Detective Comics #939 Review

(Vacation, yada, yadee, yara)

RCO001_1472029308YES! That is all I have to say about this issue of Detective Comics because it was so good. Another fun new chapter in this well constructed story. Detective Comics is one of the DC Rebirth titles that has been able to maintain its consistent story quality and tone. I do not think this is going to have an impact that the Killing Joke or the Dark Knight Returns had not just on Batman, but on comics in general, but this will be entertaining for anyone who randomly picks it up and what else should I more demand? You can clearly see Tynion IV planned the story well ahead instead of coming up with what will happen to each issue at the last moment <ehem>Action Comics <ehem>. This issue focuses more on a specific character and it does a perfect job focusing on him/her. They do some cliche things with this character once, but that doesn’t distract from what’s at work. The story progresses very nicely and continues on in great pace. I was very glad to see my favorite colorist back, Adriano Lucas who creates images resembling paintings while the expressions work the best with his color and the art in the issue. Very few negatives, like earlier said there are some cliche lines this comic trends, but that could be easily overlooked. The opening scene wasn’t really needed in my opinion and comes off too cheesy. Other than these minor flaws the issue works in every other category.

#939 of Detective Comics walks some unoriginal lines, but in the end with all the great character developments, writing, art, and color the issue is just another fun ride I would recommend for everyone to read.



  • So the issue does choose to focus more on Tim Drake like the cover heavily suggests. We get some great scenes, but also some stereotypical ones like the build up to his supposed death. The “I am planning to retire” crap is ran to the ground and usually is a flag to one’s death. The issue does end with him willing to sacrifice his life – which won’t happen – and we get an awesome “NOT AGAIN” face from Batman
  • Clayface is amazing! No surprise here. His scene with him willing to save people makes me feel empathy for the dude. He just can’t be useful without bringing in his bad side. His lines all feel natural so I’m glad they didn’t try to change the character while changing sides to good
  • Cassandra Cain seems to have a secret within her I can’t wait to find out more about. When she was evacuating civilians I think she was hallucinating her father within the crowd. Maybe I just read too much into that moment so someone tell me if I’m crazy or not


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