Wonder Woman #5 (2016) Review

(Yes, I am still on vacation at the time of writing this so I’ll try to keep some kind of schedule ongoing)

RCO001_1472029297.jpgIn issue #3 we followed a more relationship driven story between our beloved Diana and Cheetah while this issue progresses the plot a bit more. It focuses more on progressing the story than focusing on the characters which is not a bad thing at all since we need some balance in a story arc. The comic opens in a place no one was probably expecting it to open in which quickly hooked me in. The scenes with the characters in the opening were good to say the most, but ended in a bit confusing conclusion. That conclusion doesn’t really fit into a Wonder Woman solo, but perhaps it will end up working out toward the end. The art by Sharp is beautiful and thanks to it we get some amazing visual scenes. Just look at the the very first panel you see in the comic, it is beautiful. From far it could come off as an image taken from a film.

A huge negative in this is the villain. I do not like him one bit! The threat feels very uninteresting as if it was done before in a similar way. He looks cool, but that’s as far as his interesting factor goes. This villain will end up being very forgettable and one dimensional so I hope there will end up being more to him.

Other than a questionable villain this series is going to good places. Diana is continuing to progress as an interesting and consistent character. We do get some necessary parts to move the story forward that end up being okay, but we also end up mostly with great ones. Sharp’s art delivers some very exciting visual spectacles that only add to the experience.



  • When Steve Trevor’s Echo Team was trapped behind the bars we see some sort of light and out of that light comes out Wonder Woman. That moment was so memorable and my highlight of the comic! It looked so cool!!!!!


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