Batman #5 (2016) Review

(I’m on vacation at the time of writing this which is why the schedule might be a bit out of order. I’ll try my best to put out as much content as possible!)

RCO001_1471423620This was definitely a big one! The comic book in its entirety was a huge action sequence, but that didn’t stop it from being filled with amazing moments. Speaking of amazing moments Alfred was the best out of everyone. Like you see in the cover the two heroes of Gotham are fighting and it is not pretty. What Gotham was able to do in this issue was at times very shocking. You can call that a positive, but also a huge negative. I will get into that with my spoiler talk at the very bottom. The entire issue flowed nicely and had very cool one page shots. By the end, the comic promised a lot of things to come. There was even one particular stand out scene for one character by the end I should not mention here, but it was something very glowing while reading.

Batman #5 is a issue that gives you so much at a right amount. After reading Tom King’s still ongoing Vision run there is still a lot to desire here, but for someone who never read King’s best you will love this series. There are some questionable progresses, but at the end the entire issue ends at a shocking conclusion.



  • Alfred putting on the Batman suit was so good! The funniest and best part of the comic for sure. Alfred does indeed need a wage raise
  • The shocking and amazing thing Gotham did was show his immerse power! He was unstoppable which later pays off, but I would also call that a minus. He managed to beat the entire Justice League so, apparently Gotham is stronger than Despero, Amazo and freakin’ Darkseid!?!?!
  • I loved when Gotham Girl said there is no way to beat this guy without killing him. I like how this series has been asking questions since the first issue if it’s cities deserving the heroes by destiny, or if it’s, “Can we actually always beat a villain without killing them?”
  • Gotham Girl ended up killing Gotham which was the “glowing” scene I was talking about. Although I found it weird she was able to beat him, while the League was not, you could make an argument it was his sister making him hold back, but then again that feeling during the fight wasn’t touched upon
  • The issue teased “The Death of Batman” to come and although that won’t probably happen, I am tired out of writers using Batman’s death as a constant pull factor. Right now I am not intrigued by his upcoming ‘death’ because it has been ran to the ground. Last time he died was 2015. Think of something new, writers. Calling something “Life of Batman” would end up sounding more interesting than his “Death”. That’s where we are at now.


  1. I really enjoy how you split your posts into a sort of general and spoiler sections. It’s a great way to let readers get what they want with each post! I think you captured this issue very well. I had similar reactions while reading it.

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