Iceman vs. Killer Frost – Marvel vs. DC #32

Origin: Iceman

Found by Cyclops to invite him into his superhero mutant team Bobby Drake became the second founding member of the X-Men.

1st Appearance: Sept. 1963
  • Identity: Iceman
  • Alter Ego: Robert Louis “Bobby” Drake
  • Occupation(s): Mathematics Professor, senior staff member, former public accountant
  • Team Affiliations: X-Men, X-Factor, Defenders, Champions
Evolution of Iceman

Origin: Killer Frost

As a young scientist Doctor Caitlin Snow was send to the Arctic by S.T.A.R. Labs after a dead scientist was working on a Self-Sustaining Thermodynamic Ultra-Conductor engine. After Snow finished the engine she was attacked by HIVE agents who trapped her inside the machine. After it was turned on the experience altered Caitlin’s body giving her the ability to control ice therefore, turning her into Killer Frost!

1st Apprentice: June 2013
  • Identity: Killer Frost
  • Alter Ego: Doctor Caitlin Snow
  • Occupation(s): Scientist, mechanical engineer
  • Team Affiliations: Secret Society of Super Villains



Powers & Abilities: Iceman

  • Cryokinesis
  • Ice Armor
  • Heal Broken/Injured Body – only in ice-form
  • Minor Combat Capabilities
  • Resistance to Minor Mental Attacks
  • Ice Clones
  • Omega Level Mutant

Powers & Abilities: Killer Frost

  • Cryokinesis
  • Permafrost Body
  • Absorb Heat
  • Genius Level Intellect


Let’s see what both of the characters have to offer when it comes to their usage of powers. Both posses the power of cryokinesis which is the capability to control and create of ice. I would say Bobby has the better protection because he has an ice armor while Caitlin Frost is only covered in permafrost. What Killer Frost can do is steel and absorb heat from living things until they freeze, but the thing is Iceman is already frozen so this power would not work on him. Bobby can also reform his injured or missing body parts during battle which I find to be really cool (hehe).

So Iceman’s useful abilities in this battle are: cryokinesis, body reform and defense. Killer Frost’s only useful power here would be her cryokinesis. You could say her genius intellect in thermodynamics could help her, but only to an extent. Caitlin isn’t known to use her wits in combat a lot anyways. I didn’t even mention the fact that Bobby Drake is an Omega Level Mutant meaning he is really powerful in his use of abilities. He has complete control of his powers and beyond! He can freaking create ice clones of himself! He could probably redirect Killer Frost’s abilities or overpower her in the use of manipulation of ice. If I was Killer Frost I wouldn’t be cool headed (Fine, I’m done with the puns). So even with Snow’s one useful power, Iceman would stomp it easily.


I don’t know about you, but I thought this battle was killer! Sorry, I had to. Hopefully you agreed with my outcome and that you will join me next week. In the meantime check out my other posts. You can read comic book reviews, Is It Really That Good? (which might get delayed again due to longer reads) or catch up with my previous Marvel vs. DC battles.

Teaser for Next Week: Riddle Me This, Enemies of the Compass






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