POWER!

I’m sorry. I’M SORRY! I really am for those who may feel that this is empowering for females everywhere as this hero and villain come to terms on GIRL POWER! This for me is a spit in the face and IQ point straining of a statement to make in the pursuit of fulfilling the wishes of many to grant women a more gratified and respectful role! This doesn’t show off anything in the character at all! This doesn’t add any depth to the message we want to spread for girls that try can be just as badass if not more so than men! This instead throws away any preconceived convictions and or truths in these characters that pushed them to this moment, that pushed this villain to commit these crimes and what struggles Jane foster has faced because it’s ALL SWEPT UNDER THE FIGURATIVE RUG AS SHE DOESN’T DISPLAY EQUAL POWER OR EQUAL UPHOLDING OF THE LAW LIKE OTHER HEROES BUT AN AGREEMENT ON “GIRL POWER”!

Nothing at all is shown in this sad excuse of empowerment except that the morality and or ideals we hold can be overshadowed by that of a shallow agreement, that perhaps one person should give up their intent in the face of another because they share the SAME GENDER! If this were say Superman apprehending Lex Luthor and the archenemy gives himself up because “We both have d**ks so forget everything I believe in and here you go” as he extends his hands ready to be cuffed, then there’d be outrage because it just is shameful towards both character as it insults what they have been built up by previously but due to it being a female’s actions within comics it’s SOMEHOW overlooked.

I mean… SERIOUSLY?!? “GIRL POWER” I’m in constant desperation for more idealistic female characters being built up by facing challenges, by staring down death and saying “screw it” as they use whatever strength remains in themselves to protect their ideals, hopes and loved ones from those who would otherwise see them destroyed. That’s girl power, showing them preserving everything we deem sacred in this world and this impermanent life as the vision for a better tomorrow and a better us is all we can hope and strive for. Jane has shown these qualities in short bursts that are sorely missed in my mind and would better help her relate to Wonder Woman’s type of empowerment rather than that of a cheap, shallow exchange of hollow words that result in the damaging of characters rather than reinforcement.

This leads me to believe that the character is nothing short of a walking self-entitled, unthinking and muscle headed idiot. I love her interactions with Loki as he’s the only one that seems to make Thordis (translated means “Thor’s Goddess”) bearable as he’s going through the situation also of taking up a new path in life under a title that all those in the universe have already made their mind up about, it’s as if we should be following him 100% of the way through and have Foster become a side character.


Kamala Khan/Mrs Marvel


Starting off as a great example of a hero, even being referred to by some as the next great inspirational superhero surprisingly enough, it’s sad that this reputation has been stained throughout her duration as a character within the Marvel universe. Kamala has devolved into a character used more than once to push her authors ideals to those that surround her and in turn those who read the comics, this is a shameful exercise of an authors power over a comic character’s actions and dialogue.

In one page alone the character was displayed like an advertisement you’d see on TV by the government in the iconic monotone voice with an equally dull atmosphere as she continues to detail propels rights to the crowd surrounding her such as being able to register to vote or being payed the right wage? Seriously?!?

This is disgraceful, comics are meant for heroes who have a distinct meaning and morality but Mrs Marvel lacks both in this instance as she simply is being used as nothing more than a billboard that spreads no overarching message other than the same details you’d find on a government website like:


This is not even counting the overly dramatically stupid moment where she leads a crowd to the polls whilst yelling. I can’t be the only one seeing this as extreme mistreatment towards a character created for and promised to be so much more in the eyes of little and grown girls everywhere. I mean c’mon you can’t think of anything else to do with a diverse character other than to state rights, lead crowd and converse with over diverse characters? Where’s the character defining struggles, I gave flack to Jane Foster challenging Odin but at least that’s development in our eyes as we see more and more that she’s unsure of what to do (even though that act is incredibly stupid) but nothing of what Mrs Marvel has done comes under the category of development in my eyes unless you’re seeking a commercialised character, supplying you with all the information you need if you couldn’t be bothered going to a government controlled website stating your rights.

implementation of a writers own views on voters rights, on shift durations and the polls. Comics are meant to grant us characters meant for the generation of aspiration, hope and morality, they see not meant for the over advertisement of real world issues such as these because frankly they are out of place in this fictional universe. Mrs Marvel should instead be facing those who would otherwise oppress what she loves and believes in, perhaps Hydra? Wouldn’t that be an interesting storyline to see this girl from the recent generation face an enemy from years back in a small way?


Well that’s been my rant on these characters who have been stained with their respective authors own views on subjects unfit for comics and also the so called empowerment of females that quite frankly makes them seem less than more, no conviction and or morality but instead a shallow word exchange. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed guys and gals, I’m out!

Please leave all your love, support, hate and/or death threats down below as I appreciate all of the above and have a great day/night!

-Isiah Zorro



  1. First: Ms. Marvel. Not Mrs. Marvel. She’s not married to Mr. Marvel. It’s Ms. Marvel. (It’s also not Miss Marvel, despite what some people call her.) Ms.

    Second: “a writers own views on voters rights” What you showed in your scans weren’t Wilson’s views on voters rights. They were facts. It’s not an opinion that your employer is obligated to give you time off to vote. It’s what the law says. That issue did suffer from coming out three weeks after the election. It would have worked great if it had come out the week before, but delays happen. As it is, it ends up being a misstep in an otherwise fantastic series.

    As for Jane-Thor: I’ll actually agree, it would’ve worked better had she been less aggressive. Her “hit things while yelling quips” approach is fun, but more subtlety probably would have fit Jane better, as a character.

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  2. Well that was just the writer’s personal preference of calling her that just like he calls Jane Thor Thordis. As in Kamala takes on the mantle therefore she is Mrs. I know weird lol, but it’s his unique style.

    Either way him and I are both of the thought that Ms. Marvel tackling political stuff like that doesn’t work and is not in tune for the character. I think many more including me think Ms. Marvel is not as good as it once was, it got lost within the writer’s grasp, the sales are an indicator of that. But if you disagree that’s obviously fine.


  3. If the writer’s personal preference is to call Kamala “Mrs. Marvel,” then his personal preference is wrong. “Mrs.” has a very specific meaning.

    Ms. Marvel is a comic about a teen Muslim-American girl. Of course political stuff is going to be a part of her book. Being a woman is political. Being Muslim-American is political. Hell, even being young is political. Trying to make the book apolitical would also be making it inauthentic. And it’s not politics that hurt the book’s physical sales, it was Civil War II. People were annoyed at the book having to tie into an event they had no interest in, and felt the tie-in arc had serious problems.

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  4. Almost every summer event has tie-ins, Marvel actually delays the comics so that the tie-ins sell more and I got a 20 year comic book sales provider to back me up on that. Fatigue is part of that? Sure, but even now Marvel is tying-in events for Secret Empire like crazy and tie-ins isn’t their most vocal critique.
    And how come all the male straight white adult men aren’t political? Because they don’t need to be which is why you don’t see as many of their titles perform under 20K copies, again check out Comichron.com. Being Muslim, a woman, black, or young doesn’t make it more acceptable to write you in a political fashion. No one is complaining at the fact that Captain America deals with politics (I only complain at the strategy of it). The opposite is true for Ms. Marvel as she was never really that political until the latest series. Kamala was always about kicking villain ass and being quirky while doing it, now, the character’s essence is improperly integrated through agenda like this. Having a Muslim character that isn’t about politics is more effective than one that is, because you can find any Muslim in America with similar opinions about certain things.
    Having a Muslim who primarily is a superhero and hangs out with friends is something so many people wanna see because that’s what they were promised from the beginning. It also breaks the typical Muslim stereotype. It is inconsistent to who Kamala is. I remember when she used to be dubbed “today’s Spider-Man” by a variety of many different people and right now that opinion has died down.


  5. Yes, every event has tie-ins. And every event has books lose readers because they’re tie-ins. It was worse than usual with CWII.

    Straight White Male is treated as the default in US culture. Straight White Men dominate politics, entertainment, pretty much everything. So being anything else is political, because it has to be. (Also, straight white dudes have books fails all the goddamn time.)

    Ms. Marvel’s had political aspects from the start. I actually remember some people (white people, obviously) complaining about Zoe’s racism in the first issue. The arc with the Inventor got political, especially in the scene where she talks about the potential of the young. Politics has always been a part of the book. Because politics are a part of life. Even more for people who belong to marginalized groups.

    Probably worth noting that, if you don’t like politics in Ms. Marvel, you might want to stop reading, because the next couple years? Yeah, I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot more of it. You know, what with a sexist, Islamophobic shitsack in the White House. Life’s going to be getting worse for young people, women, and Muslims (and everyone else, really, aside from the rich). So don’t be surprised if that starts getting reflected in Ms. Marvel.

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  6. Well it depends how you define politics. You define it as anything that has nothing to do with straght white cis male (unless it does make connection)while I only look at it from the literal meaning only. So for you a scene with a black guy sitting next to a white guy with let’s say zero context is political, to me this is only a regular scene between two men. So if we look at my definition and you hear me say “I don’t want politics in comic books” this does exclude scenes like these. And this isn’t even me saying I don’t want politics in comics. I do. The point of these blogs is to point out when it’s done wrong so that the good can start.

    In your mindset (so with your definition of politics) and my subjectivity of the matter I just don’t want crammed social issues comics. So if politics are staying in Ms. Marvel? That’s fine, but if you keep in mind the fact that this is a more shoved approach or for you a more visible one, then that’s where I find the issue.


  7. My point is more along the lines that the very lives of people who are cishet white men are politicized. When black fathers have to talk to their sons about how to deal with police. When the Senate committee drafting health care legislation has no women. When the president wants to ban Muslims from coming to the country. When states pass legislation dictating what bathrooms trans people are allowed to use. This shit is political, and this shit is part of what it means to belong to marginalized groups. I’m a cishet white guy, but I pay attention to what people from other groups say, and a point I see brought up, over and over, is that their very lives are political.

    Two people in Portland are dead, and a third injured, because a white supremacist dirtbag had a problem with a Muslim girl. That one guy killed more Americans than any refugees from any of the countries Trump wants to ban. And yet the government and the media want us more afraid of the people from those countries than of the white supremacist terrorists. Hell, that guy even gets to avoid the label of terrorist, because he’s white, so of course he’s just a “lone wolf,” a “nutcase,” an “isolated incident.” Meanwhile, every time an unarmed black guy gets shot and killed by a cop, we get to hear about how he stole a candy bar when he was 6, and the least-flattering photo the guy ever took is plastered up all over, next to a photo showing the cop looking good. That’s politics.

    Ms. Marvel seldom actually gets into that stuff. It could. Marvel, as a whole, actually plays it safe when it comes to politics. So if Wilson wants to do a one-shot issue about the importance of voting? I can’t really say I’m too bothered.

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  8. I think you’re labeling fiction and real world into one place. As a work of entertainment and fiction certain stories should have one tone. If Marvel wants to create a story about an oppressed individual go for it, but don’t make him/her an already established character that doesn’t deal with such topics to begin with (or at least with a much bigger presence than before). Despite I agree with some and disagree with some other things you mentioned, I won’t get sidetracked because all I’m saying is if you wanna represent real life, go ahead, but Marvel has to understand that once you start changing something with no real explanation, justified criticism will arise and that goes for everything and not just politics in comics.


  9. The opening scene of Ms. Marvel includes micro-aggression. A later scene in the same issue includes another micro-aggression. A key theme in the first couple issues is Ms. Marvel learning to accept that she can be a hero without needing to be a blonde in a leotard and wedge boots. An early issue had her deliver a speech on the power of youth, as a direct refutation of criticism of teens. The antagonist of that arc was trying to solve over-population.

    Politics has always been a part of Ms. Marvel.


  10. Again going from teens (which is barely political because that isn’t really talked in circles of politics especially that every adult was a teen) to downright walking up to people’s houses and telling them to vote is a big overlap. Also what opening are you talking about? Last time I remember the opening was Kamala wanting to eat meat and then that mean girl walking in.


  11. Zoe asked Nakia about her headscarf, and whether her father makes her wear it. So within the first 5 pages, microaggressions were included. And if you think that’s not politics, well, it kinda is.

    The election issue was an outlier for the series, but I believe the original schedule had it come out just before the election, so it would’ve been something to spur readers to action. Regardless, it’s a single issue, not indicative of a change of tone for the series, and should be viewed for what it is.

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  12. Not much to add but I wanted to give my 2 cents.
    I agree that the girl power thing between Thordis (I like that name 🙂 ) and Titania was dumb. Bad writing, we could have had something much better.
    But about Thordis (damn that sounds nice ^^) being too … brutish and lacking restraint, I think it stems from Jane’s very specific situation. From the begining something seemed strange to me. We can hear Jane’s thoughts when she transforms, but it seems to be more than that. Like Mjolnir does more than changing her appearance and giving her Thor’s powers.
    She is a doctor, never really had to fight before. And facing immortal cosmic threats alone is not the same as doing it from behind Thor. We also learned that Mjolnir is a sentient being (something already canon since at least Heroes Reborn). So how much of Thordis is really Jane, and how much is she Mjolnir?
    Jane’s mental state also explains her attitude (for me at least) : she’s dying, and she’s in pain all the time. And she feels she is losing herself everytime she picks up the hammer, and yet she welcomes it. She’s not her stable normal self. That made her recent exchange with Thor very powerful, when she told him how terrified and vulnerable she felt.

    Now maybe all of that is just my interpretation, but then again that’s all we have.
    I really love Jane/Thordis (I’m keeping that name, it’s awesome 🙂 ) but she makes me sad too, because Mjolnir is really killing her, and not just by allowing her cancer to grow.

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  13. Thanks 🙂
    Thor has been my favourite character of the Marvel Universe since I was kid, and even now that I’m all grown up, I think about him, and now her, a lot. A lot of their stories resonate with me for some reason, and they leave a very strong mark on me.
    Even though I regret a few decisions made with Thordis, I’m extremely happy Marvel gave her a shot. And I’ll keep hope about her until the end, even though I don’t think I’ll have the ending I envision.

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