Hello today everyone today happens to be Novemeber 19th aka International Men’s Day so I decided to talk about a very interesting-

:bow:Men’s day is everyday!

What the hell was that?

IDana and I’m here to call you out on your bull.

:person_frowning:You’re Dana? Who invited you here?

It’s a free country.

This is internet and not country….

It’s a free internet. It said so on The app store.

OK….whatever just don’t interrupt. So anyway, we are talking about sexualisation in comics and today we are…

Going to look at women and how they are explicitly shown in the comic book media!

You serious? Can you stop interrupting?


You’re not gonna stop are you? Well at least have an image to showcase when you spam. Here you go.

:ribbon:What is this? Seriously? A pink bow tie? You are seriously appropriating women. I want this (♀) instead.:ribbon:

Be thankful or I’ll give you this instead. (:kiss:)


Can we now talk about the sexualisation of-

:ribbon:-men in comics? Haha! You are ridiculous. We should focus on stuff that really is out of control like that Spider-Woman cover. Remember that? Thank goodness that it was taken down because it was promoting a sexual depiction of women in comics.:ribbon:

WHAT?!?! In what way?

:ribbon:Are you blind or something? Pull that cover up.:ribbon:

:ribbon:It is clearly putting Jessica in a position she  shouldn’t be unless trying to make boys happy. How is that equal?:ribbon:

You realise that the sole purpose of that cover was to put her in Spider-Man’s position? It was literally doing the opposite of unequal.

How come no cared when this cover came out, huh? It’s literally the same position.

:ribbon:But look at her butt! It looks like a freaking heart!:ribbon:

So what? It’s just not a proportional ass. Big deal. Nothing  about it is sexual.

:ribbon:But what about that Wonder Woman cover by Frank Cho where she had underwear showing and the writer had to cut out that part because he was so embberassed?:ribbon:

It’s just underwear everyone wears it, plus the whole problem was that the writer Greg Rucka cut the ‘inappropriate’ part out of the image when he had no authority to do that. The only person that has that kind of power is the editor who by the way green-lit it.

:ribbon:But the underwear didn’t need to be there.:ribbon:

I guess, but no person in the world gets turned on by underwear.

:ribbon:You’d be surprised….:ribbon:

And Cho is known for parodying the problem of women in comics. He made a parody of Spider-Woman cover we talked about earlier.

Here’s another one making fun of Power Girl’s outfit and her usage in comics.

Like lighten up for a second. He was making a laugh out of the whole thing trying to say something through his art which is what artists do.

:ribbon:But it’s offensive to women.:ribbon:

Yes, because the lives of women depend on how they are depicted by a parody cover. Not!

:ribbon:They play a role in the society by telling women are only eye candy.:ribbon:

You let a cover define you? A $3.99 cover? OK.

:ribbon:Well, what about that Batgirl variant cover that was promoting rape culture?:ribbon:

Which cover was promoting rape? This one?

Are you serious?

:ribbon:Well what if Batman or Superman were in those poses?:ribbon:

It wouldn’t fit Batman, especially with those tears. Or Superman with Doomsday and let me explain how. The Batgirl cover was supposed to be a throwback to the scene from the  Killing Joke (SPOILER) when Barbara is shot by the Joker helpless with tears in her eyes. Now if they put Robin instead to honor Death in Family I wouldn’t be against it. It would make sense.

:ribbon:Why do there have to be women in refrigerators. :ribbon:

‘Women in refrigerators’?

:ribbon:Yeah, it’s a term that was created by the writer Gail Simone to describe women who are depowered, killed or maimed to serve as a plot device.:ribbon:

Gail Simone? Why am I not surprised. She shoves her politicals into everything. 1. Every death of a character usually is a plot device if it’s women or men. 2. Men die and get depowered all the time. Not just women. Given their numbers they get shamed more than women. 3. It’s part of what being a character is. If you don’t get depowered, killed, or ‘maimed’ chances are your character is boring. Even characters that are unfairly considered boring like Superman have been depowered to make a story interesting. Death or depowering is the best type of conflict that drives the story forward and adds motivation. Stop pretending like women shouldn’t be portrayed without such problems because if they weren’t these Feminazis would complain how they are portrayed without struggles. You can’t win with them.

:ribbon:But men become stronger after their downfall, while women don’t.:ribbon:

Jean Grey, ’nuff said.


Are you still with me? Yes! She’s gone! Finally, no one to interrupt.  Anyway while we’re at the topic of things should we look at one more cover? A recent example is the damn new Riri Williams variant cover for the new Invincible Iron Man (stupid name) cover. The great artist was asked to draw a cover of the new superhero Riri Williams based on the original image he saw of her. Now, why oh why did this cover gain so much controversy?

:ribbon:Because it was sexualizing a minor.:ribbon:

Holy f@%k! Leave me-

:ribbon:Riri Williams is in a position that shows off her body.:ribbon:

What about this image is sexual?

:ribbon:You can see her belly.:ribbon:

Seriously? That? You know that some girls wear those shirts? I don’t care if you wouldn’t wear this, she does. I will admit her pants are a bit too low, but c’mon you can’t be so mad over this cover especially! This was barely any different from the first look of the character we ever saw.

:ribbon:Well what about her being a lazy version of the Mary Jane Watson pose for the variant of Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows?:ribbon:

Oh boo-hoo. So now you think the cover needs to be controversial because it’s lazy work. I agree it was lazy for him to do that, but it’s not worth calling ‘controversial’. In this case it’s only controversial when you force it be. I noticed that is the theme with you, “sexualising women”, “promoting rape culture”, “sexualisation of minors”. You come up with these concepts that the artists had no intention of invoking. You don’t WANT it to be the case, you just FORCE it to be. Why? Because you’re crazy.

:ribbon:But you can’t tell me this image is okay within even your moronic logic.:ribbon:

No, I wanna move on to my original post! Stop interrupting what I actually wanted to write.

:ribbon:I knew it. You don’t have anything to say for this one because you know it’s wrong and that it is offending women.:ribbon:

Fine! After this one leave me alone though. So Starfire is the best case you brought up. You can say it was untrue for the character to show her body off like that, but you know how many other comic book characters get interrupted because of fan service? And you know what is really funny? Most people who are against this depiction of Starfire are for “Free the Nipple”. That’s something I really don’t understand.

:ribbon:But you’re not understanding! This is to serve male fantasy!:ribbon:

Listen, I could really care less about Starfire’s appearance, but there are plenty of moments when comic books take their time to ‘objectify’ men.

:ribbon:Ok, now you officially lost me! There aren’t any comics that do that or to the same extent.:ribbon:

Well, above I just named you one with Spider-Man. We don’t really look at the position of men in comics as anything bad.

:ribbon:Men usually have different bodies and to say women are marginalized like them is unfair to say. What if we all asked people in the world to stand up or else they would be shot? If everyone manages to have the qualification of standing up then that’s fair, but what if it isn’t? It’s definitely not fair to handicaps who can’t stand. We’re all different and we need to judge people on different merits. Well at least what I’m saying is equality looks a bit different for everyone.:ribbon:

Okay, finally something that doesn’t sound too ridiculous coming from your mouth. But guys get sexualized in their own way.

:ribbon:Haha! Like how?:ribbon:

Like that. Imagine if you replaced all these guys with women. I think the internet would be ready to call this an act against women. You know, ‘misogyny’.

:ribbon:But most of those are just shirtless men.:ribbon:

And the examples you showed don’t even have shirtless women. C’mon! Plus like you said yourself, everyone gets sexualized in their own way.

:ribbon:But the women are in sexual positions.:ribbon:

Yeah, so are some of these guys. I found even more. Thank you Google.

Again, imagine if girls were in these positions which some are. I’m not trying to say, “Men are objectified more than women”. I haven’t done deep research to count which gender gets objectified more. All I’m saying is guys also are shown in “clothe less” scenes and that’s not to say some of these characters shouldn’t be shown like this. For example it fits for Namor to always be shirtless because he’s constantly underwater and is supposed to be better looking than Reed who Sue still chooses and because Namor is supposed to look handsome and ya know, “cute”. It also suits characters like Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy who don’t care how sexually they dress.

:ribbon:And then there are characters like Starfire who don’t fit that bill.:ribbon:

Yeah, and I guess that’s where I kind of agree with you. There are more pics and some show guy’s dicks so I had to censor it for the sole purpose of keeping it PG13.

Who would wanna see their floppies anyway? And look at Punisher. Hahaha! There are plenty of shirtless men in every comic book and I don’t see Feminazis cry over that.

:ribbon:Oh please. Don’t be ridiculous! Men don’t get sexually depicted as often as women.:ribbon:

Even if we focus at one character I found a lot of ‘sexual’ showcases.

Who knew midgets could be attractive am I right? Haha!

:ribbon:Stop being offensive to midgets!:ribbon:

And then there is Gambit!

Again, I had to cover-up a part of the image. Guess which one. Anyway, I think that if you try to put your mind in a mindset where ‘men are sexualized’ as much as you put it in the ‘women are sexualized’ mode then you may he surprised at the number. Maybe not exactly equalling but not far off.

:ribbon:Let me guess. Next, you’re going to tell me we often overlook these things because we never look at guys as sexual objects?:ribbon:

Hey! It’s like we’re the same person!……Except for the part when you try to be non-stop ‘oppressed’. Now let’s look at Barry.

And I found this all in 3 issues of the same run minus the one on the right top corner. So many booty shots! And guess what? If women like that, we let them enjoy it! What I’m trying to get at is don’t pretend women are only sexualized in comics and that this is a comic book problem for women only. Take a chill pill, but speak out whenever things like Starfire happen. Just don’t overdo it like with the covers above which most crazy feminists obsess over. For me these aren’t even a problem. I start to understand what people mean with Starfire, but CALM DOWN.

:ribbon:Yeah, you’re dumb. I don’t see how providing guys their wet fantasies in a page is a good thing. Maybe you’re the one who doesn’t understand it because you need to check your privilege.:ribbon:

Honestly, can’t say I didn’t see that coming. But why shouldn’t they? I mean what’s the big deal right? It’s harmless and these depictions shouldn’t really define you.

:ribbon:You’re repeating yourself.:ribbon:

Because you’re too dumb to get my point. Even Gail Simone, which you’d guess by reading this I don’t like, thinks this is okay. When Simone was writing Nightwing & Oracle she said she’s going to put in as many Nightwing booty shots as possible because she understands female viewership in comics is an ever expanding one so she wants something for the ladies. So why don’t feminists like you speak out about that? About the ‘female fantasies’ like you would put it.

:ribbon:Shut up! :ribbon:

It came to my attention that Nightwing is probably comic book’s most….let’s just put it…most beloved man. In an interview Scott Snyder said he got so many messages saying, “Give us more butt shots of Dick” whenever he appeared within the story.

The dude is always put in positions where ladies can enjoy their shred of ass. Even Black Canary can’t help herself but to peek. By the standards of feminists that would be inappropriate as it ‘promotes sexual harassment’. Hot damn Dinah! Did you even ask for Dick’s consent? Hahahaha!

:ribbon:Stop mocking us. It’s not funny.:ribbon:

There were even more!

That’s the thing boys and girls. Take a chill pill because this thing has been blown up out of proportion when they clearly don’t need to be. So what do you say Dana? Do you finally see how your ways are spoiling comics? Putting flame where it doesn’t need to be?

:ribbon:You know what? Never. Women are victims and your sweet talking won’t work on me!:ribbon:

I was pretty fair-

:ribbon:Don’t interrupt me, because interrupting women is sexist! Know that IDANA AM COMING FOR YOU! See you next time and beware.:ribbon:

………..Hmmmm…..That was weird. I wonder who this Dana is. Hopefully this was the first and last of her. Sadly something tells me she’ll come back. Looks like we run out of time folks so sadly my International Men’s Day special isn’t going to come full circle, but in a way you can say this was it. Ugh. My head hurts from seeing all those asses anyway. If you liked this make sure to follow and if you didn’t….well….read some other posts that you’ll like.



  1. Reminds me of Caps jobs in the Marvel movies, Avengers opens on an ass shot of him working out, that helicopter scene from civil war which I know was supposed to be powerful and all that but did come across as a way to get a muscle flex ion to make the audience swoon, lol.
    Great post, spot on.

    Liked by 1 person


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