Everything Wrong With Civil War II #4



Not this thing again! Can anyone give me a good reason why we have to see this page-filler on front of every issue? I thought so. (:x:1)

Again, no reason for this to be here. This event, page, after page does all the same mistakes. (:x:2)

Bendis. (:x:3)

Ok this getting ridiculous. Another page filler. (:x:4) Next, half of the Inhumans are in wrong places and the entire team of the Ultimates is definitely not on Iron Man’s side. Dr. Strange and Steve Rogers also didn’t really choose a side as of this point. What was the point of dividing the page into 2 freaking colors if you were going to do this!? This is pointless, confusing and misinforming. Every icon gets a sin. Screw that! This is the 4th time. The result of the icons will be multiplied by 2! +13 sins added. (:x:17) X2! (:x:34)

Panel 1: Thanks comic. Like we didn’t know who we’ve been following for 4 issues now. (:x:35)

Panel 2: And you presume she’s awake because…..? (:x:36)

Panel 4: Yeah so She-Hulk just now woken up from her accident that she shouldn’t have been hurt from to begin with. (:x:37)

Panel 5: “No one here will talk to me,” That’s racist. (:x:38)

What’s up with the “We can only see Carol’s face” focus? What’s up with She-Hulk?

Panel 2: No, Bruce Wayne. (:x:39)

Panel 2: Hey look! Bendis just referenced something from previous history that wasn’t written by him. Nice try Bendis, but 2Little2Late. (:x:40)

Panel 4: Did you mention the part that you were the one who was mostly accountable for his death, or did that part just slip away? (:x:41)

Usually when someone hides the 2nd character during a scene they’re implying that the character has undergone a serious change. Now they reveal her on this page as some kind of huge thing. I don’t see anything other than a pissed off She-Hulk. (:x:42)

Panel 3: If it’s guesswork then how can Ulysses have knowledge of what someone might do if he doesn’t even know the who? For example, the woman in panel 2 for sure hasn’t met Ulysses so how is his mind able to make a vision about her? I get the whole energy thing, but the energy doesn’t provide him information about everyone, it only creates the visions. (:x:43) More importantly how is he supposed to report on someone if he doesn’t know one’s identity? (:x:44)

Look everyone! The vision failed her, but that won’t stop Carol from being a complete c@#t now, will it? (:x:45)

So Carol got two superhero teams, the Ultimates and Inhumans, along with SHIELD because of one human woman. (:x:46)

Panel 4: No Tony, we all know you won’t stop if they ask you to. (:x:47)

Seriously, again? You have this whole scene of Tony talking to someone, but you don’t show who that someone is to build for the reveal and it’s just regular heroes. Very weird and confusing. (:x:48)

Why is Dr. Strange such a significant figure to be one of those people there? Oh right! He has a movie coming out. (:x:49)

Hey everyone look! Black Bolt finally decided to join the event. But seriously his presence is unneeded given his involvement in the event hasn’t been utilized. (:x:50)

Look at her face! She heard a factual answer and she looks so mad. Watch her still ignore the facts and go with the feelings. (:x:51)

Seriously, if her response is going to ignore facts and still be stubborn I am going to give 10 sins right here at the spot. Carol has been written horribly since she became Captain Marvel, but this might take the cake.

10 sins added. (:x:61)

You are dumb Carol. Period! Of course you check out if a guy has a gun, but you don’t take him into custody if you weren’t done checking which is what you’re doing! (:x:62)

Captain Marvel is literally abusing her authority position! Bendis is so bais against her ideals that he turned her into a monster. He didn’t even try to make her feel less evil! (:x:63)

Panel 1: Thanos attacking holds different stakes than a woman with a possible weapon in a suit case, you nutcase! (:x:64)

Panel 3: What does Rhodey have to do with this? He’s dead! (:x:65) And if he would agree with Carol (very unlikely as he would trust his friend, Stark) then why would his opinion be taken seriously? (:x:66)

Panel 3: Disagree on what? On facts? Are you out for your mind? (:x:67)

Panel 5: “I don’t know how many other ways I have to say it” because you don’t know how to say it! You know inside that Tony’s right because he is using facts while you hold on to feeling which failed you! (:x:68)

Panel 6: And now the bitch destroys his property!!!! Sue that :grimacing:bitch! Who would wanna take HER SIDE!!!!! :angry::astonished: Bendis is not creating a thrilling story where you see where both sides are coming from. You see the horrible writing and the biases placed! 10 sins! (:x:78)

Panel 6: Also, this panel does not include a lap dance. (:x:79)

Panel 1: If she doesn’t wanna get emotional because of Rhodey she shouldn’t have mentioned him to begin with. (:x:80)

Panel 3: Given the facts presented of course it’s not his call which is why he wants to prevent Carol! Dumb question. (:x:81)

Panel 5-7: What’s up with that stupid stare? (:x:82) Also, Medusa is as inconsistent for taking Carol’s side. What a smart queen would do instead is stop getting involved for the safety of her people. (:x:83)

There are so many asked questions by the characters within the story yet no other character answers them. Last warning. Next time I see those happen I downright :x: them.

Panel 3: Karaoke? Seriously? What kind of time-wasting question did you have to ask to find that out? “Oh, hi. You’re arrested as you can see, do you like karaoke?” (:x:84)

Panel 4: Carol doesn’t give a shit how much chaos she causes. (:x:85)

Ignored question! (:x:86)

Panel 2: So you had two super powered teams and SHIELD because you thought she was a Hydra agent? Hahaha! You wouldn’t even have that many people on one person if Steve Rogers turned out to be one. (:x:87)

Panel 3: The only “high-ranking deep-cover operative” is Bendis and Marquez working for DC against Marvel! (:x:88)

Panel 3-4: WTF? I’M SERIOUS!!! HOW DELUSIONAL IS CAROL!?!?! No facts for you to go on that. Not even plausible PROOF!!! 10 F@%KING sins! Holy shit! (:x:98)

Panel 5: Daring anyone to read this and tell me that Carol isn’t a horrible character. I dare you. (:x:99)

Panel 1-2: Why is Bendis torturing us with this?!?!?! He has to be working for DC he just has to! Carol is delusional as hell! She might as well start torturing the woman! (:x:100)

Panel 3: Even Black Panther and Maria Hill are questioning Carol’s actions! Look at them! Alison Green better become a super powered being by the end of this event and kick Carol’s ass! (:x:101)

Panel 1: No, the Nightcrawler from the movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal! (:x:102) Also ignored question! (:x:103)

Panel 2: A lockdown against a teleporter? Good luck. (:x:104) I thought Maria Hill earlier said they can’t keep Ms. Green any longer in custody so, why would she wanna help? (:x:105)

Panel 6: How did you get outside in a lockdown? If that’s your lockdown protocol no wonder they got away. (:x:106) No Carol you’re the %$#& here. (:x:107)

Panel 1: Why is Tony here? Grab the girl and go! It’s like you want to fight. (:x:108) Why would you bring other people with you? They’re calling for a in-obligatory fight! It’s like the writer isn’t trying to hide it. (:x:109)

Panel 1: Literally 67% of the heroes on Team Stark never gave us a hint they would join him, 11% earlier seemed to be with Team Cap, 50% haven’t appeared in the conflict until now. Tie-in cash grabs do not count! 20 sins. (:x:129)

Panel 2: When did all these heroes have the time to come? Maybe you prepared, but don’t tell me they all just got here when you walked into the roof immediately without even giving your location coordinates. (:x:130)

Panel 2: 83% never gave us a definitive choice of being on Team Cap, 67% have their first appearance during the conflict. Another 20 sins! (:x:150)

Panel 3: You mean you haven’t told the public, yet? That would have been more affective than coming here to fight showing your recklessness. There is really nothing fighting can solve in this situation. (:x:151)

Tony, how did you know about Alison Green getting taken in anyway? (:x:152)

The Guardians don’t give a flying cow about this Earthly conflict. (:x:153) Tony Stark is also friends with the Guardians of the Galaxy. (:x:154) When did the Guardians know when to come in? What are the chances of them being next to Earth, get an invitation from Captain Marvel (which was never sent) to join and then accept? Almost none!!!! 10 more sins! This is so RANDOM!!!

If Bendis won’t give a F$@K about this ‘story’, why should I? (:x:164) “Superhero fight” cliché. (:x:165) Also, cover lied by telling Peter Parker will be in the issue. (:x:166)

This was horrible so can’t wait until next time when the two teams actually fight! But we’re not done yet!


For every tie-in this shit gets a sin.

+23 sins added. (:x:189) Also, page-filler times 3! (❌192)

And now we’re done! (Sigh!) This is a new record. Once caught up with Civil War II I can start on a new series so request, request. If you already requested do it again to higher the chances of your wanted series happening.




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