Pika-Thor Was Revolutionary!!!


It was at that time Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir began to malfunction. Then! Out of nowhere a yellow monster comes out of it! It turns out Mjolnir’s metal (Uru) was actually melded with a Poke-Ball! Pikachu was actually inside of the Poke-Ball once it was joined with Uru to form the hammer we know it as. It suddenly explained why the hammer had capabilities over electricity/thunder/etc. At first, Thor and Pikachu hated each other despite being forced to work together on many adventures. It was a simple love-hate relationship. Greatest frenemies of all time.

Thor had to take the hammer to Odin so he would fix it. This time around Pikachu was allowed to stay free as Odin gave Mjolnir the power to control thunder and weather without the necessity of the yellow-mouse-monster-thingy. Soon a battle would come upon Asgard that would kill Thor Odinson, resulting in a need for a new Thor. Pikachu decided to pick up the mantle, since he was one connected with the hammer. He became…..



Pikachu took up the mantle of Thor, but what made him better than the original is that he had a message. This message commentated on the animal rights/abuse. It was one of the most controversial yet still most popular comics to date because it talked about a topic not many wanna talk about. It also touched on the topic of forcing animals to fight for the pleasure of humans. It touched many important matters on slavery. Such a revolutionary story, it was! Today everyone looks back on the comic and doesn’t even think it was controversial, but back then it was.


The comic was praised by the positive tone and changes it brought to the industry. It was a bold move for Marvel to make one of their main characters an animal, but they still did it. The synopsis follows like this.

In a world full of fear and animal brutality there is only one monster who decided to do something about it. Join us as Pika-Thor fights against the evil forces of the all powerful Meowki who would become Pikachu’s arch-enemy by working with the Dark Elfs to enslave all animals in the universe. The shocking revelation of another Pokemon showing up in the universe other than Pikachu was unraveling.


After a 100 issue run written by Michael Jackson, the comic would end with Pikachu pulling out Odinson’s soul out of Hel. Odinson took back his title as Thor, while Pika-Thor would wander the universe looking for answers as to how he found himself in this universe. Since Pika-Thor was connected to the hammer he was known as the most powerful Thor to date.


Pikachu was forever known as the most influential and most powerful Thor to date. His greatest feat was that one time when he broke Odin’s nose. You know anyone else who did that? I thought so. This was the first time ever, comics decided to tackle such important matter to hands making the reader think that humans aren’t the only species out there to matter. He even had a crossover with Space Ghost! Now, I call that awesome! It was a comic not to forget. One question that is still unanswered was, what the Hel was a Poke-Ball doing in the Marvel Universe and by what means was it merged with Mjolnir (Ok, 2 questions)? But that’s a story for another day.

Last Page in Thor #100


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