The Flash #4 (2016) Review

RCO001_1470832641Right off the bat the way this comic opened was so awesome! Seeing what Barry was doing in the opening made me happy because we got to see a side of him we haven’t seen in a while. The exposition is very good, the pace was great and to be honest it felt a lot like the good episodes from the Flash TV series of the same name so, if you like the show you will enjoy this as well. The new characters Meena and August are so good, especially August. I didn’t expect to like him that much and the circumstances the two found themselves in really tell a lot about how each character would approach a scenario.

There is a new temporary artist Neil Googe who made me really happy since the last one was just okay. This art isn’t that good in character close ups either, but to stay in theme with this Flash story arc DC went after artists that complement the superpower element of the story so, whenever there is a running or visual sequence these artists do a prepossessing job. There is a action scene looking downright magnificent! And yes I said action scene which is so good to hear because in my The Flash #3 (2016) Review I complained we still haven’t gotten our key action segment. If you’re of preference of Di Giandomenico, he and his art will return in issue #6.

So in conclusion this 4th installment is killing it! Williamson is owning this run of The Flash bringing Barry into a familiar role but still a original one. The consistent art from issue to issue compliments the super power spectacles but the body image and face expressions are still shaky. If you’re a casual this is the place to jump onto the Flash.

Screenshot_2016-08-01-12-01-30 (2)


  • Wally West was using the speed force to make a suit?! Who is he Green Lantern? That sounds really dumb! If Speed Force becomes this thing that can do anything it makes it too convenient for the story and there won’t be any stakes
  • Not really a pro or con, but an observation. Last page Flash reveals his identity to Meena. She looks shocked, I don’t know why. Probably because she realized she just kissed an ugly dude. 😛



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