The Flash #5 (2016) Review

(Yes…..still on vacation)


The arc continues in the brand new issue of the Flash #5 and it’s a very nice story. As the title suggests this issue is Barry’s day off from superheroing. It’s a very awesome premise, but here it’s a missed opportunity. The comic barely spends anytime on Barry himself and more on his new friend Meena which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but give us what you promised. I wanted to see more of Barry in his job while also dealing with the conditions he is in. The comic only touches the surface with that. I still need to see a reason for Godspeed to exist since we already have plenty of villain speedsters in the Flash universe such as Professor Zoom (Thawne), Zoom (Zolomon),  Interia, Reverse Flash (Daniel West), or even Speed Demon and much more! Give us a reason why we really need a new speedster enemy.

In good news this issue does manage its time with other cool moments. Most of it happens to be fun or suspenseful and the threat is pretty menacing. The highlight characters in this were with Wally and Meena. The ending was really interesting and a lot comes into play here. This is issue 5 so it will be interesting to see how the next issue chooses to close off its story arc. Another positive would be the much improved and impressive art by (name). The faces don’t look distorted anymore and the expressions are really good. 

Even though this installment promises you something it doesn’t deliver on it does give you a make-up with the great character moments with Wally and Meena. The thrilling and entertaining nature of this arc continues with much improved art.




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