Everything Wrong With Civil War II #3

Welcome to the new installment of Comic Sins where we analyse a comic for what it truly is. If you missed Everything Wrong With Civil War II #2 I suggest you check it out before this comic. Now with no further of due, begin this!



Oh gosh! Are we really forced to see this thing every time we read this? You know people didn’t pay for page-fillers, but for the story. Although given the quality of this one it might not even be that. (:x:1)

Seriously?! Another page-filler? We know what happened last issue! (:x:2)

Also Hulk porn. (Again) (:x:3)

I’m genuinely surprised as this issue decided to open in a way I did not expect it to. Having said that Carol’s black eye is gone. And yes this happened couple days or weeks after she confronted the Hulk, but even in the flashbacks she doesn’t have it. (:x:4)

Panel 3: Bruce Banner should be the one asking questions here. Given that you broke into his house. (:x:5)

Tony is here to keep Carol from leading to people’s abrupt deaths. Shows how bad of a character Carol has become. Seems like Bendis is bias for Tony Stark like Miller was bias for Steve Rogers in the original. Huge mistake! (:x:6)

Panel 13: If you’re telling him to keep calm before he walks out maybe it’s not a good idea to go outside! (:x:7)

Alright! This is definitely not a good idea! Why would you wanna overwhelm a guy who shouldn’t be overwhelmed! Especially after that vision!??!?! This makes no sense. 10 sins added. (:x:17)

Another poor excuse to shove as many heroes into one panel. X-Men shouldn’t even care about this. Then there are the teen heroes who should be in school. And Deadpool? FREAKING DEADPOOL?!?! He is the last person to care about all this. We already talked about this! Screw this! 20 SINS! (:x:37)

Oh gosh this is not good. Only now we get the proper intro and we’re already at 37 sins. New record.

Also, Bendis. (:x:38)

At this moment and time what’s the point of this chart? It’s clear that heroes haven’t chosen their sides yet and if they did they’re all scattered in the wrong place. All Inhumans should be with Captain Marvel, while Spider-Men, Thor, Hakweye were last seen with Captain Marvel, Ulysses is definitely with Carol and who cares what MJ chooses. She’s not a superhero. (:x:39)

All means is this is a pointless and confusing chart within itself. (:x:40)

Adding a sin for every icon on here. This chart is bogus. +20 sins (:x:60)

Also, page-filler. (:x:61)

Panel 2: Hey everyone! I take it all back! Bendis found a way to utilize these unneeded characters in this event. He gave them a sentence each. (:x:62)

Panel 6: This isn’t how you handle a situation like this. Remember the 1st Avengers film and how Black Widow went out to recruit the Hulk (against his wishes) at night with people waiting outside while she was inside alone in case of danger? That’s how you handle a guy who shouldn’t be overwhelmed. (:x:63)

Panel 2: What deal? There is no clear answer here. If it’s not to wear the suit then what difference would it make with plenty of other heroes being in their suits? Tony wouldn’t try anything crazy right in front of everyone. And wouldn’t have they needed his help in case Banner did Hulk out like Carol thought he would. (:x:64)

Panel 4: “We’re a split room.” No. No you’re not a ‘split room’. Most of these heroes don’t care, and the remaining were on Captain Marvel’s side accordingly from what we can go off of. You can’t just expect us to just sit there and read Tony say everyone is conflicted when we never saw the confliction of others to begin with. (:x:65)

Panel 6: Carol is sitting in the court room saying Beast hacked into Banner’s property. Hacking is illegal and Carol just snitched on Beast, but you know, Bendis….. so no consequences there. (:x:66)

Last issue and this issue. I’m seeing Beast is the new excuse for the story to progress. He’s smart, but there are only so many times before the explanation becomes overdone. (:x:67)

Panel 1: And exactly how is that instant proof Bruce will turn into the Hulk and start killing everyone? Bruce has always been experimenting with gamma rays. (:x:68)

Panel 2: Banner would be great at ComicSins. (:x:69)

Panel 6: He just said that this work has kept him from Hulking out and here is this bitch wanting to detain him. (:x:70)

Panel 7: Alright, Bruce Banner would really be good at ComicSins. (:x:71)

This just happened. (:x:72)

Unnecessary death number Infinity. Can’t wait to see him come back from the dead in a year or two. (:x:73)

Panel 4 shows Bruce getting hit in the chest when in panels 2 and 7 it’s his head that gets shot. (:x:74)

What was the point of hiding if you’re going to turn yourself in anyway? (:x:75)

Alright. Anyone else mad? This could have been prevented so easily. Crazy part is that Bendis probably knows this himself. Is Bendis just really an inside man working for DC? I’m starting to believe that more and more. (:x:76)

Alright why is everyone balling their eyes out in this comic? Especially that Bruce told Hawkeye to kill him. Even Bruce had a tear in his eyes when he was DEAD! And I though I was a baby when my family had to turn off a Spider-Man movie because it was too scary for me when I was younger. Er….Ignore that. (:x:77)

Alright this may not be a sin, but why are we not seeing Clint in these shots with Bruce? Is Clint not alone? We also didn’t actually see Clint kill Bruce. Is it possible Clint is covering for someone else? Just something I wanted to throw in there. OK. Let’s move on.

Panel 2: So since Beast hacked into Banner’s private property he had the option to find this recording. If this was watched before the mission this would have explained why Bruce was experimenting on gamma rays solving the conflict which from the beginning was bull. (:x:78)

No, Clint stop lying. You were the furthest person from Banner. Even us readers didn’t see his eye flicker and we were right in front of his face. You don’t have super vision like Superman does. (:x:79)

Why didn’t Clint warn Banner? Would seem like the smartest thing to do especially that he was one of the people to experience the vision. (:x:80)

This is what I was talking about in the first issue. Carol could care less about killing people or heroes for that matter. Here she says lives of heroes were saved. Oh the irony. (:x:81)

So Carol didn’t see Clint run into the trees, but what about all the other army of people? You had super powered beings with super senses, you hadΒ helicarriers seeing the entire view reporting to Maria Hill who was in the middle of the action and even then everyone there has a PAIR OF F@#!ING EYES! Not even one person was suspicious of Hawkeye leaving? I didn’t know this was a fairytale. Ridiculous. (:x:82)

Okay just a second ago Miles was watching the feed with his friends at home, and now he’s in the middle of Times Square. (:x:83)

Panel 1: I must be seeing something. That’s Tony Stark helping Carol on a mission even though this is happening after Banner’s death! How can this be so inconsistent? (:x:84)

That’s not a response to his question. It’s the opposite because you were actually being irresponsible during this mission. (:x:85)

Yet again we see the arrow contacting Banner’s chest when earlier you showed it piercing his head. This is the second time. I did not expect this from Marquez. 5 sins. (:x:90)

Hey! We finally get a perspective from someone other than Iron Man and Captain Marvel. (:white_check_mark:1=:x:89)

If Kamala, Miles and Nova switched to Team Iron Man why were they seen helping Carol in the montage at sin 84. (:x:90)

Panel 1: Tony was there when they read the verdict. Why are we pretending he wasn’t there? (:x:91)

Panel 4: How can Tony see the future if F.R.I.D.A.Y. was only supposed to show him how Ulysses’ brain works? Bendis even knows Tony won’t see the future because if he did they would have shown us what it is showing. (:x:90)

Weak cliffhanger. (:x:91)

The main cover is mismarketing. (:x:92)

Alright folks! That is all for to-


Sin per every tie-in!

23 sins added!
You better have enjoyed this. If you want, write in some requests. The more people request a comic the higher chances of it happening.



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