Top 10 Most Iconic Quotes in Comics

A new Top 10! Last time I did Top 10Most Iconic Images in Comics  so it’s time we looked at the letters. We will be looking at the best of best of the best quotes and catchphrases that are unforgettable inside the medium that is comics. That means quotes like, “Is she with you?” or “She was his queen, and God help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen.” can’t make it. I know many of you wanted those 2 in particular wanted to see it make it.

To qualify it had to be a recognizable word(s) (written or said) that should be on the Top 10 list. I will try to make this list as accurate as possible. It obviously won’t be perfect. The series of words did not have to originate in a comic book, but must have appeared at least once inside of a comic.


First appeared in Uncanny X-Men #162. The most iconic X-Men stating a quote everyone knows. The image actually was first introduced in text boxes and not actual speech bubbles which makes sense as Logan is a personal guy who doesn’t like to share his thoughts (maybe because he can’t remember them).

The quote was later used and reused by many other heroes who usually wanna mock Wolverine’s toughness or his seriousness. This quote definitely deserves a spot on this list because it shows the real animalistic berserker beast he is holding back.


Who you gonna call? Spidey Sense! You in trouble? Don’t worry, your Spidey senses will save you! Like, every time you can’t think of a creative way for Peter to outdo his problem at hand. We love this quote, even though it’s been used to death just to wrap up or solve a problem within the story. What can we say? Nostalgia clouds our judgment.


The comic book equivalent of “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT”. You know shit is going to hit the fan when this phrase comes on. The Thing is one the most beloved characters in the Marvel Universe. To truly see him pissed off can get anyone cheering and the phrase is just a cherry on top of the cake.


Mostly remembered from the 80s cartoon, the Teenage Mustang Ninja Turtles have their own catchphrase whenever leaping into the impossible. Basically YOLO. Now call me crazy, but their version is better.


You call him Shazam? Captain Marvel? One is clear and that is his cheer. Another one single worded catchphrase which describes their hero in a perfect interpretation. Billy Batson is just a kid and saying “Shazam!” is irony at its mightiest.

FUN FACT: This hero used to outsell Superman comics way before the character was acquired by DC Comics. Thinking of it now how, come Superman doesn’t have a catchphrase? He never had one! Or did he? Stick to find out!

<This program is brought to you by Chucky! You’ll have so much fun you won’t sleep at night.:hammer:>

Our half-time commercial break is over. Let’s see what #5 has to offer.


Yeah, I know I’m cheating on this one since it’s not an original. This phrase originated from an English folklore, but it was Alan Moore’s powerful V for Vendetta that popularized the speech. I also couldn’t not include this comic onto the list. I think people are willing to forgive me on this one.


Definitely my favorite one on this list is “Avengers Assemble!”. Mostly because I grew up watching the show, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. I know what you’re thinking right now so I’ll take the time to interrupt myself and let’s all watch glory unravel in front of us.



Avengers: Earth’s mightiest heroes Theme Song Fight As One (HQ)

You welcome. I loved this show so much! Now we got Avengers Assemble! What a joke! That show is a disgr-Wait where were we? Oh right back to the actual catchphrase. Maybe one day I’ll make a “praise Avengers: EMH” blog or “rant on Avengers Assemble!” but let’s talk the quote. It’s awesome, to put it simply. Iconic. Always used in the most uplifting parts of the battle, usually said by the leader. It’s the call which plays beautifully with the one page splash. The sight never gets old.


And you thought “It’s Clobberin’ Time” was scary? Believe me, you do not want to be around when this quote is thrown around. OK, maybe you don’t wanna be around when all these are actually said, but this one specifically. It’s the ultimate tantrum the world has ever seen. Hulk doesn’t speak much, but these two words will break your world away. See what I did there?

Okay……I’ll stop.


Say it with me everyone! From memory:

“In Brightest Day,

In Blackest Night,

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight,

Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might,

Beware My Power…..


Such a beautiful phrase! I lied. Sorry Avengers, this is my favorite comic book quote for the exact same reasons and more. It’s iconic, heroic, feel good, unforgettable and makes every scene it appears in that much more powerful. What’s there to want more from a comic book catchphrase? Some would say, “MORE” would be our #1 pick. Before that let’s see our….


And the #1 spot is…..


SPIDER-MAN! Everyone who reads comic books knows who says this and why! It was after the loss of Ben Parker that Peter realized he needs to use his powers for good. It’s amazing to see how many people have used and used and used this quote, and yet everyone understands it’s exact ori–!

What? The actual quote is, “With Great Power There Must Also Come Great Responsibility”? And uncle Ben actually never said it? Well….this is awkward. And this is my number one? A often misquoted phrase…..Em…..This is embarrassing. Heh.:sweat_smile:

“I’ll be back in the Flash!”

Wee seem to be back after a short interruption. We lost the signal, but we’re here just like I promised. I hope you enjoyed this Top 10 and see you next month on the another one. Until then gimme your favorite quotes which don’t have to be iconic in the comment section. Peace!




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