Merlyn vs. Trickshot – Marvel vs. DC #48

The archers you didn't hear much about, but you wish you did. Origins: Merlyn Known as a great archer to the public, one day when challenged to a duel Arthur King lost to Oliver Queen. This destroyed his reputation and took a toll on him. King joined the League of Assassins and trained further becoming … Continue reading Merlyn vs. Trickshot – Marvel vs. DC #48


Trinity of the Marvel Universe

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. You ask anyone the answer is almost exactly the same. This is the Holy Trinity of the DC Universe and that is pretty much undebatle. Anyone who reads comics can tell you this, but let's move across the road and check with our friend Marvel. Suddenly this one isn't so … Continue reading Trinity of the Marvel Universe

Venom vs. Creeper – Marvel vs. DC #47

Creepy and deadly creatures. One lives. The other dies. Origin: Venom The symbiotes are an alien race which have liquid forms that attach themselves to a certain 'hosts' to perform most physical feats. This fate met Spider-Man, then it moved onto Eddie Brock which retained many Spider-Man-like abilities and powers. Identity: Eddie Brock Alter Ego: … Continue reading Venom vs. Creeper – Marvel vs. DC #47