Pika-Thor Was Revolutionary!!!

ORIGIN It was at that time Thor's hammer, Mjolnir began to malfunction. Then! Out of nowhere a yellow monster comes out of it! It turns out Mjolnir's metal (Uru) was actually melded with a Poke-Ball! Pikachu was actually inside of the Poke-Ball once it was joined with Uru to form the hammer we know it … Continue reading Pika-Thor Was Revolutionary!!!


Does Marvel Need a Rebirth?

Many people have been very disappointed, angry or even gave up on Marvel partly because of.....Well things like this: Or this. Or this. Or.....you get the point. I am one of those people who just can't help, but cringe every time I read something like this. Now, some people are just not interested with Marvel … Continue reading Does Marvel Need a Rebirth?