Superman #5 (2016) Review

(I’m on vacation while writing this so I will still try to manage with these posts, but less than always)

RCO001_1471457640.jpgThe newest issue of this Superman series was a vast improvement from last. I really disliked the last issue so much it turned my favorite Rebirth series into one of the least favorite ones. The faults and problems with the last issue were not answered here, which doesn’t change my feelings about #4, but this is #5 so let’s talk about that. There was a lot to like here especially with Lois and Jonathan. Those two were the best to watch because of the scenes they were in. The art also looks 5 times better than the last one. No panel looks unfinished.

This doesn’t stop the issue from being filled with crappy ideas like when Superman takes Lois and Jonathan to a certain place. I will talk about that place in my spoiler talk below the rating. Another huge flaw is with Superman by the end of the issue. This tale creates its own unexplained logic. More on that with spoilers because it’s impossible to get into it without saying what happens. All I will say is that the plot is too convenient for my tastes.

So a slight improvement this time, but we still have some moments with no logic. I know this is a comic book, but that doesn’t mean you can have an unexplained plot. Just because it’s a comic book it doesn’t mean something should make no sense. There were few stand out moments, but overall still doesn’t leave the impact of issues #1, #2 & #3.



  • There is a Batcave in space…. I believe it was never set up before in the universe. It felt like the writer just needed a place so he made up one for the sake of moving the plot forward. It was also a dumb reason how Clark knew about it. When did he have the time to stalk Batman when he just came out to the public? He wouldn’t stalk Batman when he was undercover because that would have been too much of a risk. This does pay-off later in the comic with Lois Lane, but I find it to be too convenient. Can I also ask how Batman build this Batcave on the moon?
  • Another dumb reason. Clark didn’t ask for Justice League’s help because it’s a, “Kryptonian problem”. Your wife and son’s lives are in danger and you won’t call in the JL because the threat is from Krypton? Dumb!
  • Now the part where I say there is no logic! Superman manages to come back because he spoke with the dead souls. How does that even work? How?




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