Justice League vs. Suicide Squad EVENT Announced

Well the craziest thing DC Comics just announced is a new event called Justice League vs. Suicide Squad coming this December as a 6 part limited series. The schedule is said to consist of 2 issues coming in December while the other 4 will come in January. Knowing how these events go it will get delayed until February. It would be a sin not to say this event is only happening probably due to the current popularity of the two teams with Suicide Squad just getting its standalone motion picture. Honestly, I think this is the dumbest thing DC has announced since the whole “Creativity Over Continuity” famous quote during the launch of DC You. C’mon! All you need is take one character from Justice League and he/she could probably beat the entire Suicide Squad by themselves. 

Yeah I’m looking at this from a less positive perception, but it’s a very reasonable one at that. I’m sure we’ll get some cool encounters with the characters especially that the new Joshua Williamson (writing current The Flash [2016]) will helm the writing duties. He’s is a fine writer so far and my expectations would have been much smaller if it weren’t for Williamson. Killer Frost will somehow cause the event to kick-off and the after effects of this will give us a series called Justice League of America which will end up being a mash-up of heroes and villains (JLxSS) monitored by the government or something like that, is my guess. I might make you even more worried when I say DC is officially planning to do events quarterly from now on.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania justice league vs. suicide squad logo

Some news outlets have been reporting for the next event, after this one to come out in April of 2017 which is nothing to be excited about. We know what happens when there are too many events in a year. Mediocrity is what happens. Anyone remember Marvel’s plan on putting out 2 events per year? At least 1/2 of the events were good, 2013 had the horrible Age of Ultron and the good Infinity, 2014 had Original Sin and the okay AXIS. 2015 was occupied by the massive Secret Wars, but this year has Civil War II and Death of X. Now imagine 4 crossovers a year! This is a big problem. How is DC supposed to focus on giving us the best huge event when they also need to be occupied with 3 other ones? This also means DC can’t afford any delays, and we know delays will happen. You want to have a third event when you aren’t even finished with the 2nd one? I thought so. Big events do require more publisher involvement and this makes me not confident. I knew Rebirth was too good to be true which has shipped 12 million copies so far. Perhaps we should move on to you guys and see what you think!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania age of ultron marvel comic Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania axis marvel comic

It seems you sweaties all agree with me about these unbalanced team rosters. One user managed to bring up a great point.

Like @Outside_85 says there will be some silly explanations to underpower the League or some silly plot device which throws another obstacle at the track of making this event good. Some of you are just excited because you’re getting a nerdgasm seeing Batman and Harley Quinn in such an awesome pose.

With Jason Fabok’s drawings even I can’t resist the badassness of that cover. Looks just beautiful and crazy fun! Some people are starting to get sick of the entire “<blank> vs. <blank>” money cash grab. I agree they should think of a more creative title at least.

Sorry to disappoint you, @Allsportstees, but comics with a “vs.” sell more. It does get annoying eventually, especially when the character(s) in the title barely fight (like in Deadpool vs. Hawkeye), but that’s the world we live in.

I also thought this tweet was funny so here you go!

So are you excited at all by this story or do you feel exactly like me? Which tweets do you agree with? Speak up in the comments and tell me if you like the implantation of tweets of other opinions.



  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you about crossover fatigue. I was reading ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Ms. Marvel’ this week. I really enjoyed the stories…but wondered how good they could’ve been if they didn’t have to sync up with ‘Civil War II.’ And you’re right about the off-balanced teams too! Isn’t everyone in the Suicide Squad essentially a Batman villain? At least for the most part? If Batman can handle all these characters on his own how can the Justice League not finish it up in three minutes? This was a fantastic piece! You’ve captured something I feel often.

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