Top 10 Most Iconic Images in Comics

I have always dreamed of making this list so it seems today is the day has come. We will be looking at the best of the best comic book visual poses or happenings. These iconic images had to have happened on the cover of the comic book or in the interior art itself.


You know when DKR is on the bottom of the list this will be good. You show this to any comic book fan and they’ll tell you what it is. This pose became synonymous with Batman over the years mostly because of the critical acclaim the comic brought which popularized the darker and more serious Batman, but also helped make comics a more respected medium.


This was one of the first impactful deaths that impacted the Dark Knight himself. It showed us another terrifying side of the crowned prince, what he’s capable and send us a message that no one is safe in comics….Until they’re brought back to life. The reason why I went with the cover and not the interior art itself is because this pose was the one to be redone and borrowed from later in history.

What truly sticks out about this death is that the fans voted themselves on the murder of the character making it stand out that much more.


This was the very first and certainly not the least appearance of our Web-Head. This was the one to boost Spidey into fame. The cover simply managed to covey what type of friendly neighbourhood this character is.

Fun Fact: Did you know Marvel was scared to put out Spider-Man because they thought he would be “too scary”?


Arguably the best X-Men storyline written by the man himself who truly put the mutants on the map, Chris Claremont. The arc only lasted 2 issues but even those made a huge impression on the people by bringing in heavy time travel elements that would decide on the fate of the Children of the Atom. Many parodies have been made since the release of the image like when the New 52 initially started off.

This comic definitely knew how to make an impression. The image truly felt like an artistic movie poster telling so much yet leaving you to wonder what lurks inside the pages.


It was in the pages of the Flash #123 that for the first time men from 2 different Earth’s met – Barry Allen and Jay Garrick. It kicked off a powerful and most significant future for DC with almost every crossover now having a relation to the “multiverse”, more or less. Although Marvel’s niche are heroes vs. heroes or time travel events it was Marvel who also borrowed many multiple Earth storylines (most known as the Ultimate Universe).

This was the famous image from the comic book cover which introduced to us the very first seen multiverse in COMIC BOOKS! Imagine if this comic didn’t exist? We would have never gotten to the point we are at now. A life changing moment for the industry with this cover being the poster boy behind it.


The comic that introduced the most successful, popular and teen sidekick in all comics. Robin became a huge success with the younger audience that brought in a new trend, the young superhero sidekicks.

This revelation also garnered in plenty of more success such as the Teen Titans and the first of the Bat Family members. This comic brought in tons of legacy to comics. For this entry I couldn’t decide between the cover and the interior version since they are so identical.


All of these images were covers which meant a lot to the comic industry, but this one means so much more. It symbolises the times when comics truly made a splash which were the times of the World War II. People would recycle paper, recycled paper would be turned into comic books which helped people deal with the tough times in the world. What other more inspiring comic than the one that has a hero punching Hitler in the face.


The very first time in history of time did we ever see real world news report on comics in such way. Rarely did we ever see lines of people stacking up at comic book shops. Rarely did we see a mainstream hero die. This comic took the world by storm and although it is responsible for the now repetitively annoying mainstream comic book trope “Death and Rebirth” of a hero, that shouldn’t undo the impact it had on the world.

The reason why it’s the interior art that makes the list (and not the cover) is because it holds so much more meaning, feeling and emotion than the cover does. This comic was another huge reason as to why the comic book industry had a crash in the 90s but again this is the definition of icon and the top 3 only gets that much more iconic.


Before the Death of Superman we had this comic book which made the readers question what just happened in front of their eyes. One of the saddest moments in comics makes the #2 spot because it introduced to us the idea that maybe the characters we love so much won’t repeatedly come out on top, like we see with every episode of Power Rangers. The comic may have gotten regrettable recons which should have never happened (some recent ones too) which is why I was hesitant not to put it lower, but it created stakes like never seen before.

And before we get to numero uno we will get to our honorable mentions.


As you can see many didn’t make it onto the list which was a long process for me. Batman slapping Robin almost made it which is my personal favorite but oh well time for the #1 spot which is….


Gotcha! Now for the real deal the #1 spot goes to….


Was there any doubt? This is easily the most iconic image in comic books of all time garnering in the very first appearance of the man that started it all. Superman is the embodiment of what we think of first when the word ‘superhero’ is thrown around which made all this happen. Without this comic the world of many you readers would look different and the cover is the most iconic one to every exist for being so reminiscent with the fandom itself.

Could you imagine a multiverse where this comic didn’t exist?

And that’s a wrap. Like I said this post was a long time coming, it was just a matter of how satisfied I was with the list itself to be comfortable enough to put it out. Now that I hit a sweet spot according to myself I wanna hear from you, yes you! Did I place these in the right order? Do you have a list of your own? Tell me in the comments below. Make sure to like and repost.




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