Aquaman #5 (2016) Review

We’re back with the adventures of Arthur Curry and his surprisingly interesting political conflict with the government. Last issue finally brought me on board with the series (no pun intended). Mera was the best thing last time and that theme seems to continue. The relationship between her and Aquaman was done poorly in #1, now it’s certain it has improved. There are still some lines the two exchange I think were out of touch, but that’s for the spoiler talk below my score. The art looks even better than before!

The reveal was kind of lame in my opinion because it’s becoming a constant trope in superhero comics. As you can see on the cover there is a battle, it was set-up to be huge. It was so awesome but towards the end the stakes disappeared and you’ll know what I mean by that once you read it. I think what kept the battle from becoming uninteresting was the art talent involved.

The 5th issue of Aquaman moves nicely and thanks to Mera this would not have been the same. Some dialogue was weak, some was strong. The issue has things it could astound me more on, but it does impress me.





  • I’m glad Arthur and Mera finally talk about their proposal, but at times they question if they should truly marry. They question their relationship and it happens by the end of the comic. That is something these two should not do at all.
  • Superman shows up at the end as the huge reveal. Yawn… This is a trend ran to the ground I was talking about. There is a guest superhero and the writers try to play it like it’s a big thing. It isn’t because it’s done to death
  • So the fight against the U.S. military is so fun to watch, but by the end Mera and Arthur talk to each other while fighting the them like it’s nothing. It was such an easy fight that it didn’t make me wonder even once if one was going to get hurt.



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