10 WORST Live-Action Superhero Costumes of All Time

The history of superheroes is rich with amazing and horrible costumes. It is time we took a look at the worst of the worst costumes our favorite heroes were forced to wear.

10. HOURMAN (Legends of Tomorrow Season 1)

You see the image above? Looks pretty cool if you ask me. It shows you so much yet it seems very simple. Well how bad was the TV Show one…..

What the hell is this?! When he first appeared on the screen I thought it was some Green Arrow knock off. Then he stated his name. The dude was unrecognizable and it looked very uncomfortable for the actor with his tiny little cape trailing right behind him. What’s up with CW’s choice of actors anyway? ‘Cute, dreamy and…. no talent!’. To be honest a lot of CW costumes look plastic just look at the image of JSA below.

Plastic-Man is missing in this picture to make it a complete set.

Should have put the entire team on here.

9. VIXEN (Arrow Season 4)

With a character that first debuted in the universe in animation Mari McCabe looked pretty sick if you ask me. She looked exactly how Vixen was supposed to look like.

Then came the live-action dump out of nowhere. Out of left field! It looks very flat, 2 dimensional and total opposite of what the animated one looks like. It resembles the opposite of a wild animal which is what Vixen represents. She didn’t even cut her hair! Shows the dedication to the role the actress had, but hair’s the least of the problems. The actress was woody and her mouth was super distracting in every of her scene. The way it just moved. No wonder they’re getting a new live-action actress.


Down right disaster. Dull acting mixed with one of the worst costumes to date. Why the hell did they make Cap’s ears part of the costume? I mean it! His ears were the costume. They put some elastic ears to cover his ears. Where’s the logic in that? Don’t tell me the picture below doesn’t make you cringe.


7. THOR (The Incredible Hulk Returns [1988])

Give Hulk a break. The CGI limitations weren’t as capable as today and for what they had this was pretty good. Too bad same can’t be said about Thor or should I say Viking. This is more along the roots of Norse myths than Marvel comics. If anyone looks at the ‘armor’ alone they’ll tell it looks very cheap/fake. Look, I get this was a TV movie, but you could have done something better. Much better!

6. CATWOMAN (2004)

Sure, Catwoman is sexy, but what were they thinking with this piece of junk. Instead of going for a classic style, or the modern one (most popular) we ended up with an original stripper outfit. The worst part is they got a good actress for the job which makes it even more miserable.

Let’s not even talk about the movie itself.

5. SPIDER-MAN (1977)

Looks like Spider-Man drank too much at the bar. I realize it’s from ’77 (which is why this isn’t higher), but something, ANYTHING would have been better than this rag stitched together last second. Time to throw this away and forget as fast as we can. Next!

4. BATMAN (Batman & Robin [1997])

Anyone can recognize these nips. It is the monstrosity that Batman & Robin is. The campy, and laughable outfits worn by the supposed ‘Dark’ Knight made the ’66 TV show look like Mona Lisa!

Poor Robin got affected by this too. This film ruined careers of so many actors and it’s a miracle Clooney survived this trainwreck. I don’t even wanna mention the added butt crack. I’m sure they were just playing around with the idea of adding a buttwhole, but time cut them off. Tell me, if y-DO YOU BLEED!?!? Sorry! IDK what that was about. Back to the question….. Tell me, if you were a criminal would you get scared by the image below?


Thought so.


Just cringe. Pure! CRINGE! When your film doesn’t make it to theaters you know you made bad suits. The Thing looks like a gorilla, Mr. Fantastic like a pervert, Human Torch looked like he ate too many carrots and Invisible Woman was apparently getting a camel toe on the set from the horrible spandex outfit. One could say it’s accurate but it still manages to look ridiculous. The suits were very uncomfortable for the actors and let’s face it, they all look like twats. It was really hard to find good full body shots even if you were to watch the movie (trying to hide it won’t stop me). Below is a better look. And yes this film came out in the 90s. <facepalm>Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania fantastic four movie 1994

2. DEADPOOL (X-Men Origins: Wolverine [2009])

Who the flock made this….this….what?!?!?! How does that….NO WORDS!!!! This is pure example of when movie makers that know nothing about the comics make a comic book film!! One of the filmmakers said the character was too annoying so what did they do? They stitched the mouth of the Merc with a Mouth!!! You could’ve used the stitches for that horrible Spidey suit from earlier.

On top of that they gave him the ability to shoot optic blasts out of his eyes, retract katannas from his hands (how could he bend his arms?), teleportation, baldness and many other powers that don’t belong to him. (Yes baldness is a power). The only reason this isn’t#1 is because Deadpool got his due comeback. Speaking of which before that #1….


Victoria’s Secret

1. STEEL (1997)

Shoot this thing down with missiles, bomb it and then launch it into the sun. This is the worst suit ever in the history of comic book movie characters. Not only does it look nothing like the original, but it also manages to be a horrible movie with atrocious acting. Now I know what to dress on Halloween to scare the whole world. And what’s the hammer for?! The helm looks something out of a pooper!

Another attempt at a character the filmmaker had no clue about. The saddest part is this was probably the the first African-American superhero to have a film. If not, it’s Spawn but you saw how that turned out as well. Anyone could have made a better one at home.

Told ya…

Well that is it. Next time expect me to do villains. Oh yes! Even villains aren’t free from my grasp. Bwahaha! Give me your list and do you agree? Discuss people! Peace out.




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