SPEECHLESS!!! – Do Radical SJWs Read Comics?

Most people react to comics, movies, TV, games, videos, toys or even toys within candy eggs. Which one will we do? What? None of those? Then what are we going to talk about if not any of the….Twitter moment live tweets? Really? But, why?

Well, I saw a very particular live series of tweets (called Moments). It was so “interesting” that I had to censor the person’s name for the sake. Yeah…it’s that type of “interesting”. Now, remember this person does not represent everyone who is part of her community. Having this said, let’s begin what she had to say about Marvel’s April Solicitations.


Oh no! Run! A white X-Men team oh no! <sigh> If you didn’t notice X-Men: Blue follows the adventures of the founding members of the team. Then she complains about them all not wearing blue which totally confused me. I thought people like her don’t want others to wear blue.

As for X-Men: Gold? She complains that Kitty who just came back from space also joins the team as a leader. Well, I think she forgot Kitty is a leadership type and has high credentials when it comes to leadership. Kitty can be a real tough cookie. And why does it matter if she’s a “white girl”. You saying that makes it seem like you hate the group. Morgan Freeman is dissapointed in you.

So (trigger alert)Trump’s (told ya) daughter is a Jew while Magneto has been known as an X-Men villain for decades. What’s your point and why are you surprised? If you’re gonna go after a guy you don’t seem to like do it under some moral and fair grounds. Way to contradict yourself. Also it’s “Drumpf” and not “Drumf”.

Math class would be like this with her, “White Writer+Writing Minority Charater=Evil”. A story could be good, but that won’t matter if you’re not a writer with the skin color of her choice. In other words, screw quality.

And Arcade can’t be an Elektra villain because he’s white? Girl, get yourself a chair because you’re reaching too much. Arcade could actually be an interesting threat as he can really play with Elektra’s mind like he is doing so in the cover.

Again, it should be whoever is qualified for the job. I’m sure Marvel nor Al Ewig don’t say, “Hmm…Let me get an artist of color who will draw my title even if the work doesn’t fit.”

By the way, Moongirl isn’t the smartest person in the universe, but the planet. She also asked a silly question. Of course Marvel is willing to let her be at the top. If you don’t know Marvel, they would do the opposite of what you’re suggesting they might do. In fact, they are doing it right now with Unstoppable Wasp where they wanna diversify their “Smartest people on the planet list”. And yeah, I’ll say it, Moon Girl being the smartest person in the world came out of left field. Seemed unearned just after couple issues of her appearence, will probably feel like that with the Wasp series, but that’s just me.

I hate how she talks about “marginalised characters” when she’s the marginaliser. It’s also obvious who Spencer is mocking in that Captain America cover. What can I say, Spencer always has a problem of hiding his obvious bias and even though he’s trying his best to please people like this girl, she happens to still slander him. As you can see people like her are impossible to please.

Funny how she says that because Bendis would have gotten more crticism saying something slightly offensive compared to what you’ve been doing this whole time which mind yourself is super offensive.

“Power to be really Asian”. Now imagine if Bendis said that. Can anyone imagine what her reaction would have been?

As for Venom it shows how much you read comics because Lee Pierce (previous Venom host) was not disabled. I mean he had a missing finger or 2 but that doesn’t really count as a disability even though it is technically one. My point, nothing compared to Thompson. Also, this is Eddie Brock we’re talking about, aka the original VILLAIN for the symbiote. This person is acting like it’s some Billy Joe coming in and putting on the suit. Nitpciker detected!

What? First of all, neither Deadpool or Punisher are police officers. Second, they shoot bad guys! Third, Deadpool mostly kills for money. Fourth, Frank Castle does NOT kill people for fun. All this shows how little you read comics and uncare for anything you read unless it fills out your (I’ll say it) agenda. You don’t care about good story, just what you wanna see in one. If these comments of hers did not convince you of this fact about her, check these out.

All this person cares about is “Are they gay”? You’re really hurting the cause and the name of the good people who share your cause. Not once did I hear her say “Oh this looks interesting.” All it was complain, bitch and complain. Pardon my language.

I mean she literally has a queer count while doing these!

It’s ridiculous! Apparently she has a friend who does a “women count”. I checked her friends’ Twitter profile and you don’t have to look far. On the Twitter description bar it says she is a “misandrist” (her friend of course) who writes for Newsarama. Wow! Now we know what folks Newsarama hires. Didn’t know we were going to expose them too.

This part, I died. She actually thinks someone would hire her for writing these. But then again some people liked this whole live tweet moment which is the real disgracement here.

Sorry if I played the pronoun game too much but I didn’t want to reveal the person’s identity. We gotta show we are better than these bullies. I tried being respectful with my responses….at least more respectful than her. Now she did have some funny ones, but that don’t save her from the radical ones she’s made. Did you enjoy this post? This dealt with some heavy subject matter, but no one ever responded to Live Twitter Moments of all things which what me decide to post about this. Now, go read some other posts and stay a respectful comic fan!



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