Doctor Strange Review (Non-Spoilers)

I have happily seen Doctor Strange early and it is time I’ll give you my take on the whole thing without giving away anything key. The whole review post is consisted of 4 sections. Each of those sections is split into two parts, one what I like to call editorial and artistic. I decided this will be my criteria to make the best possible grade.

First of we are looking at one of the most important parts of what makes a motion picture. In the editorial section the directing is key. The director of this work is Scott Derrickson and boy did he do a great job. As far as I’m concerned he understood the source material which is the hardest ingredient of making a superhero film because there is so much history to occupy with to then cut it all down into 2 hours and make it work. With this leading he managed to contribute sense to all characters and mythos. Now the artistic portion is the story. Same exact thing can be said about the screenwriters who Derrickson co-wrote with C. Robert Cargill. One thing I would say is I wished there was more to the opposing side’s task which would give the conflict a bit more tension to provide complexity to the simple main plot. I also wanna say this movie has scenes you have never seen in cinematic history at least to my eyes. Very unique story and no other film will give you this experience. That’s all I’ll say without giving away things.

Directing & Screenwriting: 4/5Image result for doctor strange director on setHere we move on to actors (editorial) and characters (artstic). Every main character in this is awesome. Period. Doctor Stephen Strange is really cool and anything a fan would expect, is there. No one will be disappointed thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayl of the strange doctor. Wong, Baron Mordo (brings it every scene), Ancient One, Christine Palmer are all awesome. None of these characters could have clicked without their good performances although nothing Oscar worthy. Now the <dramatic music> villain, Kaelius….Ka-…..Kealous? Screw this. I’ll copy and paste his name. Kaecilius was also really cool! In my opinion Marvel gets exaggerated criticism over their villains. He was cool, you understood his motives, why he he was doing what he was doing and served his purpose. There is one character I feel ‘meh’ about that ties into the conflict, but I have a feeling this character will get it’s true potential in the future or at least I hope so because I wanna see more of this character.

Actors & Characters: 4.25/5

Image result for doctor strange movie characters
Next up the 2 compounds that create belief within the disbelief. Special effects all look great especially within the scenes I earlier referred to as exclusive to this film. Such great scenes were done with practical and CGI effects. Sometimes there were clear seconds when you could make out a computer generated person rather than an actual human being during the physical motions of the characters, but you can forgive that. The atmosphere is just as important because it sets-up how far the movie goes. The tone tells us if this movie is allowed to have magic or powers or flying space bunnies. The atmosphere fits the characters and doesn’t randomly shift. Magic in this universe is something any viewer can get behind while for example space bunnies are not and this movie knows that.

Special Effects & Atmosphere: 4/5

Image result for doctor strange movie characters
Now I will look at all the other remaining elements you would imagine to be in a film, like in editorial: cinematography, music, editing, etc. while for artistic we have the action, pace, structure, etc. Out of the editorial side what stood out in the positive was music which I really enjoyed. It adds to the parts of the movie and at the end there’s a very cool theme. Nothing Hans Zimmer-y but it is really the first time since the Avengers that we get a memorable score. Personally nothing out of the editorial area distracted me. As a side note I was sad to see the old Marvel Studios logo go because it no longer pays homage to where the films originated from, but I guess that’s what the movie is for. Goodbye old Marvel Studios logo (2008-2016). Out of the artistic section what really came out strong is the action, BUT listen! The action doesn’t  choreograph its characters in any awesome moves or poses like we usually see in the Avengers or Man of Steel. Instead we get action that fits within whatever is happening and that to me is more important. All I’ll say is I smiled a lot during the action. I quickly wanna mention world-building which is just perfect. Right from the get-go the opening scene (NO spoilers) sets up the whole movie which is what an opening scene is supposed to do. No major faults within the artistic part.

Other: 4.25/5


Image result for marvel studios logo 2016

Overall, this movie will mostly be enjoyable to everyone. A person who loves magic will love this more than someone who isn’t crazy on mysticism. Still, the person who is really not interested in this genre will probably be entertained which speaks so well on so many levels. Everyone must see this movie because it’s an experience no one has encountered. Marvel again, manages to realize what makes each of their characters interesting and pushes that as their driving point. Marvel is not mixing up their formula for each and every one of their property, instead they create a completely brand new elixir that is just as good as every other one.


Great: 8.3/10

I am really curios what you thought of this movie so post your comments below with zero spoilers, please! I’ll be on the haunt of other bloggers to find out if they are as impressed. I seriously wanna know, because IT ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT ME!



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