#SJWCramSpam: Thordis & Mrs Marvel – Shallowness Over Meaning?

Welcome! This Isaiah Zorro writing to you from the internet group known as Watchmen who are participating in an event called #SJWCramSpam that addresses the faults in characters claiming to be diverse and empowering, and it's now my time to put forward my post on this topic on two well known characters in the Marvel … Continue reading #SJWCramSpam: Thordis & Mrs Marvel – Shallowness Over Meaning?


Harley “Cram” Quinzel – #SJWCramSpam

Hi everyone! This is Bonshaqui Wiener writing for the Watchmen group created to debate against poorly written SJW elements within comics.  So I'm sure all of you heard of DC's most famous villain Harley Quinn. I'm sure that some of you might remember all the post I've done about her, but I'm not stopping there. … Continue reading Harley “Cram” Quinzel – #SJWCramSpam