Puppet Master vs. Ventriloquist – Marvel vs. DC #46

Old grown men who still play with dolls!

Origin: Puppet Master

Philip Masters became a biologist and a science partner to Jacob Reiss. Reiss became so successful that the jealousy within Philip grew. Philip Masters blew up Reiss’ lab which killed him and blinded his daughter, Alicia. Philip Masters ended up marring Alicia and promised her to find a cure for her lack of sight no matter what the cost.

  • Identity: Philip Masters
  • Alter Ego: Puppet Master
  • Team Affiliations: None
  • 1st Appearance: November 1962

Image result for puppet master 1st appearance Image result for puppet master 1st appearance

Origin: Ventriloquist

Arnold Wesker witnessed his mother being killed by an assassin sent from his family’s competing mafia gang when he was only a boy. This led him to gain the Dissociative Identity Disorder and led him to use a puppet (named Scarface) to perform crimes.

  • Identity: Albert Wesker
  • Alter Ego: Ventriloquist
  • Team Affiliations: Secret Society of Supervillains, Intergang, Suicide Squad
  • 1st Appearance: February 1988

Image result for ventriloquist dc comics first appearance Image result for ventriloquist dc comics

Powers, Abilities & Weaponry: Puppet Master

  • Magic Psychic Clay – creates an effigy made up of a native mystical clay and may posses a victim resembling the figure in a voodoo-like act
  • Master Sculptor
  • Genius-Level Intellect

Image result for puppet master marvel comics 

Abilities & Weaponry: Ventriloquist

  • Master Ventriloquist (Wesker)
  • Master Strategist/Manipulator (Scarface)
  • Tommy Gun (Scarface)
  • Handgun (Wesker)

Image result for ventriloquist dc comics Image result for ventriloquist dc comics


Image result for puppet master marvel comicsThe fight seems to have a clear winner. It’s a mind-controller vs. a man who uses a doll as a weapon, either way we should analyze both characters. In this clash Puppet Master has everything he needs to create his own figure, but since this is their first encounter he would have to create his figure as he avoids getting killed. The clay sculpture needs to be shaped and colored the same as its victim to work. Getting killed may not be that easy.

Ventriloquist has his puppet named Scarface that is a calculated cold blooded killer wielding a Tommy Gun and there is no way Philip Masters can recover from gun shots. Arnold Wesker also has his own hand gun just in case. Now let’s say that Puppet Master somehow manages to get over the low chances of creating the voodoo sculpture before getting shot. Then he has to win right? Not necessarily. Puppet Master can only control  one person at a time and given how Albert Wesker has his multiple personality disorder there is no way of telling if his magic will work for sure. So it looks like the Ventriloquist manages to win! Didn’t expect this to be the outcome, did ya?

Image result for ventriloquist dc comics wesker


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Now press that like button or I will use a clay figure to take control over your mind and do it for you anyway. Next week we will be looking at two creepy characters you will need a powerful venom (; to repel.



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