Action Comics #962 Review

(Yes, I am still on vacation, blah, blah, blah, blah. You get the point)

RCO001_1472029326It’s the final chapter of the first Rebirth Action Comics storyline and it’s a huge disappointment. This issue is basically just another action scene and that is all. Dan Jurgens started the arc so well, but failed at finishing it. What should have been a 2-3 issue plot point was stretched into a 6 issue story. Anyone in the right mind would know the negative outcome of that. Put it in your head like this, imagine if you watched a Superman movie and in that entire movie all you’re watching is this super long action sequence. It doesn’t help that the conclusion to the fight is super disappointing. Lois and Jon feel very crammed, unnecessary and pointless, working only as a story progressing object! Emphasis on object. Other than the fight that ends in a disappointing conclusion, nothing progresses within the story and I do mean nothing. The cliffhanger of last issue ends up not effecting the story at all. That is actually a perfect word to describe this series and that’s NONEFFECTIVE!!!!!! There is also this plot point that keeps popping up in every DC Rebirth title – I will talk more in depth in the spoiler talk – and I’ll call it, the Lair-Machina.

There are some good things here like the well orchestrated action, banter between Lex Luthor and Superman, and art, but even that is shaky in its expressions. This New 52 canon Lex Luthor is an amazing character, he was what pushed me over the edge of why I considered him to be my favorite villain. A solo series is needed for this guy and Geoff Johns needs to write it. Doomsday is a new, better and much more threatening villain, but the fight with him is too long. I wanna point out the cover art for this issue is beautiful!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania action comics #962
Variant Cover

Action Comics #962 ends to be a very anti-climactic conclusion in this well started series. Dan Jurgens failed to keep up the momentum by stretching something that only needed a shorter development. The art is consistent with the other issues. If you are looking for something generic this is it. (At least better than New 52 Superman)


Since this is the final issue to the story it’s time for me to evaluate this series as a whole because after today people will read it in a collected/binge-read format. I will not average out all the scores because now that I’ve finished the entire arc my feelings about some certain things changed (some from worse to better and some better to worse). Overall the series does barely any progress, spends time doing nothing effective. Started off strong, ended weakly, on top of that there was no character development. No pay-offs and mostly unnecessary writing choices. I would imagine anyone going back to read this and realizing how boring the story is offering almost zero risky or original moves. If you kept up with the series since its release like I did you might get something out of this, but reading it all in one go will make this a very tough road to drive through. Not recommended.



  •  Lois and Jon are so useless! All they are doing is hiding and running from the monster. That is literally all. They only serve as a reason for Superman to keep fighting Doomsday and that’s not good when that’s one of the reasons it becomes a 6 issue story. They’re also only there to keep Wonder Woman away from helping in the fight. Jon and Lois do add some good things to the arc, but in the end those moments are nothing compared to this problem.
  • The thing I previously referred to as the LAIR-MACHINA was the discovery of a brand new Fortress of Solitude. What? When was this new fortress established before this issue? Jurgens needed to somehow finish off the plot so he made up this new Fortress of Solitude to end the story in the laziest way possible. Why the name ‘Lair-Machina’ (SPOILER for Green Arrow, Detective Comics & Superman) you ask? In Green Arrow there is a secret new Arrow Cave, in Detective Comics we find out there is a brand new secret traveling system in Gotham undergrounds while in Superman we just find out there is a Bat Cave on the freakin’ moon?!?!?!! 😡😡WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT😡😡?!!? I could only stand it to an extend, but this has turned into a sudden use of a lazy way to move the story forward. The writers can’t think of anything creative in a span of a minute so they resort to a secret lair/hideout to further the story forward with no previous establishment.Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania action comics #962
  • Speaking of lazy…. that ending though! All Superman did was put Doomsday into the Phantom Zone. Just like that with no problem and he apparently needed Wonder Woman to help him take the time to push the on button…OK…. The entire 6 issue battle ends just like that.
  • Speaking of lazy endings the reveal on the last page saw the mysterious figure holding Doomsday in prison. He somehow intervened with the Phantom Zone portal which will probably never get answered.
  • Speaking of things that never get answered since issue 1 we were introduced to a Clark Kent with no superpowers. Instead of spending the time to give us a reveal they decide to stretch that too. Also what was Doomsday doing in Metropolis? Who was that mysterious figure working behind the curtains?!?!!?
  • Speaking of the mysterious figure his forces from last issue were just there to be a cool cliffhanger. They end up doing nothing to the story here! They just get killed.
  • Not meaning to sound like a Negative Nancy, but this is how this series made me feel


  1. I wanted to start reading Action Comics, as it will be hitting the Issue #1,000 mark! That sounded like a moment in history I wanted to be a part of. However, my casual glance at the first few issues didn’t captivate me so I let it go. Reading this post, you’ve reassured me I made the right choice! Thank you for you honest review. I (and my always comic-strained wallet) appreciate it!

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  2. I’m glad I was able to reassure you. I hope Jurgens picks up in storytelling because I know he can do better. And if he doesn’t then I hope there will be a new writer by the #1’000 mark.

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