Everything Wrong With Civil War II #2

Welcome to the 2nd issue of Civil War II ComicSins. If you missed the first issue click here. Now, with no further of due let’s begin breaking this thing apart. One more thing….



This thing again?! Is it really going to be in the beginning of every issue? It pisses me off. People paid $4.99 for a page-filler like that? (:x:1)

Thanks Marvel we know what happened what’s the point of this image again? Ah! That’s right, page-filler. (:x:2)

Bendis. (:x:3)

I love how Marvel knows there are way too many characters in this event so the reader will need to look at this. Someone at Marvel probbably said, “Oh @#$! it! Too many characters. Let’s instead put team names.” Adding a sin per every box. +11sins. (:x:14)

Also, page-filler. (:x:15)

Panel 1: 1. Wow, wow, wow! How the hell did you know he was standing there? (:x:16) 2. If Medusa was standing there the whole time (or was even close) how did Tony’s suit not pick her up? Seems like we’re ignoring logic. Again!(:x:17)

Panel 6: Did Medusa’s hair just went through Iron Man’s suit? But I thought this Mark is supposed to be packed with everything…Oh right we’re ignoring logic. (:x:18)

“You’re really in my personal space here.” No Tony you are in her personal space. (:x:19)

Panel 1: Ok, so her hair is conductive yet you forgot her hair was also in your helmet meaning it would have also electrocuted you, but it doesn’t for some reason. Makes perfect sense. (:x:20)

Panel 4: Crystal and Human Torch shouldn’t even be there. In the first page they were literally shown leaving Atillan. I’m serious, Bendis isn’t even sticking to his own made up logic. (:x:21)

Crystal & Human Torch shown earlier leaving the Kingdom

Panel 5: Let me see…Medusa was just whooping your ass, your stealth mode failed you and your scanners haven’t detected Medusa standing right behind you. That’s 3 sins for 3 lies. (:x:24)

Panel 7: Human Torch and the other girl that no one cares about are standing there doing completely nothing. (:x:25)

Panel 3: There were 4 heroes standing in a tiny room still, no one saw another Iron Man suit grabbing Ulyesses and flying away? Too much of screwing logic. Adding 10 sins. Enough is enough! (:x:35)

Panel 3: “It’s one of his signature tricks.” This was the first time I saw Iron Man do this. (:x:36)

Panel 4: “Why didn’t you help us fight him, Henry?” Funny you ask. Here’s a better question: Why didn’t you ask that question when Human Torch and that other Inhuman girl were just watching you and Karnak fight? (:x:37)

Panel 4: “I don’t fight Tony Stark.” In other words, “Make it more convenient for the plot.” (:x:38)

Panel 3: If Medusa knows Stark isn’t in the Tower why are they going there? Seems pretty unproductive if you ask anyone. (:x:39)

Panel 1: Aw! Now it makes sense, but why is Medusa trying to tame Karnak when she was just leading him and everyone else to the Tower in the previous page? Shit, I knew this couldn’t be that easy.(:x:40)

Panel 1: Medusa is holding Beast with half of her hair, the other half to hold Karnak. Last time I checked she can’t fly so she’s going to be having a real leg injury in the next panel when she lands. (:x:41)

Panel 2: Don’t mind Medusa went from holding back Karnak to letting go of him. (:x:42)

Panel 1: Vision, Thor and Sam Wilson are not part of the Ultimates. They shouldn’t really be here other than to shove as many characters into one panel even if it makes 0 sense. (:x:43)

Panel 4: OK, Captain Marvel gave you a huge heads up! It’s not her fault for not preparing well in advance.:stuck_out_tongue: Stupid Inhumans. (:x:44)

Panel 6: She said she ‘hoped’ he would calm down you stupid! (:x:45)

I never mentioned how Marvel is shoving these Inhumans down our throats. Until now. (:x:46)

Panel 1: Too bad we’ll never see that side of the story play out in the main series. (:x:47)

Panel 5: “You could have asked me to do these tests.” Ulyesses would be great at Comic Sins. (:x:48)

Panel 5: Oh shut up Tony with such a poor excuse to justify your actions. (:x:49)

I’ve had it over my nose! Bendis just shoved more characters into the conflict for no reason other than “because it looks cool”. :rage:Why is Hawkeye here? Spider-Woman should better take care of her baby, Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales and Nova should be at home doing homework, why does Rogue care as to what is happening and like Blue Marvel every character I just mentioned wasn’t in the previous scene!!! Most of these characters SHOULDN’T BE HERE!:angry:It even says ALL their blood pressures are high because they just all care so much. Bullshit! I was nice the first time but you added more uneeded people! 20 damn sins! (:x:69)

So the lazy explanation as to how they were able to find Tony’s hideout was BECAUSE I’M BEAST! (:x:70)

Hey look! How funny, a “self-referencial joke” cliché. (:x:71)

Hulk porn. (:x:72)

Unexplained-Plot-Conveniency number….I’ve honestly lost count. (:x:73)

So how do you know it’s not Amadeus Cho? It was a very quick vision and the hair on that thing looked more like Amadeus. Not even going to send an investgation on Cho just in case it is him…..But who cares about being rational, right? (:x:74)

Carol is going to do something stupid. Poor blondes will never get a good name. (:x:75)

It’s not over! It’s time we give a sin for every tie-in this comic will tell us to read just to get the full story. Money whores.

+14 Sins (:x:89)

That was that. Hopefully your head didn’t blow up. I need rest after this. Everything became meaningless. Leave suggestions for more blogs like these. What series you wanna get scanned?


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