Why ‘Mockingbird Writer Chelsea Cain Quits Twitter Due to Harassment’ is Over-Blown

After I jumped on Twitter and then read the news I just had to state my opinion on this matter. A Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain just quit Twitter due to people harassing her on the social media platform. The series got cancelled and she didn’t take it to heart instead she took it to Twitter. This is what she had to say:


Now I have no idea what she is talking about. I get that more men lead comic books, but that’s because they are more profitable. Or I should say, comics that happen to be men led bring in more profit. Marvel has been giving series to women but if a comic isn’t making numbers why would they keep it? Bad business. You know how many comics with men got their series cancelled? Lobo, Klarion, Doomed, Ant-Man, Hyperion, Carnage, Karnak, Nighthawk, you get the point. More men led titles on average get cancelled than women led. Just because your series gets affected by this it doesn’t mean everyone is going against your identity and what you stand for. Plus there are tons of women in Marvel Comics.

Women in Marvel Comics
I remember there was once a post going around saying, “Angela is getting cancelled because Marvel doesn’t wanna support LGBT”. Actually Angela wasn’t selling well. Simple. Marvel only makes titles based on what people want and people also want female characters which is why we have the amazing Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, etc. In the future we’re getting Ms. America series which I think people want. Mockingbird is a series as we can see many people don’t want.
More Women In Comics


So she got backlash. Knowing internet some disagreed, some were mean, but that’s the internet and then she has the decency to say that comics bring out cruelty in people. What the hell? She sounds very butthurt if you ask me. I really think she is just caught in the moment. She was also a type of writer to push the feminist movement in her titles like this cover, which let’s face it was the biggest and main reason as to why she got backlash.

Maybe the fans of Mockingbird didn’t like the direction she was going which is why they dropped her comic. A lot of these SJWs try to change beloved characters because they wanna make a character represent something there’re not supposed to. If covers like this come out it’s easy to assume what is in the book. Mockingbird isn’t really a feminist icon IN A SENSE that she doesn’t talk about these problems. She just beats up bad guys and knows she is boss. I did read the entire story arc and some elements of pro-feminism were forced. I felt like when Cain was writing this she had a timer counting down when she has to acknowledge women and their problems (some that were proved to be debunked like the wage gap). It was confirmed she didn’t get death threats by her and the tweet she did mention which she blocked was, “Thanks, @chelseacain for ruining my favorite character with your feminist crap.” She considered these tweets to be considered under the harassment umbrella.

Everyone has to know this! If you put any political view into anything, you are bound to get backlash by everyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, black, white, gay, man, etc. Anyone states their opinion by using a comic will get criticized especially when there are devoted fans to a specific character, especially in a character that is not driven by this idealism.


This woman needs to toughen up. This tweet was just downright laughable. People were mean to her so now she quits. Well Dan Slott didn’t quit when he gained death threats for killing Spider-Man, Nick Spencer didn’t quit Twitter when he was getting death threats because of the whole ‘Hail Hydra’ period. Who cares if she quits, okay?  Complaining and deeming this as an act against women is what matters. Because sending mean comments is being misogynistic! Shut up already. Then she tries to make us sympathise with her by bringing in her daughter and how she says “I love you.” Barf.

Why are we pretending that Internet shouldn’t be mean to women like to men? I provided examples when men do and gain death threats which is worse than being told your comic sucks. Why are we pretending when women get harassed it’s sexist, misogynistic? I don’t understand.

I wouldn’t also be surprised if this was a stunt for people to buy her comics. As of now Mockingbird Volume 1 is #1 best-selling on Amazon.com and Volume 2 is #9 with a subtitle, “My Feminist Agenda”. Okay, maybe we’re going into conspiracy theory mode now, but this just annoys me. She gained much support from people and other comic book creators who themselves didn’t look into things. The comic creator that decided to challenge the supposed victim situation without pouring fuel was Brian Bendis by tweeting it’s no a problem with just comics which she did say it was).

Let’s face it any comic book creator would have gained backlash if they spoke out against this nonsense. I never understand how you can change a character’s shift to please your own beliefs, then get hurt when someone calls you out for it. Many people would argue she wasn’t pushing that much into the super-feminist area, but you can’t say that given the titles of Volume 2 and the cover of issue 8. Cain mentioned how people were celebrating the cancellation of a woman lead comic on her tweets. No, I’m pretty sure they were unhappy because of the direction of the character. There are plenty of women lead comics that are successful.

I do not wish harassment upon anyone who wants to do good. I don’t. But we shouldn’t pretend women are victims in scenarios when men are victimized just as much. If she would be a real feminist who drove a narrative of equality among women and men you would see her criticize both sizes of the spectrum and not just women who are hurt by this and then call it exclusively misogynistic even though as far we know it was just harsh criticism.


The whole story has a high possibility of being blown out of proportion which goes back to being oversensitivity. Click here to see how this might be exaggerated.




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