Mentality of Fanboy

Every person has a specific mind set and it is hard to get your ideologies or habits to change, but some are so dang annoying I wanna punch that specific person.

Today we will look at some quotes people say on the internet (fanboys and fangirls) which are downright stupid. These are usually lazy opinions that anyone can understand/support without using any common sense. Let’s start with the first one.

“You bash <blank>? You’re a <blank> hater!”

I am literally looking at some of the DC movie fans. Whenever you say BvS or Suicide Squad sucked they literally think you’re not a real fan or that you don’t understand something about the movie. No! BvS sucked and so did Suicide Squad according to……EVERYONE(ok, not everyone)! Now, I enjoyed Suicide Squad and believe Man of Steel is a masterpiece but when I see someone say this it makes me wanna hate it, just so I’m not on their side! Looking at you stupid “Shut down Rotten Tomatoes”-petition guy. He’s either really dumb or he is the world’s best troll. Now all this mean talk brings me to the next point.

At least learn how to sell! (Probably a troll)

“Why focus on the negative if you can instead focus on the positive?”

To truly understand if something is good you have to know what is bad. Usually. That way you can appreciate it when things are done the right way. And why would a “negative” opinion be treated less than the “positive” one? Another version of this comment is: “Why are you hating on this when you haven’t even seen the final product?” My question to you is, why are you loving if you haven’t seen the final product? Answer is simple: we judge a product based on what we see (trailers, first looks, perceptions, etc.) and the final product decides if your expectations were right or wrong. Don’t be a double standard fool. Allow negative and positive opinions to come as long as they aren’t harming anyone (if that’s even possible).

“No fanboy war/don’t argue.”

What this usually means is “Don’t try to challenge each others/my opinion(s)”. What’s the point of living in a world if you can’t question things? Do you wanna live in a bubble? Sometimes we are fed false info and when we discuss, debate or argue we can build an opinion driven by proper facts. If we engage in a conversation you can change my opinion, I can change yours or no opinion changes at all. Opinions are awesome until you wanna shut them down which is part of why I dislike the “block” or “delete comment” (most of the time).

I love how these options exist but they’re supposed to be there when you’re really being harassed or attacked. No, opinions you don’t align with don’t count. Then there are the people who don’t wanna listen to facts because they aren’t politically correct. The thing is, try to engage in as many arguments as you can. Make them civil because those usually go somewhere (no name calling). Marvel vs. DC is the greatest thing in comics because it creates a fun competition which can of course lead to battles but, I really don’t see why people see it as mostly a bad thing. Marvel vs. DC also makes the market more interesting. The more you engage with opposing views the more you see if your opinion really has any water.

“X came before Y therefore it’s better!”

Troll #2?

This is to the people who say “DC was first and a lot of Marvel characters are rip-offs. DC wins” Okay, I know I literally just said Marvel vs. DC is awesome and that is why I won’t debate against the thing itself, but the arguments I often hear during these things make me wanna facepalm. This one is one of them! Who cares if Marvel ripped off half of DC characters? All you’re suggesting is that it’s better because it came first which essentially means you can’t think of a compelling reason why DC is better. You could say “DC has better stories” or “DC has cooler heroes and villains” but, instead you go with the tactic of someone who can’t come up with a solid argument. Saying this exact quote convinces me more of the opposing side.

“You can like both!”

Whenever I see this comment I wanna facepalm (the person that said it). The amount of likes these comments get is dumb. I of course agree with this point but do you really need to state the obvious? You think people don’t know they can like both things equally? Now this obviously refers to the famous Marvel vs. DC argument and although there are definitely people who think you must choose one over the other, there is no need for you to state the obvious unless, you see that one person who says there can’t be grey within the black and white. I even saw a YouTube video called “Can you like both Marvel & DC?”. I just wanna shoot myself.

“Am I the only person that likes both X and Y?”

Another stupidly obvious and random comment that gets likes for being simplistic. Obviously you’re not the only one who likes both Marvel and DC equally!!!! Why do you feel the need to say that? I rather listen to a comment like, “Marvel sucks because their movies are for kids” than another one of these redundant comments.

“You’re talking about logic and realism in a superhero flick”

This is the reply people usually hear when they say something like, “This doesn’t make any sense” when talking about a superhero movie/comic. Just because an entertainment medium you’re endorsing has unrealistic elements doesn’t mean it should screw logic. So yes, gaining super powers from a spider-bite or gamma radiation is unrealistic in our world, but it is within the context of the comic book/movie/etc.

Let me give you an example. The Doctor Strange movie had crazy ideas and concepts that make no sense in our reality, but the film build up its tone to a certain standard that if space bunnies started evading Earth in Doctor Strange, it wouldn’t work because that wouldn’t be “realistic” within the context of the film. It just destroys the suspension of disbelief that the movie/comic has build up.

“<Insert spoiler>. Oops! Spoiler Alert!”

There is nothing more infuriating than someone spoiling an important element of the plot and then saying “Spoiler Alert” right after they spoiled it. The spoiler alert is there to inform someone that a certain piece of information is about to fly into the air BEFORE THE FACT. It destroys me when they top it off with a smug smirk or simple smile as if they did something worthy. People who simply spoil things without giving any spoiler alerts are less annoying. Why? Because this feels like someone punched you in the face purposefully and then said sorry in a very uncaring manner.

“You shouldn’t have read it then it wouldn’t have been spoiled.”

I totally get when someone tells you I should’ve expected a spoiler for a movie when I go read comments that have something to do with that particular film. I HATE it when someone tells me it was strictly my fault!!! It’s my fault that someone decided to be an ass hole and spoil something in the comment section? Hell no! This is even worse when talking about comic books!

I don’t know why everyone has a different behavior when it comes to comics. It’s like everyone thinks it’s okay to spoil details of comics. Especially the media outlets! I turn on notifications for comic book news sites on Twitter and sometimes the big outlets put the spoiler inside of the title/notification with a spoiler as the image. Looking at you Bleeding Cool and Newsarama! I called out Newsarama on this normally for telling them not to be spoiling around crap. Then they replied and gave you the “everyone does it so it’s only normal if we do it” excuse. I said that I follow Newsarama because I expect no spoilers. This is what happened:

Bleeding Cool does the same thing. A tiny spoiler from Suicide Squad Rebirth line incoming. Bleeding Cool posted a tweet saying: “Captain Boomerang just died. For real this time.” Then I said “Thank you for spoiling it.” and they reply with “It wasn’t really a spoiler.” So they not only used a clickbait title, but also ended up spoiling the comic for me either way. I just innodified them because it wouldn’t make sense getting blocked. Double standard for spoiling comics has to end! I now only get info from, but they sometimes also provide unwanted information. Especially you comic book publishers and your spoilery titles & covers. Where are the stakes?

“Well that’s just your opinion.”

A person usually tries to state their opinion by saying something like “Marvel has better movies, DC has better video games and TV shows” and then out of the blue someone says this exact quote. Boy do I get mad! The person assumes that people who state their strong opinion don’t know what an opinion is for NO REASON. Where’s the logic in that? It’s not like they said “Marvel is better and that’s a fact!” so stop being annoying.

“Why are you disliking their opinion? Do you not know what an opinion is?”

There’s a scenario: a YouTuber makes a video and it gets spammed with the dislike button. Then usually someone in the comments who agreed with the opinion in the video assumes the people who disagree with it must not know want an opinion is. If you think about it he’s the one who doesn’t know what an opinion is. Can he/she not understand people with opinions disagree? It’s part of opinions to dislike someone else’s!


You stated an opinion and that opinion gets reported by someone who is offended by it. Well this one kills me the most because it’s more the action that annoys me than the actual words. Someone reported my comment for saying something they disagreed with! This wouldn’t be so annoying if my comment wasn’t deleted!!!!! I can show the comment too because there was nothing offensive about it! Now it could’ve been the author of the original post who could have deleted it but I doubt it. The author was very respectful of everyone’s differing voices in the comments so it leaves me to look at the only ones

responsible……curators. There is a huge possibility they deleted my comment because someone got offended by it when it actually is just a regular comment. So is that how it works now? Someone gets offended by your comment therefore your comment has to be gone? Wow. Now, I posted the comment for the third time and it didn’t get deleted (because now everyone has seen the post therefore they’re is no one left to read the comments). Basically no one was able to get triggered by the comment therefore it was allowed to stay up. This ties strongly with the mentality….

“If it isn’t good within my eyes it deserves to be gone.”

This one is exactly similar to the one above. Overall thought, don’t delete someone’s comment because someone gets triggered by it. You’re just silencing people and feel relieved when their opinion is not seen in the public eye. If you truly think an opinion is so ridiculous you should leave it on, so as many people can see the person who is making a fool out of themselves, (unless a comment/opinion is sexually harassing someone or endangering someone’s safety because there do have to be lines). I actually commented someone who disagreed with me about a controversial topic. We had a civil conversation in the comments and ended up agreeing and following each other. That comment conversation also got deleted because someone probably disliked something one of us said. Is this what you silence? People getting along despite having different views? This goes to every person and not just the fanboys.

“You’re bias!”

Imagine this. A person and I have 2 opposing opinions. I say Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a shitty movie and they say it’s awesome. I call them bias because they don’t try to look at the film objectively, even though there are 2 things wrong with that. 1. Don’t assume someone simply loves a “bad” Spider-Man film because they grew up reading Spider-Man. 2. You can be equally as biased. Let’s say I also read as many Spider-Man comics as the next dude. I had expectations for it to be a faithful Spider-Man film but, it ended up being the opposite. My previous experience with the character made me hate the movie more while someone else’s previous experience with the character made them love the movie. It CAN work both ways.

“It ruins the original.”

No it doesn’t! Do your feelings change about the original just because the sequel or the reboot suck? It’s not like it’s a Star Wars prequel scenerio where the prequels change some of the mythos within the Star Wars universe, but even then it doesn’t really change your enjoyment or love for the first one. What if someone made a bad cover of your favorite song? Does your favorite song suddenly stop being your favorite? If you answered yes, go to the doctor.


You might be surprised by this one so let me explain. This doesn’t refer to everybody, just to a specific group of people and it was impossible to find an exact quote so I ended up going with a simple statement. I am talking to you people, yes, you who don’t read comics, but write comic book content, you who always make posts about comic media content, but never talk about comics on a comic book blog and you who think you know everything about comics but never picked up a comic. Simple and clear.

There we go pals! I probably missed plenty of annoying fanboy mannerisms because new ones kept popping up inside of my head while I was writing this. Tell me the ones I missed and provide good explanations while you’re at it. Be cool and don’t stay triggered. Be open on hearing opinions because it’s the most sensible and humane thing to do.



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