Does Marvel Need a Rebirth?

Many people have been very disappointed, angry or even gave up on Marvel partly because of…..Well things like this:

Or this.

Or this.

Or… get the point. I am one of those people who just can’t help, but cringe every time I read something like this. Now, some people are just not interested with Marvel especially coming after the critical fail known as Civil War II. Marvel, standing next to DC, is not looking in the best spot among the fans. This brings me to the question which is, does Marvel need a Rebirth? The simple answer is, no. May I need to remind you why Rebirth was needed? C’mon most of us know the story. DC created a reboot which wiped a ton of character legacy, history and key moments within the universe. There were many change-ups the fans weren’t happy with because now they were stuck with them until the end of times since the New 52 was supposed to be the new continuity.

Is Marvel in a place where they might not change their unlikabke to some behavior? Sure, but they don’t have a new continuity in which would enforce the fans to accept. It’s easier for Marvel to revert things back to what they were than it was for DC during their New 52 stage. Rebirth happened because it suited DC’s phase in time. A loudly unsatisfied audience who wanna see their the characters they invested in this whole time, be brought back. Marvel has no reason to pull off a DC Rebirth scenerio.

Anyone remember Secret Wars (2015)? Before it came out Marvel made it out to be some reboot, but it ended up not being that at all. Is it because they changed their mind? Possibility, but many at first thought this was going to be a fresh start. I even heard some people say, “Marvel should have a New 52 just so they can have a Rebirth”. Why? Just Why? Why do you want Marvel to fail (assuming that based on the context of the quote) just so they can put out something better, which then it will make it the punch to the gut you wanted it to be? Plus DC Rebirth could’ve been a horrible comic if it was handled poorly. Nostalgia definitely played a part in its success, but that wasn’t its only reason for success. What Marvel needs is just some change ups within their inner workings without creating any collateral damage. Let’s start with the first one.


Just SOME of Marvel Events/Crossovers from 2012-2015

Back in the day crossover events weren’t so common place and when they happened it was big. Today, Marvel DEBUTS new events & crossovers 4 times a year (on average 2012-2016). They even have them going on at the same time like Civil War II, Inhumans vs. X-Men and you could say Dead No More: Clone Conspiracy. I know they make money, but I guarantee you, if you scaled back on the number and have 1 big and maybe 1 smaller one it would be hype! 2016 alone had 6 crossovers/events DEBUTING so this doesn’t even include comics that overlapped into 2016 like Secret Wars.

A huge player in events/crossovers are the huge implications they have on the heroes or should I say should have? The changes made within crossovers only last couple of years, heroes stay dead for very short time and implications don’t have any relevance years later. Anyone remember the iconic Civil War storyline? Did it really matter 2 years after the publication of the final issue and does it matter now? If we look at the real world history matters and the things we do in the past usually come back to bite us or stay with us forever. So far all we’re getting from these events are teasers to the next event, and that event will have a teaser to the next one and that one will have a teaser to the next one and so on. DC is very guilty of this, too, but lately it’s Marvel events that have been hit or miss. Age of Ultron, AXIS, Civil War II, etc. Eventually we happen to get a Secret Wars. You know how much better the events would be if there were fewer of them. Instead of focusing at perfecting one event, we focus on 4 different ones at the same time. It lowers your chances of any quality. Marvel is struggling themselves to keep up with what they’re doing. Anyone remember when Green Goblin was put on the cover of AXIS, but then Marvel remembered Norman Osborn was already busy? I do!

Also stop with the damn delays, Marvel. You have delayed Secret Wars and did it again with Civil War II, because you knew you would get away with it. The two events were delayed so much that the lines of comics that were supposed to happen in answer to those events came out before the ending of the event. So basically we knew how Secret Wars or Civil War II ended, before they ended. That should make no sense! Secret Empire will be the same if we don’t speak out with our money. This year we have even more events like the meh Monsters Unleashed, end of Clone Conspiracy, Secret Empire, Grounded and maybe Generations. Speaking of that.


Marvel explain what this is to me right now. Suddenly Marvel is trying to be DC! I knew this was going to happen and they just did it. Even though that is a one awesome image I can’t help, but see Marvel try to have legacy characters without putting any of the work. Why are you trying to make DC & Marvel even more alike? Also, have you heard of original characters? You’re still allowed to make those. They’re also cheating! That is a younger Jean Grey standing under the older one! They’re not even 2 different people. You compare this line-up to the DC one and guess which is better? This along with the cheap events which have been coming out lately make Marvel look like they’re trying too hard to be relevant. This ties strongly with the next point I will make.


I don’t need my Ms. Marvel to tell me how to vote for the election, I don’t need Mockingbird wearing her feminist shirt, I don’t care what nationality/race/sex/gender anyone is so stop making it the vocal point of the story. I already gave examples above as to what storytelling distracts from the plot. Also stop conflating unnecessary life problems with hero work. Spider-Man was awesome because he had the 2 going on at the same time and he was trying to try to make both of them work. Ms. Marvel on the other hand is fighting an internet troll! It’s a quirky comic, but you can do better than this, Marvel. Give Kamala a real villain, make her at least what she used to be which is a crime-fighter.

You’re telling me an internet troll would wanna fight a superhero? Or when Spider-Woman fought crime pregnant? What were they trying to do with that? It was downright stupid and unnecessary, doesn’t matter what tone the comic has. Keep life and superhero stuff out of one another OR maybe that isn’t the problem after all. Just know how to integrate both nicely so it isn’t silly. Please.

It’s possible Marvel is finally listening to the fan feedback on this matter after all. Bleeding Cool reported that after Secret Empire Marvel will stop with the obnoxiously obvious writing about targeting certain readers for no reason because many comic book retailers have seen a divide within the comic book community because of primarly Marvel.

“I am told, as Marvel brings back the X-Men line with a bang, to expect a return to more of a status quo for titles such as Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and more. A more familiar looking Marvel Universe by the autumn – although, just as with Captain America, as classic-look-characters return, expect new characters to keep a number of their books.”

-Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool

Now, this is Bleeding Cool, the same website and reporter who said DC Rebirth would be some sort of pandering to the casual audience for those who see the films, which would make it another reboot, but that couldn’t be further from the truth so what do we have that could legitimise this report? Well he did mention X-Men’s new ResurrXion line and recently in an interview eith Newsaramma, Marc Guggenheim said something interesting that could confirm this:

Pretty reassuring, right? I myself am ready to see X-Men go back to their more normal self. Despite discrimination they still were regular folks by heart. Marvel may finally be up to some good with return of fun stories for most of their titles instead of just half. Next, Rich Johnson mentioned the return of older appearing Marvel characters, yet still keeping some older ones. Generations seems to maybe be that? No? Yes? It could be. The new Alex Ross project seems like the best candidate for that so far even though it could be something else, but this does seem like a return to form in that alignment. And last but, not least apparently the retailer backlash which is also real. Phil Boyle of Coliseum of Comics in Florida who decided to share his letter with the media outlets wrote to Marvel:

So far everything is adding up and there is no out of the left field report. Fingers crossed on my side of things and if you want things to stay the way they are tell me in the comments why.

4. Don’t pander to the MCU!

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were changed from mutants to non-mutants for no reason. Inhumans were shoved into our faces to serve as the new X-Men. And Civil War II happened (‘Nuff said about that). These are just 3 of the bigger ones I can point out. Weirdly enough some changes because of the MCU did make things better like the return of Defenders but with a more street-level take, return of Jessica Jones comics and hopefully MCU can fix Carol Danvers back into who she was (personality wise and looks too). Sorry modern Carol fans (of you exist), but she is both a bad character and a (personally to MY tastes) ugly one at that.

With the whole pandering to the casuals it depends how it’s done. Just like the events it can be a hit or a miss although other than the whole Inhumans problem it hasn’t affected the way we perceive the core of the characters, right? Plus Marvel is fixing the Inhumans with the series by Al Enwig called the Royals. It looks lie the comic is going back to its original roots.

In the end Marvel doesn’t specifically need a Rebirth, but rather a rearranging to what it used to be, which was a publisher who was able to deliver high concept quality, with big, serious and comedic topics that were dealt with subtly and just still keep the diverse array of characters you have today like Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, Sam Alexander, etc. Now give me your opinion. Let’s have a fair and fun debate.




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