Top 10 Comics of Q1 2017

Ladies & gentlemen! It is that time of the year to make a top 10 list of the year…..what? It’s not the end of the year yet? Shit! Okay, well then…..Let’s do a top 10 of Q1 (January-March)! There we go! This will be a new thing I will do. Every Quarter I am going to review the top 10, but not alone. I needed someone ambitious (as me), hard working (as me) and comic knowledgeable (as, you guessed it, ME!) to do this. We are the DYNAMIC DUO! I present to you my partner All-Star !!!!! I will be referring to myself as ‘Dark-Monitor‘ since this was a post which originated from a comic social app called Comics Amino and that is my username on there.

All-Star: Hey everyone! Glad to be here!

Dark-Monitor: I am so glad All-Star is here! So how does this work? One of us will say our #10-#6 picks, then the 2nd person does the same. Then we go back to person 1 with their #5-#4 picks, second person repeats the process, and then we each say our #1 choice!

All-Star: And I gotta say from January to March, there were a lot of GREAT Comics out there! So much to read and enjoy for sure

DM: I know right? I was surprised we got so many good stories. That doesn’t usually happen often like in summer. This going to be very fun. So All-Star do you wanna start or shall I?

AS: Hey, you’re the host, why don’t you start first!?

DM: Really!?! Cool!!! Okay so before my Top 10 I will give you a very quick rundown of my honorable mentions!!! These are the comics that almost made the list.The ones that didn’t make it were IvX. I was surprised how entertaining this was. Daredevil by Charles Soule, Red Hood and the Outlaws by Scott Lobdell (always knew the guy had it in him to write a good comic). Flintstones by Mark Russel and just barely made it onto my Top 10, but ended up kicking it out was Superman by Peter J. Tomasi.

AS: I can agree with most on list but really Superman?! Blasphemy that it didn’t make it on the list!

DM: Yeah! :joy::joy:But I think I have something on this list that will redeem my choice of leaving it off.

AS: It better!:joy:


DM: Lol. Okay so now onto my #10! And that is The Flash by Joshua Williamson!

AS: Ooh! Love the flash.

DM: Now, before this series came out I thought this looked wack. The art was weak, the writer was fairly new to me and another speedster villain? I knew it would suck, but oh boy did this prove me wrong when I finally read it. Even the art ended up paying off well within the style of Flash. This year we had the Rogues Reloaded story and it was so good. It was basically a heist comic. At times I found myself rooting for the bad guys, because they so damn likable. Joshua found a way to make these characters work even though they have a long ass history with Barry.

AS: I actually considered this one. It’s on my honorable mentions to be honest, but I can totally see why you put it on the list. It’s got the Rogues vs Flash, a classic story we all loved to listen to. Williamson definitely respected the history between Flash and the Rogues.

DM: The comic was originally higher, but then what I like to call the “filler issues” came out which were #19 & #20 that are supposed to be story arcs which aren’t as important. They lasted only 2 parts compared to a 6-part main story. They are just there to get you reading Flash until the important stuff happens.


DM: Okay! #9! Moon Knight by Jeff Lemire!


DM: Stunning art. Thought provoking writing. Creative wiring. Jeff Lemire is nailing it. Best Moon Knight I have read (yes, better than W. Ellis). The new story arc is just so beautiful. We find out a lot about Marc as a person, we really connect and Lemire somehow manages to make all the previous messy and inconsistent history of Moon Knight work. I love when writers are successful at doing that. Did I mention the art is one of the best I’ve seen? Yes? Well it’s that good! Must read.

AS: True, Moon Knight definitely deserves to be on anyone’s top 10 list!


DM: Now #8. And that goes to Jessica Jones by Brian Michael Bendis. I know Brian has written a lot of crap lately, I get the recent hate. JJ? Most pleasant surprise of they year….Oh! I mean the quarter. It answers so many questions about what happened after Secret Wars. If you’re one of the people who think Secret Wars (2015) ended with no importance, this is it to change your mind. It teases to explain as to why everyone forgot about what happened during Secret Wars. Or did they? It basically delivers any questions Marvel readers had about the event mixed with great Bendis wriitng.

AS: Yea, Jessica Jones really surprised me too. And it’s got the same creative team from Alias so that’s amazing they were still in sync and managed to keep going.

DM: We also get some great moments between her and Luke!!! Their relationship is very complicated. Okay, off to my #7! New Super-Man by Gene Luen Yang.


AS: New Super-Man! Yea Gene Luen Yang is KILLING it in that book!

DM: IKR!??!? The Eisner Award winner finally gets to write a superhero comic and it’s F**KING AMAZING!!!!! I laughed so much. Kenan Kong is such a lovable dorky douche bag. And Justice League of China at first ironically felt like a knock off, but in the recent story arc you get to fall in love with Wonder-Woman of China and specifically Bat-Man. Also Kenan’s teacher/mentor is so funny. If you are looking to read something new yet still fun please read New Super-Man.

AS: I don’t read it as much as you do, but hey, I respect that it is a great comic that deserves to be on anyone’s list.


DM: Okay! Now my #6, and I hope this makes up for leaving out Superman proper in the top 10. My choice for #6 is Superman: Reborn written by the collaboration of Dan Jurgens and Peter J. Tomasi.

AS: Oh you just won my heart!

DM: So Superman: Reborn consisted of Superman #18 & #19 and Action Comics issue….eh 900-something, somethings. It’s a 4 parter. This is an amazing story that really in a way fixes many problems people had with the New 52. We find out New 52 is more of a retcon than a reboot. The heart and plot twists definitely do not disappoint. This is the time to finally come back and read Superman comics! Dan Jurgens also surprised me since I always thought he was only good with action story-lines and even though this was just that he didn’t distract from the dialogue heavy content. His writing elevated the comic. So happy to see DC give Superman to Peter J. Tomasi.

AS: Superman was really given a great creative team for sure!

DM: So that was my #10-#6. Now! All-Star will tell you his, but first! Do you have an honorable mention list?

AS: Yes I do! These are the ones that didn’t make the cut but were just as good, some of them might seem familiar to you DM:

•Titans – Dan Abnett and Brett Booth (worked together on Aquaman before Rebirth) are still a good team and got a good bunch of characters in Titans. #7 especially was awesome because of Wally’s reunion with Superman.

•Flash – As much as I loved what Joshua Williamson has done with this series and the Rogues, I felt that the Rogues story didn’t really offer anything new until the end. But the art style and writing was something to behold, and is something a Flash fan would want to read

•Inhumans v X-Men – unlike Civil War II, this is an event where we got what we promised! They fought! There were higher stakes, and Medusa’s choice was sad for her race to say the least. But it leads to RESSURXION for them so I’m glad the finale worked. Although the fight felt anticlimactic in the end.Daredevil – I agree on all points, Charles Soule (a lawyer himself) really has outdone himself on this series.

•Infamous Iron Man – I just love Doom now! This is what All New All Different Marvel was about! Something new and crazy! Doom being a hero, AND Iron Man?! Come one that’s gotta work! Bendis’ work here is one of the good ones for sure.

DM: Awesome choices. Really enjoyed all these. I also know which comic of yours will 100% make it.

AS: And Now for my #10-6!

DM: And I will give you a pass on that Flash remark. Smh.


AS: Maybe you might like my #10. For #10 I gotta say Earth 2 Society!

DM: Lol. That’s still ongoing?

AS: Sadly, not anymore as the series ended in March. But it ended with a great ending! I’ve reviewed this in my first year of Amino and although I haven’t reviewed it since, it’s still a great read. Sadly, the series ended, but it did so on a real high note. A great finale that sends good vibes and plenty of positive salutations. You don’t get many bright and happy endings in comic books anymore so it feels unique in how it sends these heroes off. Heck, Helena is Batman now! And they don’t treat it like it’s SJW, but about legacy. The art was brilliant, and it really had a great send off for its final three issues.

DM: Wow. That does sound cool. Okay, gimme your #9!!!!


AS: Ok my number 9 is the Clone Conspiracy! The Clone Saga was a controversial story putting Clones in Spider-Man’s life and it took a while for Ben Reilly to be a fan favorite. This one is also controversial, but it’s a damn good story! What happens when a loved one offers you a chance to bring back the ones who died? With art by Jim Cheung and Giuseppe Camuncoli (for the Amazing Spider-Man tie-ins) Dan Slott and Christos Gage have really done a fantastic Spider-Man story and what it means to have the power and responsibility. Ben Reilly’s new role as the villain and now anti-hero is an interesting choice that I’ll follow. The Gwen Stacys and Kaine had an interesting arc and I can’t wait for more of the fallout!

DM: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I hated that! In all respect I thought it was soooooo generic. It’s very interesting seeing this appear on your list.

AS: Sorry DM, but the geek wants what the geek wants!

DM: Don’t you think it was stupid how Peter didn’t recognize Ben’s voice?

AS: He had a voice modulator to make it sound like Miles Warren.

DM: Okay, I believe you. Still doesn’t change the opinion it was generic.

AS: Yea well we have our opinion. We were bound to have disagreements on this!

DM: The beginning was cool, though and art is very nice. But it ended with little ramifications. At least now we’re getting this:

DM: Wait a minute. What is that?

DM: Oh goodness gravious! Shit! I take that back! My eyes!!!

AS: I think you meant:

DM: Is it confirmed? Are they actually bring his old suit back?

AS: Yup in June

DM: Oh thank God!!!

AS: I preferred the old mask on the new suit tbh, it looks like they’re pandering to the 90’s fans.

DM: Well the new one looked like they were pandering to….no one.

AS: They wanted something new! Did the mask suck? Yea but I liked everything else!

DM: Fair. Okay. #8!


AS: For my #8, it’s Green Arrow!

DM: Nice. I had to drop it, but I continued to hear very good things.

AS: Green Arrow continues to be one of the shining examples of what makes Rebirth works. And in 2017 it continues to soar! With great artists such as Juan Ferreya and Otto Shmidt, the series is defiantly a book I recommend! Black Canary and Ollie’s relationship is a fun dynamic and a welcome reunion which I’m glad is still going strong. The return of Roy Harper is a welcome addition. Green Arrow is an SJW you want to support because he’s not only a superhero but he does what an SJW should do, not attack people on Tumblr all the time or whatever.

DM: You know I heard this was indeed a SJW book done right. I might actually pick it up again. Where should I come back?

AS: #18. It’s where Roy Harper comes back to help Ollie.

DM: Awesome! Roy coming back is even better. Thanks!!!

AS: Yea, Green Arrow definitely got a Rebirth!

DM: So what about your #7?


AS:#6 is Super Sons!

DM: I only read issue 1. I didn’t feel like it was anything special. A bit disappointing. I thought this one was really going to do it. IDK what didn’t work.

AS: I think you should give it time. This was the most highly anticipated series for 2017 and as of now it hasn’t disappointed anyone….except DM. I love what Peter J. Tomasi brings to the table and the dynamic between Jon and Damian are hilarious and entertaining. Jorge Jimenez’s art is fantastic and it’s fun that it works for a book about the World’s Smallest. It’s only two issues so far, but you can still enjoy it with what we got. Maybe the villain isn’t that interesting, but I’m in it to see this duo grow.

DM: Let’s make a deal. Let me know when something amazing happens. Like Rebirth’s Superman sort of amazing.

AS: I’ll let you know! :joy:

DM: I really wanna give this title a second shot.

AS: Give it a little time it’s still fresh.


DM: We’re back to me!!!! My #5-#2 choices are coming up. And #5 is probably a one you never heard of. It’s called Grand Passion by James Robinson. Published by Dynamite Comics.

AS: Ok so for my #6, I gotta give it to Invincible Iron Man! Aka Ironheart!

6 – ALL-STAR? V. DARK-MONITOR?? Why are there 2 spots going once!?!?!

AS: Despite Riri Williams not having the best introduction to the Marvel Universe, in fact wasn’t even good, it didn’t convince me that she should have her own series! But her series definitely makes up for that. It’s real fun and her interactions with the artificial intelligence of Tony Stark are fun and it’s really good banter. Stefano Caseli was BORN to draw this series and shows emotion and color into this.

*Both trying to figure out why one interrupted the other. Or why the other interrupted the one!*

AS: ?

DM: Oh shit! Haha. You confused me. At the top you wrote “#6 Super Sons” haha. So I thought we are done with your #10-#6 spots.

AS: Shit whoops! 🤣

DM: Alright let’s go back to yours.

AS: No I finished. I just posted why I loved Ironheart.

DM: So Riri huh? Interesting. I had to drop that series. Had good elements but nothing groundbreaking.

AS: Nothing yet that is! I think it’s a cool simple but awesome story revolving what makes Riri a good character.

DM: She’s definetly relatable.

AS: Yup, especially for people who have lost loved ones to violence.

DM: So now, finally onto my TOP 5 and I bet you won’t guess what my #5 is. So, my #5 is Grand Passion! *gasp* I know! The surprise.

5 – DARK-MONITOR (Ok, we’re back to normal numbering)

AS: Grand Passion? I’ve never heard of it until now. Not a Dynamite reader. What’s good about it?

DM: This one is in a way a guilty pleasure of mine. Think of 50 Shades of Grey, but with crime and drama. It’s about a pair of married bank robbers and then a police man. The police kills the husband robber and the robber woman looks at the police man and they have a “love at first sight” thing. It’s a crazy love thing and is not for people under 16. It’s very entertaining to read and is very very unique. For some weird reason I wanna pick up the next issue. It also deals with themes of police power abuse and all that jazz. It’s in 4 issues so if you’re looking to hop into something crazy, read this. It provides some crazy moments. I honestly don’t know if I should laugh or cheer or do completely something else. Maybe that is why this is so interesting to me.

AS: I think it sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll do a TPB review for it one day if I catch up.

DM: Definitely do it!!!!!


DM: My #4 choice is a little comic known as Ether published by Dark Horse. This comic is written by one of my favorite new comers to the writing comics scene, or at least new to me, Matt Kindt. It’s a crime fantasy sci-fi which follows and Earthling who travels into a different realm called, the Ether. He’s an adventurer, scientist and a detective who always believes anything can be explained by science. Then he runs into a murder case where it begins to question that. It’s crazy! It starts off very well, sets up the world perfectly, then it starts to addres some very serious stuff. Must read. Everyone has to read the Ether.

AS: That sounds awesome! I need to read more indie comics!

DM: Yes! Ether is soooooo good. If I had to recommend you one non-Marvel/DC title this would be it. Only 5 issues in. Please read!!!!

AS: I will!

DM: I will remember you say that.


DM: My number 3 comic of quarter 1 is one published by DC or should I say their imprint. Young Animal really brought it with their line. I am speaking about Shade, the Changing Girl.

AS: Shade, huh? Never really got into it either. Man, you are going into all the comics I never read about now!

DM: Imagine an alien being stuck within a teenage girl’s body. Sounds lame? Well this is a very very surprising comic. I read the preview and thought it was trash. What did I learn? Do not read the previews. This is one of the most creative comics out right now. The way it deals with the main character and high school is well earned. I think Mark Waid could learn how to write modern teenagers from writers Cecil Castulluci & Gilbert Hermandez. Don’t mean to be hating on the Champions. :laughing:

AS: Ooh burn on Champions! I will say that it does sound interesting, a lot of them do, maybe I will give them a chance after all.


DM: And now my #2. Unworthy Thor by Jason Aaron. Jane Foster is pretty good in Mighty Thor, but Unworthy Thor is just beating the records. It almost made my #1. Every character is amazing, especially Thori! Please give me a Thori standalone series Mr. Aaron. I beg you! The ending was so good, isn’t generic at all and just pays off. This has nothing to do with me finding out the EXACT words Nick Fury whispered into Thor’s ear that made him unworthy 3 months in advance…..Okay maybe a little, but I adored the series since the very start. I won’t probably shut up about posting a theory that ended up coming true. As you can see I am very satisfied.

AS: LOVE THAT BOOK! And I can’t believe you were right this whole time!

DM: Now if only my Wonder Woman’s Twin Brother theory can come true. That would be something. It was a prediction made back in June 2016, although this one is a lot more far fetched.

AS: Yea, I remember reading that one.

DM: Really?!! Aw! Makes me feel so good. My posts aren’t forgettable.

AS: No one can forget your posts!!

DM: :cry::cry::sob::sob:Stop! You’re gonna make me cry (Ok, maybe not but still I am flattered).

AS: Ok so now for my #5!


DM: Yes! Tell me!

AS: For #5 it’s Unworthy Thor!

DM: Woohoo!

AS: If you miss the OG Thor in cosmic adventures then this book is definitely for you! It shows us Odinson at his lowest point as he seeks to be worthy again, in light of what Nick Fury told him in the pages of Original Sin. We do find out what he told him, it makes sense why he was unworthy and why Jane Foster became worthy. Jason Aaron is THE Thor writer and he’s right, it wasn’t about him getting the hammer, it’s the journey. And it’s a good journey you don’t want to miss.

DM: Very well said. Your comment addresses why this was the best ending for the limited run. It was sadly a 5-run. That sucks since the supporting characters were pure gold. I just hope we get to see more of all the 3 supporting ones like: Beta Ray Bill, the Space Goat and my best friend Thori.

AS: Yea Thori was hilarious! Glad to see this series gain so much love. Jason Aaron at the finest of his finest.


DM: What is your #4?

AS: Ok for my#4, that honor goes to Detective Comics!

DM: No! I forgot to add that to my honorable mentions!

AS: Well you’ve said it now! Anyways, This is THE Batman comic for Rebirth! If you want a new change for Batman while sticking to who he is, then this is for you. During this quarter of the year the series reached #950 with a prologue for League of Shadows and things to come with Dark Days. Eddy Barrows is the best artist on this Batman series right now. I love having Azrael and Batwing on the team, hoping they bring a new dynamic to the roster. Cassandra and Clayface are such tragic and interesting characters to read on.

DM: You hit the nail on the head. It is the best Batman Rebirth title. Detective Comics by Tynion IV is one of the greatest fun I had reading a comic. Felt to me like the Fast & Furious of comics, except it has more heart to it. Great choice! Another comic with great ensemble cast.

AS: Thanks! Ok for #3, that goes to Moon Knight!


DM: Holy crap! Another comic we both have on our Top 10 list. Just goes to show how good Moon Knight and Unworthy Thor are.

AS: We’re more in common than we think I guess! Moon Knight #11 has a great balance of compelling character work and alluring supernatural elements combined to make for addictive reading. Moon Knight is delivering a thought provoking story that’s hard to resist. Jeff Lemire retells Marc Spector’s origin and doesn’t make it at all confusing for new Moon Knight readers. Greg Smallwood’s art is one of its big highlights with the colors and shading. That’s what I love about this series, it’s easier for a new reader like me to get into it.

DM: Isn’t it amazing how a writer can just capture the entire history and incarnations of Moon Knight in a way new readers aren’t confused for even a second?

AS: Yea! It’s great that Jeff Lemire is able to do just that. I hear Moon Knight and Old Man Logan are his last series before leaving Marvel so enjoy him while we can.

DM: What!?! Really? That sucks! I also enjoyed Old Man Logan. Marvel better get their game together for what’s to come. I hope they find people who will match this man.

AS: Hope so!

DM: And Smallwood’s art is astounding. Purely groundbreaking. I believe Jordie Bellaire is responsible for the coloring. We must credit this person because the colors in this comic are genius!

AS: They’re so great! An artist isn’t without their colorists or inkers you know!

DM: Yes. Coloring, inking and even lettering are very underappriciated jobs. People don’t realize this.


AS: True, anyways, for my #2, that belongs to this epilogue issue, Civil War II: The Oath

DM: Wow! Really? Interesting choice.

AS: If you feel unsatisfied with Civil War II #8, then this issue might be for you. Unless you don’t want to see a teaser for ANOTHER event, then maybe not. But this epilogue issue really explains how responsible Steve Rogers was for the event and how he truly is the biggest threat of the Marvel Universe! Rod Reis’ art was great and Nick Spencer really showed that Steve isn’t the misunderstood hero we thought he was but the villain of the entire Marvel Universe.

DM: I have been a vocal critic of Spencer, but this comic was one of his good works. I just hope he can bring this sort of writing into Secret Empire.

AS: Hope so! If it goes well, Secret Empire can bring this huge wave of Marvel events to an end on a high note.

DM: Couldn’t agree more. So, we’re both on our #1 spots! This is exciting!!! I know what yours is going to be. I smelled it a mile away! You wanna guess mine or nah?

AS: I’m gonna guess…………………………………ok you can say it.

DM: Lol.


DM: Okay, my #1 spot goes to…….<drum roll please> NOVA!

AS: Whoa what?! Didn’t expect that! It is a pretty good series!

DM: Have you ever read a Saturday morning cartoon for a bit more mature audience like maybe teens? Nova is it! It teaches you how being a hero is based on trial and error. You will fail, sometimes more than less, but being hero is the fight and not the victory. I didn’t expect much from the comic and I did not expect this to make top of my list. Writers Jeff Loveness & Ramon Perez understand what they’re doing. The interaction between Sam Alexander and Richard Rider is the highlight of this. I was a loud voice who wanted Richard Rider to stay dead, but I was simply in the wrong. Richard Rider and Sam Alexander team-up needed to happen! It just did even if I didn’t see it at first. The comic is fun, funny and the TWISTS! It gives me goosebumps, and laughs. For a story set in space this is very relatable and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you, Marvel!

AS: I gotta agree, Nova is a pretty good book and proves that time and time again. The Rider and Sam team up is awesome and I hope it continues.

DM: Not a single thing made me go “That’s stupid” or “That doesn’t make any sense!”.

AS: It’s fun and awesome, I can see that being in anyone’s top 10.

DM: Oh! And I must yet again mention the colorist. Ian Herring, I salute you! You have my respects.

AS: Praise the colors. Ok so guess my #1, I know you know. I know that you know that I know.

DM: It’s Red & Blue!(And a bit of yellow) But everyone forgets about the yellow

AS: …….you’re getting there!

DM: SUPERMAN! But seriously, why does everyone forget he has yellow?


AS: (I have no idea. I mean it clearly there!) Not just SUPERMAN. But SUPERMAN REBORN!

DM: What? Haha! Awesome!

AS: This whole EVENT is my #1! It makes sense! Dan Jurgens, Peter Tomasi, and Patrick Gleason really redefined what Superman, Lois and Clark mean to the DCU in an epic tale that answers mysteries and creates new ones. You don’t get much closure or another meeting of two Supermen unfortunately, but the ending is beautiful as love is the answer to this threat they faced. The art is amazing and the writing from three artists is just as stellar. We also got a Superwoman tie-in to see how this affects, Lana as she says goodbye to the two people in her life who made her a hero. HIGHLY recommend this event if you haven’t read it. Superman is back everyone!

DM: And that Rebirth tease! Oh gosh it answers everything! Well not everything…..It doesn’t answer why people never mention the yellow.

AS: It does and doesn’t. Superman #20 doesn’t answer all the questions as to how much the New 52 and Pre-52 fuse changes their history and what’s canon and what isn’t. But hopefully Action Comics #977 does.

DM: But let’s agree on one thing, shall we? Lois Lane is definitely getting powers. She merged with New 52 Lois who previously gained powers caused during the Final Days of Superman.

AS: I hope so!

DM: Which I don’t know how to feel about. I read Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows the other day and I did not like Mary Jane as someone who could fight alongside Peter. Felt weird and a bit forced to have the whole power family thing going. But let’s hope for the best. DC clearly knows what they are doing with their titles. Not just one but many titles are connected to the DC Universe Rebirth #1 comic from last year if it’s Superman, Titans, Flash, Action Comics, Detective Comics etc.

AS: Exactly!

DM: I also presume Superman proper is in your honorable mentions if the Superman Crossover storyline made it?


DM: I love that series too. Especially that one issue with Jonathan Kent in lead with his new friend. There was an issue that gave me Stranger Things vibes.

AS: Yea that’s what I said in one of my reviews for it!

DM: There we go. Which issue was it?

AS: Superman #17.

DM: Thanks. So I think this concludes it! Our Top 10 Comics of Q1 2017. I hope you guys liked it.

AS: We hope you had fun reading it as much we had fun doing it!

DM: Remember, we are only 2 people so we cannot read every comic out there. I am behind on Outcast so I apologized if I missed that indie darling! Give us any feedback for the next Top 10.

AS: Yea I’d love to add more indie comics to my list! This is the Dynamic Duo! See you next Bat-Time on the same Bat-Channel!




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