10 WORST Live-Action Supervillain Costumes

There are a ton of horrible superhero costumes we’ve seen over the decades, (if you missed it read 10 WORST Live-Action Superhero Costumes of All Time) but there are also plenty of ones for supervillains which is why we will take a look at 10 of the worst. No CGI characters like Galactus, Parallax or Doomsday. That would be too easy.

10. LIVEWIRE (Supergirl Season 1)

The woman looks like she just got out of bed. Her hair looks like a wig and the outfit doesn’t suit the character at all. The comic book version of Livewire looks so cool with a mowhawk, awesome suit. This suit is very casual and looks awkward for the character whenever she fights (especially a hero like Supergirl or Flash). Downright ugly to look at.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania livewire
What it should somewhat look like!

9. LEX LUTHOR (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [2016])

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Luthor? Costume?’. Yeah so maybe I am not that fair but I just needed to include him. Look at the image above!! Looks nothing like Lex Luthor to me. He is wearing something a teenager would to a rock concert and then he wears something like below:

The ‘X’ needs to be bigger
He’s wearing something a 50 year old would. Not even…. What’s up with the trench coat on something that clearly doesn’t go well with a trench coat. Not even going to mention the hair. And for your sake let’s ignore the acting. Horrible casting decision and character. Can you imagine him in a power suit? I can’t. I did Bryan Cranston, though. One of the best villains reduced to a ‘little mind’. He should have stayed in that court.

8. APOCALYPSE (X-Men: Apocalypse [2016])

The image below says it all.

In today’s world superhero films have a much different standard than they used to. Designs of characters have to evolve. Villains and heroes are starting to look more and more like their comic book counterparts. Then there is Apocalypse to say, “F$@k that!”. Not only did the character not look like his comic book counterpart but you could tell how uncomfortable Oscar Isaac was. All you need to do is look at his hands. Next time you watch the film look at the character’s hand and the awkward, uncomfortable and limited movement. Then look at the entire body.

This character would have looked X50 better in CGI. He was also the same size as the other X-Men! Embarrassing! Ton of cosplayers had better suits than this. Now he will forever be referred to as the Ivan Ooze twin. Apocalypse did not look superior, scary, imposing or even menacing. He looked like no one but a weakling.

7. BULLSEYE (Daredevil [2003])

How can you take yourself so seriously yet look so silly! Well that could be asked to the Daredevil film as a whole, but we’ll focus on Bullseye who looks nothing like him. He looks nothing like the character and what’s with villains and trenchcoats!? And that thing on his head…..just no. The performance might have been fine but the look just made him stand out more than anything else. Now let’s look below at the comparison showing us the failure.

6. ENCHANTRESS (Suicide Squad [2016])

No, I am not referring to her first suit which made sense. It reminded me of a possessed witch that suits Enchantress. Then for no reason she switched to this. Ironically as soon as the character changed into this ‘ultimate’ form the film started progressively getting worse. I know there were supposed to be no CGI characters, but you could still see the face of the actor. She is supposed to look like a goddess, but all it really comes off as is a stripper with a hive on her head that magically doesn’t make her want to loose balance. Her posture looks very unrealistic and fake covered with horrible CGI. And gosh let’s not mention her dance moves! Next! Quick!

5. BANE (Batman & Robin [1997])

Which would you not wanna walk into? Actually my answer is neither. The Nolan one looks imposing and dangerous, but the Batman and Robin one looks scary-dumb. It resembles Bane from the comics, but has zero qualities of that character. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Jack Black under the mask. The design looks horribly cliché and at the sight of seeing this you just wanna kill it with fire. At least Mr. Freeze looked bearable while this dude has to be put down. Fast.

“I’m DUMB!!!”

4. RED TORNADO (Supergirl Season 1)

Here goes Supergirl again…..I realize Red Tornado is a hero, but in the show he was treated as a villain so I’ll put him on this list. Any sane person can tell where the skin and where the ‘metal’ is. Anyone can tell that it’s not a robot, but a doll. I have no clue who green lit this, but it looks like something from 50s and not 2015. This thing is wearing pads. The filmmakers told us it was an ‘android’. Hahahah-No one will buy that crap! Red Tornado? More like Red Tomato. A rotten one at that.

“Bear paws activate!”

3. SABERTOOTH (X-Men [2000])

Sabertooth in 2000’s X-Men
If I fooled you with the image above it just says how bad of a job they did with the character of Sabertooth in his ever first live-action appearance. Below is an image of how he actually looked like.

Not so different, hey? A failed attempt to make a comic accurate Sabertooth on the big screen. What is funny is how fake the claws, eyes, makeup, fur, hair and eyebrows look. You can easily tell how much laziness was put into this one thing. If you took away the claws and fangs people would think this is some angry homeless man. Who would blame them, right? Thank goodness Sabertooth got his proper due in 2009 with a much different look and actor (no surprise there).

2. HECTOR HAMMOND (Green Lantern [2011])

Oh gosh! I would not wanna be inside of this guy’s white van! Seriously he looks like a pedophile. This character’s not only obnoxious in appearance but also in performance. If he auditioned for Stephen King’s It as Pennywise I’m sure he would end up getting the role. Hammond for sure looks as one of the worst supervillains in live-action. Before we get to #1 there are the….


Is that Jessie Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor?



1. DOCTOR DOOM (Floptastic Four [2015])

Now you’ve done it Hollywood!!!! I rather drink something that rhymes with leach than to see this thing ever again! How could you destroy one of the greatest villains?!?! Of all time?!?!? How?!?!?!! 1. What the hell is the green goo? 2. Why is he wearing a potato sack as his hood? 3. Why does he look so weak? 4. What’s with the green goo? 5. How does he breathe? 6. Shoot this thing out of existence!!!!

Let’s face it. The costume was the least worrying thing about this character. Why was he doing what he was doing? What was his motivation? Why was he mad? How did he survive? The 1994 version of the character looked X10 better and that film didn’t even make it to theaters!

1994 version
A character that is the greatest threat to FF, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Avengers and even the Marvel Universe as a whole is now just a nerdy teenager that randomly blows people’s heads off. No development, no anything. And what’s with the electricity powers? I sometimes wonder if this character will ever get what he deserves.
Brought to you by the Garbage company
Alright, my head officially hurts from looking at all these. I need to go lay down before I faint. In the meantime tell me if I missed anything or just give me your opinion. Which list was worse? The hero or the villain one?

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