Green Arrow #5 (2016) Review

(I am on vacation so I will be making fewer posts, but still try to somehow manage this)

RCO001_1471486667The newest issue of Green Arrow was very energetic and I couldn’t really ask for more. The entire issue is just a pay-off. What this series does so well is it manages its pace. It does that by knowing not to give out all the reveals in the end, but to sprinkle them out throughout the story. Oliver Queen is an amazing character, many would call him a cheap Batman knock off and although that’s true to an extent he is also completely something else. He doesn’t brute around, he has more fluid relations and the dude flawed in every sort of way. Batman is my favorite superhero, but even I get sick when Bruce manages to beat any threat “Because I’m Batman!”. I love when writers understand the characters they’re writing. Oliver isn’t the only standout as his supporting team is useful and gets their moments worth (Black Canary especially). The opening reminds me of a movie (with all the lettering by Nate Piekos) which was a heck of a way to start off this issue.

My gripe wouldn’t be the ending, but the reveal on the last page. I can’t wait to see where it will lead, but it was a bit unlikely to actually happen. But again in the end I think this reveal will give us a better story. Another nitpick would be the art since it doesn’t look really good, but like said, just a nitpick. The comic was so good I have to nitpick.

Green Arrow #5 is just another great installment in Percy’s run. The pacing is brilliant, story progresses nicely and even brings story points to a close. The ending may be questionable, but with what Percy has done so far it makes me confident this will give us an amazing story. Green Arrow is truly better than ever.




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