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Wow, just wow! Jason Aaron’s Unworthy Thor is amazing which is so good to see because Jane Foster isn’t on my good side lately. One of my gripes is she walks around with an Asgardian accent but isn’t an Asgardian. Gets on my nerves because she is like Supergirl (TV SHOW version and not the comic one) who is basically just a gender swap from her male counterpart when she can be so much more original. Of course the accent is the smallest of the features she steals from the original Thor. I’m sure I stepped on some toes, but let’s not forget where it all started and that was in the Original Sin (spoilers).

It was on this day Thor became unworthy of the hammer’s….Eh. You know, that was never established was it? What is the hammer wielder even worthy of? Is it worthy in the sense of being kind, good, loyal or something completely else? Marvel never specified what being worthy is exactly or what measures your “worthiness”. That’s a mystery for another day, but let’s not get sidetracked. Ehem! It was on this day Thor became unworthy.

For those who need a reminder in Original Sin Nick Fury possessed both of Watcher’s eyes which he used to unveil the darkest and most hidden secrets in the world (past, present and future). In the scene Fury whispered something into Thor’s ear and that something made him drop the hammer forever. I will bet my friend’s life on this answer (so noble of me, right?). This is what Nick Fury said to Thor Odinson during the finale of the Original Sin.


Now why would this of all things make Thor unworthy? It sounds like a silly phrase that would normally unphase him knowing the character, but this was more than just that. Let’s start with the first question you probably asked, who is Gorr? To answer this we have to go back to another, earlier Thor series by Jason Aaron called Thor: God of Thunder (which you should read….also, minor spoilers). Gorr was an alien who lived on a desert planet that had low sources of food, water and high levels of sun, drought and danger. Basically hell, not to mention his father died, then watched his mother get eaten by wild animals as a kid, and witnessed his pregnant wife’s fall after an earthquake. Did I mention he had to bury his child?

Yeah, his life was tough and it all happened because his people relied on the gods too much instead of taking fates into their own hands. Gorr was later banished from the tribe after he called out the gods because his words would “bring wrath” upon them. When he was about to die from starvation and lack of water, two clashing Gods crashed onto the planet.

One was certain. They were hurt and dying. One even asked Gorr for help, but he wasn’t gonna have any of it. He remembered how the all-powerful ignored his prayers and watched his life become a living hell. Some godly power-symbiote-weapon-thingy detached itself from one of the gods into Gorr giving him the unlimited power. This was the day Gorr became the God Butcherer. He would wander the universe for the purpose to kill as many gods as he could.

Gorr’s deal was that all gods are evil, lazy, useless, hubris and an every self-centered word you can think of. In the series Thor was a pure example of someone who fought against that ideology and to hear the all-knowing Nick Fury tell you your entire existence is pointless doesn’t only make you loose faith in yourself but so does the damn hammer. We reached a point where Odinson is so missing from himself that the one piece which was prominently part of him, doesn’t want to be part of him. The hammer didn’t choose to abandon Thor. It was Thor who abandoned himself.

But where is my evidence? Well, I already mentioned the first 2 story arcs of the Thor: God of Thunder which are stories by Jason Aaron. Aaron has now been working 4 years on Thor. Of course he will recall some of his earlier work to give it more meaning. He’s done this before so this isn’t news to anyone. There is plenty of other evidence.

In Mighty Thor we have learned Mjolnir has a hidden secret, one that could definitely contribute to the hammer being part of the person. What I mean by that is once you become the wielder of the hammer it becomes part of you. When Odinson found out the universal truth that “the age of Gods is over” he lost a piece of himself. He couldn’t pick it up because the hammer didn’t recognize Odinson which is why Jane wielded the hammer. At that point she was more of a Thor than Thor. It is now the hammer that became part of Jane. Maybe that’s really what makes someone worthy. Maybe being worthy of Mjolnir is to be one with it.

Also, who knows what Nick Fury could have shown Odinson. Maybe the whispers triggered a vision of the future which psychologically beat the son of Odin down even more.

Recently something came out to further support my claims. I can’t believe no one has picked up or brought it into the spotlight. I will be discussing minor spoilers from Unworthy Thor which is Jason Aaron’s newest Thor series. I will only talk about a scene in issue #2 so beware of tiny spoilers. In this issue we saw Odinson sleep for the first since the day he fell. He was too scared to dream. He was right. Now this dream was pretty haunting if you ask me and guess who shows up! It’s Gorr, the God Butcherer!

The lines in this segment are so important:

“‘What if they really are better off without us? What if a Godless age is what they deserve. What if Gorr…isn’t a mad man at all. God help us, what if he’s…..”

Why would Thor be getting these visions if they weren’t fueled by something real? Thor is a hard one to break through with simple words and we know he didn’t believe in the stuff Gorr was saying during their first encounter so, why would he consider to believe it now? It had to be during Original Sin. Nick Fury was all-knowing so Thor knew he couldn’t be wrong. Nick Fury was the one who really made Thor doubt himself and this dream sequence is just that. It shows us the self-doubt in Thor so much that he is now scared to even sleep. In the dream sequence, a bit earlier. The dream started with Thor awaking to the sound of a whisper (right before the Gorr part of the nightmare). The whisper obviously representing what Nick Fury silently told into Odinson’s ear. Why would the whisper and self-doubting of self-existence be in one dream if they didn’t thematically share a consistent side? As you can see there had to be a purpose.

Just like that on the very day, he heard the whisper which forever made him loose a part of himself. That part was Thor, that part was the hammer, that part was his worthiness. But that’s just a theory!

Are you on board with what I’m selling? I haven’t done one of these in a while. Last theory I did was on Joker being Wonder Woman’s Twin Brother REVEALED!!! – Comic Theory back in June 2016 which was also really fun to do. You guys seemed to enjoy that so I wanted to make the successor just as good if not better. I actually hit 2 birds with one stone because I explained the secret words of Nick Fury, and what makes a person worthy of Mjolnir. Hopefully you liked the theory even if you believe in a different one. Until next time!




    Hello, i was searching a long time for the answer and i think you could be right. Would definitly make sense. FemaleThor is facing such gods in issue#16
    Arrogant and dangerous ones. So this ‘godfree ära’ could be a deeper message in these comics?

    And that Mjolnir is a part of him (or was) is also a good point. He call that thing ‘old friend’. And says to FemaleThor ‘You don’t know what it costs to wield it///i would die for it, i died for it and i would (will?) die for it again.” So you are right. He doesn’t only lost his favourite weapon. he lost his hope and the part of him, that keep pushing him to never give up. Now he is not so sure about his old principals.

    Now it is a part of Jane Foster.
    And when you were writing about being part of somebody:
    Midgard, especially Jane, is a part of him too. Think about it, there are not many people he would give that thing freely to. (To be honest he would prefer to give it to nobody, but now he has to). So (metaphorically) a part of him took care of another part of him, as long he isn’t able too.
    (There were just a handyful of persons he would give it to take care of. Maybe his mother and some close friends. But his first choice would be Jane. It was also the first name on his list. That happens subconsciously of course)
    I think Mjolnir didn’t choose Jane just because of her strong heart. She is bounded very close to Odinson and understands perfectly, why universe needs a Thor. She understands Mjolnir and Odinson (or his principals and tasks) perfectly. But that is just a feeling i have.

    Maybe its because i ship Jane and Thor so hard. She is a great character and he is also. Both of them are so perfect. They have similiar thoughts and understand each other on a level, other people can’t. Not Sif, not walter, not keith. Such a strong bond. <3.

    (Anm.: i did not dislike the nathalieportman-jane, but that isnt the real jane foster at all. She is a passionate Scientists with no intentions of saving people as hero or doctor. Of course she helps, when she is needed, but she hels just then.)

    Thank you for sharing your blog, and sorry for my horrible english. that language is not my mother tongue.^^

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