Marvel’s “Next Big Thing” Panel – News & Thoughts

Heya lads! During this week’s ComicExpo, Marvel released some stuff for us to further make judgment if this company is going in the right direction or not. I will provide you with each story, then my negative and positive takes. By the end, in the comments tell me if you mostly agree with my negative or positive thoughts more. And it’s okay to agree with the negative ones more. Some of these things were already announced, but we’re getting more new info so keep that in mind. Well? Let’s have a look at ALL THE ANNOUNCEMENTS!. But first, my personal 2-Cents and gripes with the name first.

The panel was called, “Marvel’s Next Big Thing”. Hahaha! What a stupid name. At first you’ll think I’m gonna get nitpicky, but I won’t. I mean, is this seriously how Marvel operates? Recently we have seen Marvel spokesmen say an arrange of downright dumb things like comic fans don’t support diveristy, artists aren’t as important as they used to be, and the name of this panel explains a lot. Marvel is at a moment in time when they just wanna do the next big thing. Basically copy what they think is the next gimmick and these actions were very evident. w

When they thought diversity was the next big thing they spammed us with it. When people became vocal at their execution of it they made comments like these. It also shows how Marvel approaches things. You can’t just tell people something is the “next big thing” because that makes you look stupid and THAT’S NOT HOW THINGS WORK.

Civil War II Sales

You can’t expect us to go with it, even though we technically did buy into all their events, but the fans have finally gotten sick of all that and spoke out. Marvel Studios didn’t become the “Next Big Thing” by telling people they will be the new trend! They had to earn it through slow build up with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America movies until we got the Avengers. This is why the DC Cinematic Universe is having a very rocky start. They wanna capitalize on the “Big Thing” despite actually earning it. Let your work and its reception speak for you. As you can see this is way beyond just a panel title as it reflects a lot of what Marvel Comics has been failing to do. Okay, let’s move on to the actual announcements. Maybe they will bring out some positivity.


I guess the “next big thing” coming from Marvel is Marvel Legacy that is supposed to span out of, what calls “Generations EVENT”. It seems like we’re not done with events after Secret Empire, but whatever. These will be one-shots based on team-ups between modern versions of characters and their classic counterparts. Sounds cool, but I can’t lie, this also feels like a slight misunderstanding of what fans want.

Yes, the idea will definetly make for some interesting interactions and the fans want the return of classic characters, but not literally! We wanna see the modern day Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Thor, etc. and not some classic versions that won’t matter once the whole Generations/Legacy things are over. You think once this ends and you leave things as they are people will be satisfied? NO! People will still want the modern versions to come back. Unless you somehow bring these classic versions to stay in modern day, which again is a thing no one wants. But I do think this could be really fun to read. Here is what the writer of the Mighty Thor & Unworthy Thor, Jason Aaron, had to say about this:

“This book deals with Marvel’s past, present and future.…the one thing I really wanted to do with this book is that we dive right into Marvel’s past to introduce what I call the prehistoric Avengers. One is a character that’s running around now, and the rest are like caveman versions of the biggest legacy characters in the Marvel U. This story will set up things that will play out across every book we publish,”

This is very true. Despite feeling like something no one asked for, this could turn into something everyone didn’t know they needed. Aaron also promises it will set-up things that will be important in the future of EVERY comic, which again sounds like every comic will soon be a tie-in for a coming event of the future, but maybe Marvel will think of something new. I feel like with so many misunderstandings of what the fans want they are bound hit a mark that the fans do want.


Sorry if you were mislead by the subtitle, but no, James Gunn isn’t writing the new Guardians book although that would be really cool. Why did I call this next announcement that? Because Marvel announced that the upcoming All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 will mark the team’s tonal shift into a more that of the movie one. Basically, going back to what I said “Follow the Next Big Thing” which are the movies. If you don’t know another vocal problem of Marvel is that they love to pander to the casual MCU audience, which many would call a logical business move. Even though that is true, most of the time it brings us crappy, pointless retcons (Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver aren’t related to Magneto anymore) or just downright dumb decisions no one wants (Marvel’s pushing of the Inhumans that hurt the reputation of the group itself the most). We’re also getting the standalone I Am Groot series which is going to follow the adventures of BABY GROOT:persevere:!?

One definite, immediate and great thing that came out of this news was that Bendis would be off the writing duties. Now his Guardians run wasn’t horrendous, it just ran for too long (who asked for the Grounded storyline?). So the logical thing would be to let the new creative team, Gerry Dugan & Aaron Kuder do their magic, right? Wrong! We are also getting small solo stories by the end of each issue informing us of what happened to each team member after the last Bendis run. Oh boy! Who asked for this (again)? I am not talking to the 3 of you who are raising their hand up. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

The main problem with these “Children of the MCU” is that the artists who write these stories try too hard to make these characters similar to the movie counterparts resulting in an another misunderstanding of the source material, but what if this time around the effects will be positive? I mean the writer Gerry Dugan did wirter Deadpool: Dracula Gauntlet and Hawkeye vs. Deadpool which were one of the more comedic books done right. I think this guy does have a shot here. Even the baby Groot comic has flares of potential. wrote that Marvel described it as “a mission back to his home world as inspired by ’80s fantasy movies like “The Never-Ending Story.”” That my ladies sound F**KING AMAZING!!!!

The Rocket Raccoon solo series “will start with a noir-inspired tale featuring a femme fatale Shan described as a “sexy otter.””. Noir-inspired and “sexy otter”? Sounds pretty fun. Did I mention the most improtant part and that is the All-New Guardians of the Galaxy series will bring back the underrated hero known as…


Well now I think only the crazy ones won’t like this upcoming one.


I officially now dislike the CURRENT Dan Slott run of Spider-Man. Since 2014 the Web-Head has been struggling to make an impressive come back. Superior Spider-Man was the last run that had a specific goal in mind, the 2014 Amazing Spider-Man run was just boring with no purpose other than the good Spider-Verse storyline, but other than that the run had no direction. Then the out of nowhere rich Peter came into scene which became boring in 90% doses in the 2015 All-New All-Different Marvel line.

As the 2014 run set-up Spider-Verse, this one set-up the Clone Conspiracy and that Spidey-event wasn’t even good. It was very generic, with no meaningful implications, the twist was pretty lame, and it was just a Spider-Verse reskin. If you think about it, it followed a very similar path of Peter finding himself in a situation, to later pull himself out of the situation to later get the help of other Spider-People. I think it’s okay to say Dan Slott is loosing his momentum. He literally made a post on Twitter’s TweetLonger telling comic distributors they under-ordered the Clone Conspiracy comics because according to him it was too the “Next Big Thing” for Spider-Man just like the Spider-Verse was back in 2014. No kidding, all that happened.


So now we got a new Spider-comic called the Spectacular Spider-Man written by Chip Zdarsky!!!!!!! Even though I hated his Star-Lord run I did read his other comics and I can tell you he is born to write Spider-Man!!!!! This man is so fit for the role that all of you NEED to pick his comic up. I miss the good-old Peter Parker stories, even though I appreciate what Dan Slott is trying to do, it still doesn’t feel like a Spider-Man story. Hopefully I am not setting myself up for disappointment, but I do think Zdarsky can make a Peter who has personality like I remember. I cannot think of a negative.

Maybe the only negative I can think of is that this is going to overshadow Slott’s main comic, but inside I feel like even Marvel is slowly realizing Slott’s Spider-Man isn’t that exciting anymore. I mean you have Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows & now Spectacular Spider-Man which both are comics Dan Slott had NO IDEA they were even coming. On Twitter he let his followers know he found out about these comics at the same time as you and I did. If Marvel is not telling the main Spider-Man writer about the other Peter Parker starring comics is he even a main writer for the web-head (especially that he was even the one to originally come up and write the first Renew Your Vows, ouch!)? A main writer should know what changes are made in other stories so he can keep that in mind while writing his.


The current writer for Venom, Costa, told us Eddie Brock is returning into his Venom mantle and my question is, what’s the point? You just started a new #1 solo series with a new Venom host (a guy named Lee) and you are just going to bring back Eddie? But then the better question is, who cares about Venom? His solo comics have been really unappealing since…the beginning of time. Even his 90s run was very bad so trying to make Venom his own independent character really isn’t working (although I did enjoy Carnage U.S.A.). The Venomverse looks like another crossover event that will be poor and generic.

A positive that can come out of this are these comments by the writer:

“Lee is felt both psychically, and we’ll definitely see him again physically.”

So here we can say the beginning of the solo series wasn’t totally a waste. Lee will leave an impact changing up the dynamic between Eddie and the symbiote while the character of Lee will return to the comic one way or another. For some reason this comic will skip to the numbering #150 which is weird, but a thing that might do it for some of you is that we will finally find out how Flash Thompson lost his suit.


The Asgard/Shi’ar War will be ending and to close it all off Aaron will bring back Quentin Quire with the power of the Phoenix Force! I gotta say as a critic of Jane’s development as Thor this storyline is turning out really really good. Again, this is Aaron so I am not surprised by the quality. He also let us know he will bring in a 3RD THOR!?!?!?! Oh boy! :persevere: I don’t know how to feel about this. He said this one will have some connection to the Ultimate Universe, and that his identity will be secret. He joked that this time he WON’T draw out the identity reveal for 7 issues which is partly why I love Aaron. He learns on his mistakes and doesn’t repeat them, which is why this story will most likely be good.

This Thor’s name is War Thor. Comes off tongue uncomfortably, but you know what this means? The future vision in issue 8 of Civil War II tells us that the male Thor with a hammer won’t be Unworthy Thor (Odinson, but rather this new one) meaning unworthy Thor will stay Unworthy! Wow! I did not see that coming! This may annoy some of you guys, but if you’re someone like me who LOVED Unworthy Thor maybe now, that we know he is staying unworthy for a bit longer he will get his series renewed?!?!!? Yes, I am looking for an excuse to bring back the Hel-hound, Thori!

Dark-Monitor’s Leaked Thori Shrine

Shit! How the Hel did this end up here!?!!


Last major news story to come out of this was the new Black Panther series. I am one of the readers who wasn’t able to get into the new series by Ta-Nehsi Coates, but boy oh boy does this look cool. The new story line is called “The Avengers of the New World” which sounds like a clickbait title making people think the Avengers or their new team incarnation will appear in this, but once we look deeper it is something far more interesting. The debut appearences of the gods of Wakanda!

The Black Panther news cycle ended with an announcement of the title character receiving a massive reprint of the first 12 issues of the series in the form of a giant deluxe hardcover edition. As you can see it has a new cover drawn by Stelfreeze. This has triple messages, 1) Come catch up on BP, 2) Buy this thing again, 3) Give BP by Ta-Nehsi Coates another shot (which is the message directed at me). So I ask you. Should I give the King another chance?

This was the final news story. How do you feel about the Generations/Legacy announcement? What do you think about the pandering to the MCU as seen in the the All-New Guardians of the Galaxy line? Are you hopeful about Spectacular Spider-Man? Interested in Venom’s Future? Thoughts on War Thor? What about the Black Panther news? In the exact order I feel: negative, positive, positive, negative, positive and positive bringing my overall faith in Marvel’s future comics to 4/6 positive! Are you more negative about Marvel’s future or are you split 3:3 giving you mixed feelings? Tell me everything in the comments below.



  1. I’m more partial to the idea of three Thors than the three Wolverines we’ve currently got (not counting James Howlett in Generations. Legacy) partial because at least one of them is the original and second because it seems to be a plot point rather than seemingly genuinely trying to introduce another lasting character.
    As for turning the Guardians into Chris Pratt and co, I’m kind of okay with that, partially because as you say comics have been bowing to the whim of movies for years and it can go okay so long as it’s done well and not like when they gave spidey organic web shooters. Besides they’ve turned the Guardians into this weird mish mash since the first movie came out and I think I’d rather they just did it and stopped doing it in half measures.
    In the end I think I agree with you that Marvel is saying all this because it’s what they think we want to hear not because they’ve learnt a lesson from the past few years. Marvel; The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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  2. Many of Marvel’s ideas have potential, but the follow through is key. Hey, even CW II had potential, but obviously fell apart. I am intrigued with the Legacy one shots, Spider Man and Black Panther. For BP I wasn’t excited about the writing, but the artwork by Stelfreeze was amazing.

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