Unworthy Thor: Ending & Secrets Revealed!

:rotating_light:SPOILER TERRITORY FOR WHAT IS TO COME:rotating_light:

Everyone! Everyone! The new amazing and excellent Jason Aaron limited run called Unworthy Thor just ended and guess what? It was actually pretty amazing. We find out a bunch load of answers with more questions. Yes, we will start with what Nick Fury whispered into Thor’s ear back in 2014’s Original Sin crossover event. That’s why you came here in the first place. So let’s get going.

As we all know it has been a 3 year mystery as to why Thor couldn’t pick up the whole big fat hammer known as Mjolnir. Well prepare because what Fury said was……..

“Gorr was right!”

That’s right! And you know who else was right? MEEEE!!!! Ladies and gentlemen, if any of you remember back in January 7th I posted a THEORY on the social app and later release it onto here called, Why Thor Became Unworthy REVEALED – Comic Theory (which you can read by pressing the blue link) specifically about the words that made Thor become Odinson. This what I said.

As you can see my Thor prediction was ALL RIGHT! Well, I did add a couple more words, but what did you expect me to do? Aaron put less word space in his newest incarnation of the scene (that was the flashback in Unworthy Thor #5). Take that Matt Patt from Game Theory!!!! 3 months before the reveal even came out. Now that I am done gloating we can move on into the rest of the series.

The ending in my opinion was VERY good! I heard a decent amount of people saying it was anti-climactic because Thor ended up refusing to even pick up the hammer. I guess I understand why so many would be so upset since he was on the hunt for this Ultimate Universe (R.I.P.) hammer since issue #1, but at the very end it was a moment of Thor realising he needs his OWN hammer back. Taking someone else’s hammer isn’t gonna do any good. It’s smart writing! Throughout the limited run we see young Thor constantly trying to pick up the hammer in his youth. Every day he would fail. Today, Thor is found himself in the same situation. He is filled with the desire to pick up the hammer and Thor realized that this isn’t a way to become worthy once again.

It was an amazing end in my opinion. As much as I wanted to see Thor wield the Ultimate Universe (R.I.P.) hammer Aaron decided to go with the plot choice that would serve the overall story more than just an awesome fanboy moment. Personally I think comic fans will always wanna go with the “COOLER” choice since to them it will always feel more effective. But my friends, bigger doesn’t always scream effective. Don’t we all know, that recently Marvel’s crossovers had endings that won’t matter in a span of couple years or even months even though they were “BIG” or “EARTH SHATTERING”(anyone remember Superior Iron Man)? And now speaking of crossovers.

War Thor? Please Marvel have this come out in 2018 because I cannot take all these crossover events any more! “Yeah! After Secret Empire we will calm dowm with the crossover events”-MY ASS!!!! Sorry for this mini-rant. Now, I do have all my faith in Jason Aaron, but War Thor sounds pretty generic. 1) It has ‘War’ in it’s title just like almost every other event (Infinity WAR, Civil WAR, World WAR Hulk, Secret WARS). 2) It’s already spoiled and we got the ending of Civil War II to thank for that. We now know Thor will lift the hammer. And yes, I know inside we all knew this would happen eventually, but now we know the exact event and scene. Again, this is Jason Aaron so we will probably get a good read either way.

We also see a figure who actually is picking the hammer up, but that may very well be a post for another day. And Aaron, please have the Team Thor reunite! I love seeing Odinson, his trusted goat, Beta Ray Bill and my favorite THORI!!!!!! on one team. THORI is currently one of my favorite characters so please give me his solo series. That’s it. Hopefully you enjoyed my little Comic Talk and see you around next time. Still waiting for my Wonder Woman’s Twin Brother identity to be true.



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