Harley “Cram” Quinzel – #SJWCramSpam

Hi everyone! This is Bonshaqui Wiener writing for the Watchmen group created to debate against poorly written SJW elements within comics.  So I’m sure all of you heard of DC’s most famous villain Harley Quinn. I’m sure that some of you might remember all the post I’ve done about her, but I’m not stopping there.

For the event of Watchmen called, #SJWCramSpam, I’ll be going into Harley’s most recognizable comics, the New 52 and Rebirth.

Let’s dissect what’s wrong and try to find a right out of her series.

~Harley Should REALLY be a Good Example for LGBT+ Comic Characters?~

In one of my past post I had talked about how Harley and Ivy shouldn’t actually be in a relationship. If you remember my post, you should remember that I mentioned the fact that Harley has cheated on Ivy, and possibly multiple times.

Harley is shown to cheat on Ivy, but do we just ignore her of such a thing and continue to at least praise the fact that she’s apart of the LGBT+ community? If anything…she shouldn’t be. Sure, Ivy need about her going on a date to go get money, but Ivy did not know that this little date will include Harley kissing Bruce Wayne, liking that kiss, but then also kiss Batman.

The fact that Harley not only cheated on her partner Ivy, but Harley has obviously also been forced into such a relationship with her gal pal.

Back in the day, it was evident of how close Ivy and Harley were. In the Animated Series there was an episode based on Ivy in which we see that she considers Harley to be her only family. Back then, making them a couple wouldn’t be so out of the blue..

Today, I’ll tell you how Ivy and her got together…officially.

Harley burps her way through goons, notices Ivy doesn’t remember a thing, decides to kiss Ivy, and Ivy still doesn’t remember her and they pretty much all get drugged.

This, this is the infamous kiss that everyone used to go gaga for…this is the kiss that defines Ivy and Harley’s relationship.

I like to compare this kiss to this scene on Riverdale:

It is was 1.) unneeded, 2.) Never mentioned again. Hell, at the end of the Comic Ivy talks about how Harley came to her rescue and got high with Harley. Ivy or Harley mentioning that unneeded, and absolute forced kiss they had and pretty much forgot about.

Harley and Bruce Wayne had more god damn chemistry in this volume then Harley and Ivy!

Why is this one of the most popular LGBT+ couples in all of comics? There are surely A LOT more LGBT+ couples that don’t have a forced relationship and cheat on one another.

~Pleasing Fans in an AWFUL Way~

Ah yes! If you haven’t seen any fans of Harley Quinn that are on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr- then you wouldn’t know of a ship that a lot of people support her with..

Harley X Deadpool.

This ship had become so popular to the point that the writer(s) of the New 52 Harley Quinn series decided to absolutely feed off of the fans of this ship. Sure, they couldn’t actually get Deadpool into their Harley comics..and a lot of fans would of been pissed if they made Deathstroke and Harley a couple.

The writer(s) instead that they should just go about making a copy of Deadpool for the DC Universe (although..that’s pretty much already a thing..) just so Harley can be very close to dating Deadpool.

This….this absolutely brilliant character was named..


REDTOOL. Redtool was there solution for the Harley and Deadpool ship, and it’s absolutely laughable that they even decided to do this. It’s painfully obvious that they only made the character to get some money off of the Harley and Deadpool shippers, but it absolutely backfired on them!

Let me ask some of you guys a question..

Before issue #3 of the Harley Quinn Rebirth series….did you even remember Redtool?

Did you just kept Redtool in the back of your minds, or did you just completely forgot that he even existed because he was that forgettable?

Hardly anyone remembers that this guy was actually a thing that existed, and that you were suppose to take seriously.

Now I have to admit that I have a weird, non-forced relationship (unlike Harley and Ivy) with this character. Redtool is painfully obviously trying hard to be the famous Deadpool because that’s his purpose, but I just honesty love him because he’s so awful. I’ll legit pay for a comic series about Redtool, but that would only result in the writer(s) getting what they want..and that’s getting money off of something stupid because I’m sure that’s how they view some of the fans.

Also…don’t be surprised if you see “Redtool Kills the DC Universe..”

(Lowkey bless them for trying to bring my boi back.)

~Sex, Sex, SEX~

What do you do when your comic series is going in the trash and you need to bring up marketing for the series? Then why not making a lot of stuff painfully sexual!

Ah yes! Did you want to randomly see Harley and Ivy take off their clothes in front of everyone, watch Ivy and Harley clean each other in the shower..even though they come back home not dirty at all, or perhaps you want to constantly read Harley’s wonderful female masturbation jokes!

If you answered no to all of these, then I’m in the same page with you.

Yes, any female character can express being sexy, there isn’t no shame in that! If it makes sense for them to do so..

If they are just doing it for the sake of doing it without a purpose, then there’s an obvious issue.

Harley is obviously a victim towards the “let’s make half of the content about sex just because we don’t know what to do content wise.”

It’s always a shame to see any character fall victim to this, especially if they don’t care about such dry content.

What they do, sexually wise for Harley Quinn is absolutely not an empowering thing to read..if anything..it’s embarrassing.

It’s embarrassing seeing such awful stuff like her dry female masturbation jokes, but it’s also embarrassing to know that the writer(s) could easily make the excuse and call this a form of female empowerment.


It might of been absolutely cliché of me to pick Harley Quinn for this event, but I just had to. There’s so much wrong, some much force that’s going into her series..and it’s absolutely ridiculous.

I could (obviously) go on for hours, days, months talking about what’s so wrong about Harley’s series, but that would honestly be quite a waste of time.

Hopefully this will give you more of an insight about how twisted they are trying to make out of the Harley Quinn comic series.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! May you all have a fantastic day!

-Bon Wiener



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